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Shockley, William Hillman

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0001    Mt. Diablo workman seated to east of headworks at top of road to Shaft home in Pickhandle Gulch; Candelaria, Nevada (1880s)
0002    Pickhandle Gulch, Mt. Diablo M & M; ore loader, 4 chutes. Road below Mt. Diablo hoisting works; wagon and team, 4 men
0003    White Mountain Water Co. Reservoir at summit, s.w. of Pickhandle Gulch (Metallic City) n.d.
0004    Sodaville Mill, platform loading dock, Mt. Diablo M&M Co. n.d.
0005    Metallic Equator Hoisting Works on flank of Northern Belle Hill looking n.w., Pickhandle Gulch; Mt. Diablo hoisting works in foreground n.d.
0006    21 men (no i.d.) Mt. Diablo M & M, Pickhandle Gulch, November 1891
0007    Candelaria panoramic view looking N.E.; n.d.
0008    Mt. Diablo M & M 25 men (not i.d.d); dog on roof. Pickhandle Gulch; November 1891
0009    Pickhandle Gulch (Candelaria) Mt. Diablo Hoisting Works in foreground; Metallic Equator Hoisting Works, far left, Northern Belle Hill in background
0010    Mt. Diablo miners: 35 men, 2 dogs; Pickhandle Gulch.
0011    Mt. Diablo M & M Co. Sodaville milkmen Front row 3rd from right William May [i.d.d by granddaughter, Mrs. Rosella Warren (Jack), Henderson, Nevada]
0012    Mt. Diablo M & M - Sodaville Mill long view. [Taken from present highway 95]
0013    Pickhandle Gulch; cul-de-sac to south of Mt. Diablo M & M tailings dump; unidentified hoisting works on hill in background; note trees by stable, planted by Shockley, 1891. L-R: 1-Stables; 2-lodging house (elevated); 3-company office; 4-garden; 5-Supt.s house (Mr. Shockleys).

0014    Pickhandle Gulch (Candelaria, Nevada) looking north, n.d. L-R: 1-road to reservoir; 2-Pickhandle stores, saloons, boarding house; 3-boarding house; 4-Princess Hoisting Works.

0015    Mt. Diablo Mining and Milling Co. Hoisting Works. Pickhandle Gulch (Candelaria, Nevada); n.d.
0016    Belleville, Nevada; mill or smelter, 2 flatcars loaded with wood; town buildings in middle ground, n.d.
0017    Indians (tribe, place?) playing cards on blanket, n.d.
0018    Candelaria: Littell house (Princess Mill superintendent) interior n.d.
0019    Littell house (Princess Mill Supt.). On porch (1-r): W.A. Littell, Wm. H. Shockley (with beard), Mrs. Littell, unidentified man. Road to left: to mill 1891.
0020    Littells house (Princess Mill Supt.); On porch (1-r): W.A. Littell, Mrs. Little, W.H Shockley (with beard), unidentified man. 1891.
0021    Pickhandle Gulch at the Y, looking S.E. n.d. L-R: 1-to Princess Hoisting Works; 2-Pioneer Saloon; 3-Mt. Diablo tailings; 4-Shockley House; 5-E. fork to Mt. Diablo Hoisting Works; 6-roof of house; 7-Boarding house (front); 8-W. fork of Y.
0022    Pickhandle Gulch east fork of Y; rear of boarding house looking northwest L-R: 1-Boarding house; 2-Boarding house; 3-Pioneer Saloon; 4-store.
0023    Pickhandle Gulch Y, taken from Mt. Diablo tailings dump looking approx. west The three buildings 1-r: 1-store; 2-Pioneer Saloon; 3-Boarding house.
0024    Surveying underground; James B. Cross, Supt. Of Northern Belle Mine.
0025    Northern Belle Mine headworks; ore loader chutes at entrance to Pickhandle Gulch, east end of Candelaria; man in buggy is Wm. H. Shockley, superintendent of Mt. Diablo M & M Co. Right of photograph find pipeline trestle; n.d.
0026    Mt. Diablo M & M Co., Sodaville Mill (close-up of that shown in photograph #12) n.d.
0027    A prospector: Cap Fagin with burro and cat Esmeralda County, Nevada, 1891
0028    A prospector: Capt. Fagin, Esmeralda County, Nevada, 1891. Dugout (2 rooms).
0029    Pickhandle Gulch, Candelaria, Nevada n.d. (Taken from Mt. Diablo dump). L-R: 1-(high atop hill) Metallic-Equator Hoisting Works; 2-(below) Pioneer Saloon; 3-(below) Boarding House.
0030    Interior of Sodaville Mill Mt. Diablo M & M Co. n.d.
0031    Mt. Diablo cul-de-sac in Pickhandle Gulch; (Taken from approx. top of Mt. Diablo dump); mine on far ridge is unidentified n.d. L-R foreground: 1-lodging house; 2-stables; 3-mine office; 4-office, Supt.s house (Shockley)
0032    Candelaria, Nevada; Walter Shockley, Nov. 11, 1890.
0033    The three Shockley brothers. L-R: Walter Shockley, William Hillman Shockley, and George Shockley.
0034    Silver Peak Ore Wagons, (Hills behind Coaldale?) Compliments of D.W. Brunton
0035    (OVERSIZE) Field trials, Bakersfield, Jan. 20, 1891; 2nd man from left is Pres. Edwards, 3rd man standing is Dodge, 4th man standing is W.H. Shockley, 6th man standing with white hat is E. Hogan.
0036    (OVERSIZE) At Candelaria, Nevada: re Princess Mill, Nov. 13, 1891. L-R: (stock report), Spring, Capt. Hultz, Simpson, W.J. Sutherland-Gen. Mgr., D.H. Jackson-Supt., and Frank Corkhill-Foreman.

0037    (OVERSIZE) At Candelaria, Nevada: Re Princess Mill, Nov. 13, 1891. L-R: S.F. newspaperman (a director of Holmes Mining Co.), Col. W.J. Sutherland-Pres., Arthur Ashley (timekeeper), Capt. Hultz (a large owner), Lindsay Simpson. Front row: Col. David Howell Jackson (Supt.), Sam Jones with Col. Jacksons dog-Tion, Prof. Storch (company chemist).

0038    Pinon-nut gathering at Miller Mt.; man (by horse) and man (to left of tree) unidentified; ca. 1890. L-R: J.H. Harcourt in bush, W.A. Lit tell standing, Mrs. Harcourt, and Mrs. Littell.

0039    Mrs. A. Littell and baby; Candelaria, Nevada, June 1888.
0040    Mrs. W.A. Littell. to Mr. Shockley with very kindest regards from J.F.L. Littell. Candelaria, July 26th, 1889. Handwritten inscription
0041    Mrs. W.A. Littell, Candelaria, Nevada, July 1887.
0042    "C.P. Wilson n.d.
0043    W.A. Littell. With kind regards from W.A. Littell, Candelaria, 15th July, 1887. Handwritten inscription.
0044    Bishop Creek Maidens n.d. (Note pencil note: The Ms. Crockwell)
0045    W.E. Norwood, president of Mt. Diablo M & M Co., Candelaria n.d.
0046    W.H. Shockley house at Candelaria Pickhandle Gulch; Supt. Of Mt. Diablo Mining and Milling Co.; W.H. Shockley and Mrs. Littell on porch; unidentified man (with dark suit) n.d.
0047    On porch of Shockley home, Pickhandle Gulch. L-R: W.E. Norwood, Sidney Jones, H.H. Allen (officer, Mt. Diablo M & M), W.H. Shockley. (On right of photo on ridge is Mt. Diablo M & M Hoisting Works Chimney n.d.
0048    Pickhandle Gulch, Mt. Diablo Supt.s house (Shockley). Cul-de-sac below Mt. Diablo mine dump. (Bldg. On left is) surveyor-clerk assayers house an office n.d.
0049    Pickhandle Gulch, cul-de-sac, Candelaria. Shockley house (Mt. Diablo Supt.) 1890? Metallic-Equator on far side (right) of gulch; L-R: W.E. Norwood, H.H. Allen, Sidney Jones.
0050    Mt. Diablo Supt. House Pickhandle Gulch, Candelaria; Shockleys house, 1890?; Mt. Diablo Hoisting Works on hill t right l-R: W.E. Norwood, H.H. Allen, W.H. Shockley.
0051     William Hillman Shockley.
0052    (OVERSIZE) Field trials, Bakersfield, Calif., Jan. 20th, 1891; 7 men, 4 dogs, unidentified. L-R: President Edwards, Post, H.H. Briggs, Lev R. (winner 1st derby), M.D. Walters, Sankey B.-Queen Madge, John Hughes-Lady, Truman, Old Black Joe (won 2nd all aged derby), Geo. T. Allender.
0053    William Hillman Shockley (1855-1925).
0054    Walter Shockley, Ca. Jan. 1892.
0055    William Hillman Shockley (1855-1925) holding William Bradford Shockley, 6 months old. Aug. 13th 1910.
0056    Pickhandle Gulch, Shockley house ruins. (Mt. Diablo mine)\
0057    Candelaria. Dugout (former cellar?); Northern Belle Street in background.
0058    Pickhandle Gulch, Mt. Diablo Mine.
0059    Pickhandle Gulch, Candelaria, NV. L-R: Assay office, Shockley house.
0060    Candelaria.
0061    William Hillman Shockley, Pickhandle Gulch, Mt. Diablo ca. 1890.
0062    Pickhandle Gulch Mt. Diablo ore wagon. ca. 1889.
0063    W.H. Shockley in office in Pickhandle Gulch. (ca. 1881-1882)
0064    Candelaria, Nevada men unidentified ca. late 1800s.
0065    Princess Hoisting Works. ca. 1889
0066    Pickhandle Gulch (1889). Shows assay office, Shockley house and garden, ore bin and wagon.
0067    The Bismarck of China, Li Hung Chang (center), with William H. Shockley standing to his left (bearded). Shockley spend 2.5 years within China, negotiating with this adviser of the Old Express, for mining concessions. His dialect Chinese, learned in Candelaria, proved to be the native tongue of the old Chinese warrior. (Courtesy Lorena E. Meadows)
0068    Pickhandle Gulch, Nevada. Shockley house in center.
0069    (OVERSIZE) Candelaria, Nevada. November 1891. (Main Street at far left.)