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Thomas-Perry, Charles

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0001    Northumberland Mill, Nevada
0002    Northumberland Mill, Nevada
0003    Northumberland Mill, terraced hillside
0004    Northumberland Mill, panoramic view
0005    Road going into Northumberland Mill
0006    Closer view of terraced hills, Northumberland Mill
0007    March 3, 1938Our 1938 Ford in Amargosa Riverbed near Beatty, Nevada
0008    AmericanElectro thermo Co. Cararra, NV
0009    Man with cowboy hat & six-gun, no I.D.
0010    Postcard of 6 children in buckboard addressed to Mrs. Ophelia A. Thomas, Jan 17, 1912
0011    Searchlight, Nevada

Album I

1        Pioneer Nevada (H.D. & L.D. Porter storefront)
3:2     Hot Springs, Nevada (Burrells Hot Springs, 3 men on porch)
7        C.W. Thomas. His store Searchlight, Nevada
8        Mrs. OBrien at head table Thanksgiving banquet, Pioneer Hotel, Pioneer,    Nevada, November 1911
10:4     Thomas, Phillips, and McGarry, Pioneer, Nev. (3 men on porch)
11:4     Charles Club with a tent house to the right, Searchlight, NV
14:2     Quartette Mine Searchlight, Nevada
16:1     The tinpan King, C.W.T. in brown Youngs store, Searchlight, Nevada.
17:2     C.W. Thomas standing on porch of his score
19:1     Pioneer, Nev. (panoramic snow view)
19:3     Panoramic view of Pioneer , Nev.
21:2     Quartette Mine, Searchlight
22:3     Mine structures at Pioneer Mine, Pioneer, NV
24:1     Tobin Mt. Pioneer
25        Picnic July 4, 1920 with all Beatty assembled [1st woman Louise Aylward Brown. Man standing w/knife in hand is Cy Johnson---Claudia Reidhead, 3/22/96]
29        Clown band, Searchlight, Nevada, July 4, 1906
30        C.W. Thomas and Walter Marks, Pioneer, Nevada
33:2     Giles family in old car, Beatty, NV
34:2     Hotel Gasoline, Beatty, NV (buggy with burro team in foreground)
42:2     Palmers warehouse with wagon and team in foreground
44:2     Beatty school class with teacher, Mrs. Polley
46:1     Exchange hotel
46:2     Beatty school house
51:1     Palmers store, Beatty, Nevada
52:1     The R.R. Eating House, Beatty, NV
54:1     The T and T RR tank, Beatty, NV
58        Home of Jesse Christensen, Beatty, Nevada
69        Men driving cattle through Beatty, NV
74:1     Remicks saloon, Beatty.
76:1     Abandoned saloons in Beatty, NV
76:2     Abandoned shacks in Rhyolite, Nev.
78:1     Deserted buildings on the main street of Rhyolite.
88:1     Old Mohawk Saloon (Goldfield, NV)
88:2     Team and wagon moving house out of town, probably Goldfield
91:1     A.E. Thomas house in Goodsprings, Nev. Mr. Thomas and Indian children in    front of house

Album II

    1. [town view, no i.d.]
    2. [town view, possibly Searchlight, Nevada]

31:3    [Photo of Frank Williams, cousin to C.W. Thomas]
32:1    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams
47:1    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams at their home near Goodsprings, 1934

    1. drilling contest, Searchlight, Nevada, July 4, 1905
    2. [Searchlight and Nipton Freight and Stage Office]

Album III

1:2     Virginia Castillo and Lorraine, Venice, Calif., 1931
10:1     In the plunge at Las Vegas
10:2     [Another view of the Plunge including Kong, slide]
10:3     On porch of the Big Store, Beatty, Nev. [Lorraine Thomas on porch, 1928---Claudia Reidhead, 3/22/96]
20:1     [Beatty school house][Beatty schoolroof, windows, bell & all interior wood came from school in Rhyolite, 1928C. Reidhead, 3/22/96]
24:1     [Lorraines house that had been moved from Pioneer, NV], [House next doorper Claudia Reidhead, 3-26-96]
36:1     [Lorraine and her father standing in front of shell of an old, abandoned house St. Thomas]
36:2     [Leadfield Caf] [Leadfield, Ca. Lorraine sitting on car. 1930Claudia Reidhead3/22/96]

Album IV

10:2     Scotty and wife as they appeared in Beatty, Nev., 1906
29:1     Welcome to Leadfield, March, 1926
33:1     Looking towards Leadfield from Titus Canyon
34:1     Beatty when Rhyolite and Bullfrog boomed, 1906. A rag house camp
35:1     Beatty after another boomawaiting another one
35:2     Beatty when Leadfield boomed, 1926
36:1     [Hall in Beatty, NV where dances and movies were shown and held][Beatty Town HallMiners Union Hall in Rhyolite moved to Beatty 1914---C. Reidhead, 3-22-96]
36:2     [Lorraines father on a hill, Beatty, NV]
37:1     [The Californian, Beatty, NV]
37:2     [street in Beatty, NV, early 1900s]
41:2     [Thomas home, ca. 1921, Beatty, NV] [Correction: This was the Phinney homeper Claudia Reidhead, 3/22/96]

Album V

13:1     A fragment of Owens Lake which is drying up since L.A. aqueduct took its water supply
21:1     Mrs. Dryer &son and Mr. Lorraine. The lat residents of Rhyolite
44:2     [Jess Knight, General Merchandise, Goodsprings, NV. The largest store, 1928]
44:3     [Goodsprings Hotel] [Fayle Hotel, Goodsprings, Nev,.1928per Claudia Reidhead 3-26-96]
45:1     Hotel annex [Annex to Fayle Hotel, Goodsprings, Nev. 1928Per Claudia Reidhead, 3-22-96]
45:2     Goodsprings in winter, 1928

Album VI

12:1     [an old Mojave squaw]
13:1     [Group of Indians on the Arizona side]

Album VII

    1. [Lorraines natural parents, Lorraine in center] [Joseph Leonard & Henny Nielsen Leonard, Los Angeles, Ca., 1940parents or Lorrainesupplied by Claudia Reidhead, 3-22-96]
    2. [Rhyolite Ghost Casino, old RR depot. Otto Westmoreland was the owner] (Ca. 1939Date supplied by Claudia Reidhead, 3/22/96)