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Rinker, C.A. Earle

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***Note: Earle had a Kodak after 1907 and many of the snapshots in the collection were taken by him.

0001    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinker c. 1907-08.
0002    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0003    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0004    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0005    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0006    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0007    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinker soon after the Goldfield pneumonia epidemic. (c. January 1907)
0008    Portrait of Rinker c. 1907-08.
0009    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinkerc. 1907-08.
0010    Portrait of Rinkerc.1907-08.
0011    Rinker posing with mining equipmentc. 1908.
0012    C.A. Earle Rinker in work clothesoff to work in the minesc. 1908.
0013    Rinker and possibly pal Raymond Jefferson (Jeff) on Columbia Mountain near Goldfield, NV. (c. 1907)
0014    Rinker and possibly Jeff (Raymond Jefferson) standing by a Joshua tree. (c. 1907)
0015    Vieune Rinker as a young womanbefore she married C.A. Earle Rinker c. 1907. Several views of her.
0016    Dalta Hurry ( pal and roommate of Rinker) in Goldfield, c. 1907.
0017    Mr. MacMaster (probably H.D.)Rinkers boss in Goldfield. (c. 1907)
0018    One of the mine offices Rinker worked for c. 1907. Lincoln Davis & Company.
0019    Possibly Dalta Hurry or another co-worker posing as top man in mining operation. (c. 1907-08)
0020    Possibly Dalta Hurry or another of Rinkers co-workers. (See #0350-0019)
0021    Possibly Raymond Jefferson (Jeff)c. 1907-08.
0022    Water delivery truck in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907-08.
0023    Mohawk Lodge Mine, c. 1907.
0024    C.A. Earle Rinker on his 24th birthdaySeptember 7, 1907Goldfield, NV. (dup. in album) (handwritten insc. on front of photo)
0025    Rinker at right. (dup. from album)
0026    Unidentified man holding a rifle. (dup. in album)
0027    Rinker at leftothers not identified. (dup. in album)
0028    Inscription on back: Geo. Lockhart, son of Thomas Lockhart, owner of Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nev. In office where I worked for Davis & Shoemaker.(might be incorrect)    Duplicate in album.
0029    See photo #0350 0028dup. of this one in album.
0030    Raymond Jefferson (Jeff) friend and housemate of Earle. (c. 1902)
0031    Possibly John and Myrta Fenwick, Goldfield, NV., 1908. (dup. in album)
0032    Unidentified man.
0033    Unidentified man.
0034    Street scenepeople, horse-drawn buggy, Light & Power Company, probably Goldfield, NV. ( early 1900s)
0035    Unidentified locationlooks like ruins from a fireprobably Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s.
0036    Unidentified man working at a mine or mill (?) c. 1907-08. Near Goldfield, Nevada.
0037    Unidentified man in Goldfield, NV. (c. 1907-08)
0038    Two unidentified menlooks like they are in a mine. Goldfield, NV area c. 1907-08.
0039    Two men (unidentified) in a mine shaft. Goldfield, NV, c. 1907-08.
0040    Unidentified woman in Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907-08)
0041    Pinup girls displayed on wallearly 1900s.
0042    Unidentified men in Goldfield Nevadapossibly in the boarding house where Rinker stayed. (c. 1907-08)
0043    Unidentified locationin or near Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907-08. Part of a mine or mill?
0044    Unidentified location in Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907-08)
0045    Two little girls in Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907-08)
0046    Horse-drawn buggy and two men standing by a small building, Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907-08)


0047    Mizpah shaft, Tonopah Mining Company, Tonopah, Nevada, early 1900s. (tinted postcard)
0048    A thirst parlor in a Nevada mining camp, the Boozy Burros at the bar. (tinted postcard)
0049    Tinted postcard showing some of the early residences in Tonopah, Nevada, with snow on the ground. (early 1900s)
0050    Tinted postcard: A typical prospectors outfit, Tonopah, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0051    Tinted postcard: One of the first in Tonopah, Nev. Jim Butlers Tent .
0052    Tonopah Extension Mine, Tonopah, Nev. C. early 1900s. (tinted postcard)
0053    Public Library, Tonopah, Nev. (c. early 1900s)tinted postcard.
0054    Nye County Court House, Tonopah, Nevada. (early 1900s) (tinted postcard)
0055    Mizpah Shaft, Tonopah Mining Company, Tonopah, Nevada. (c. early 1900s) (tinted postcard)
0056    Barrel House, Tonopah, Nevada, c. 1907. (tinted postcard)
0057    The Bottle House, Tonopah, Nevada. (c. early 1900s) (tinted postcard)
0058    Piute Indian camp, Nevada. (early 1900s) (tinted postcard)
0059    Road through the desertNevada. (postcard)
0060    Three women and a manc. early 1900s in Nevada. (postcard) One woman is pulling another woman in a childs wagon.
0061    The Wandering Moses 40 years in the desert. (tinted postcard) Early 1900s. Man with pack mule, another man standing around, snow on the ground.

0062    Freighting, Manhattan, Nevada.    Early 1900s. (postcard) Handwritten message on back.
0063    Unidentified event and locationsomewhere in Nevada, early 1900s.
0064    Birds eye view of Picherearly 1900s. (postcard)
0065    Main Street, Goldfield, Nevadaearly 1900s. (postcard)
0066    Goldfields Lighting Express in the early daysearly 1900s. Tinted postcard of man and dog with tools, etc., strapped on dogs back.
0067    Waiting for mail, front of old post office building. Goldfield, Nevada. (people lined up) -- early 1900s. (postcard)
0068    Fire in Goldfield, Nevada, night of April 15th 09. (Bertram Photo) Postcard with handwritten message on back.
0069    Famous Mohawk Mine of Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s) (postcard)
0070    A big stock excitement in Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard) People crowding downtown. Early 1900s.
0071    High School, Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard) Early 1900s.
0072    General view of Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (tinted postcard)
0073    Welch & Tune, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (postcard) Early day casino.
0074    Red Top Mine, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. Miners are perched on the bags of ore. (tinted postcard)
0075    Nixon Block, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (postcard) Automobile filled with people in front of building.
0076    Nixon, Block, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (tinted postcard)
0077    Men posed in front of wooden framemaybe part of a mine in Nevada. Top of frame says Rochester. Early 1900s, (postcard)
0078    Main Street, Goldfield, Nevada, November 1903. (postcard)
0079    Weber (zinc) MineNevada. Early 1900s. (postcard)
0080    Mule team. (postcard) C. early 1900s.
0081    Bottle HouseGoldfield, Nevadaearly 1900s. (postcard)
0082    Columbia Street looking north, goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s) (postcard)
0083    Court House, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (postcard)
0084    Columbia Street, looking south, Goldfield, Nevada, (postcard) C. early 1900s.
0085    Main Street, Goldfield, Nevada. Shows the State Exchange Building, the State Bank, and the Whitmore building. (c. early 1900s) (postcard)
0086    The great Mohawk Mine, Goldfield, Nevada. Early 1900s. (color-tinted postcard)
0087    Mohawk MineGoldfield, Nev., -- early 1900s. (postcard)
0088    Rapid Transit in Goldfield, Nevadacaption on postcard. Is a photo of mules pulling a cartman and child also. Early 1900s.
0089    New Consolidated Mill, Goldfield, Nevada. Early 1900s postcard. Handwritten message on back.
0090    Postcard with picture of Death Valley ScottyScotty the Desert Mystery. (Early 1900s) Handwritten message on back.
0091    Prospectors, Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907) -- postcard.
0092    Color-tinted postcardShipping ore in Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (Horses pulling ore wagons.)
0093    Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s postcard) (color-tinted)
0094    General view of mining district, Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s. (color-tinted postcard)
0095    Waldorf-Astoria, not New York, but Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard) a tent/house structure. Early 1900s.
0096    Pioneer dug-out houses in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907. (postcard)
0097    Main Street, Goldfield Nevada, c. 1907. (color-tinted postcard)
0098    Drilling contest, Labor Day, Goldfield, Nevada. Early 1900s. (postcard)
0099    Stage crossing the desert to Goldfield, Nevada. Early 1900s. (postcard)
0100    Man posing with two burrospostcard with caption; When Shall We meet Again. (early 1900s)
0101    Mohawk Mine, Goldfield, Nevada. (c. 1907) Postcard (color-tinted) with handwritten message on back.
0102    Early days of Goldfield, Nevada, November 1903. Tents and rudimentary dwellings. (postcard)
0103    Nye and Ormsby County Bank Building, Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s postcard)
0104    Goldfield in 1905. (color-tinted postcard)


0105    Excavating for 4th pierrailroad workers in Goldfield, Nevada area, early 1900s.
0106    Hotel Goldfield destroyed by fire, Nov. 17th 1906.
0107    Unidentified mine in or near Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s.
0108    Unidentified mine, Goldfield, Nevada areaearly 1900s.
0109    Group of people in Goldfield, Nevada, c. early 1900s.
0110    Unidentified mine or millGoldfield areaearly 1900s.
0111    Interior view of a mine or millGoldfieldearly 1900s.
0112    Rochester-Goldfield Mining Companyearly 1900s. Earle seated in first wagon (see x) Men in horse-drawn wagons.
0113    Group of people standing in front of Goldfield homeearly 1900s.
0114    Mohawk Mines, Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0115    Transformer building at one of the minesGoldfieldJune 1908.
0116    Pack animalsGoldfield, Nev. area, early 1900s.
0117    Mines in the Goldfield, Nevada area. Early 1900s.
0118    Mining building in Goldfield, Nevada area early 1900s. Mohawk Mine.
0119    Unidentified mineGoldfield areaearly 1900s.
0120    Mine buildingGoldfield areaOct. 15, 1908.
0121    Group of people seated in a home in Goldfieldearly 1900s.
0122    Panoramic view of Goldfield Nevada, early 1900s.
0123    Panoramic view of Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s.
0124    Tents and buildingsGoldfield, Nevada. (Nov. 1903)
0125    Unidentified man seated at a desk. Goldfield, Nev. (early 1900s)
0126    View of some homes in Goldfield, Nevada, early 1900s.
0127    Woman standing on porch of a Goldfield house early 1900s.
0128    Panoramic viewprobably Goldfield, Nev., early 1900s.
0129    Panoramic view of Goldfield, Nevada. (1908)
0130    People posing in front of the Court House in Goldfield, Nevada. (1907)
0131    Interior of an unidentified plant or manufacturing building. (early 1900s)
0132    Group of men pose next to a wagon load of gold ore (value $360,000) from Frances Mohawk Mine Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0133    Mohawk MineGoldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0134    Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0135    Ramsey Street, Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s) Street scene includes buildings and people.
0136    Rochester MineGoldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s) C.A. Rinker at left, J.D. MacMaster, 4th from right. Other men not identified.
0137    Interior view of a plant or manufacturing building (or mine building?)early 1900s- near Goldfield, Nev.
0138    Soldiers Camp, Combination Hill (Goldfield, Nev. area)Dec. 8, 1907.
0139    Interior view of building showing industrial equipmentin or near Goldfield, Nevada. (early 1900s)
0140    Combination MineGoldfield, Nev. (early 1900s) (Goldfield is back of the mill.)
0141    Combination MillGoldfield, Nev. (early 1900s)
0142    Mohawk MineGoldfield, Nev. early 1900s. Railroad station to the rear and left. (handwritten insc. on reverse)
0143    Two weeks run, G. Con Mill, value $534,500.00. (c. early 1900s)
0144    Birds-eye view of mines and Goldfield, Nev. (early 1900s)postcard.
0145    Group of men inside industrial buildingGoldfield, Nev. early 1900s.
0146    January Mine and Combination Mill/MineGoldfield, Nev. early 1900s.
0147    George Nixon, senator and Goldfield mining manportrait. (early 1900s)
0148    Unidentified group of men Goldfield early 1900s.
0149    Balloon route excursion party taken at National Soldiers Home, Sawtelle, California. (early 1900s) #1-Jim Jeffries; #2-C.A. Rinker; #3-girlfiriend of Rinkerhe took her on a horseback trip to Mt. Lowe.

0150    (OVERSIZE) Taken at Catalina IslandC. A. Rinker is picturedsee inscription on back. October 9, 1908.
0151    (OVERSIZE) Boxing match between Terry Mustain (?) on left and young Peter Jackson. Goldfield, Nevada. Arrow pointing to Rinkerhe paid with a $40 gold piece for that seat. (handwritten insc. on reverse) (early 1900s)

0152    (OVERSIZE) Lincoln Davis, Chicago; R.J. Shoemaker, Rochester, N.Y. ; J.R. Hubbard, mining engineer. Mohawk Ledge Mining Company, Goldfield, Nev. Early 1900s. I worked for Davis & Shoemaker in office and later at mine after panic hit. This was last work in Goldfield. Shoemaker formerly owned & operated a correspondence school at Rochester NY. (handwritten inscRinker)

0153    (OVERSIZE) Ray Dingman in his water delivery horse-drawn wagon. He was a pal of Rinker. Goldfield, Nev. 1906-07.
0154    Portrait of Mr. Thomas H. Nicholl. (n.d.)
0155    Portrait of Thomas H. Nicholl.

Album I

1:1    Man on a hill in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:2    Hillside terrain, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:3    Three men and a mule at mine shaft entrance, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:4    A boss of Rinker in Goldfield outside the office. H.D. MacMaster? c. 1907.
1:5    Earle Rinker at right; possibly John Fenwick at left; Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:6    L-R: Earle Rinker, [Tex Taylor?], Jeff, Hurry, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:7    L-R: Earle, Hurry, Jeff, [Tex Taylor?], Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:8    Street scene, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:9    Unknown persons on a porch in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:10     Unknown persons on a porch in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:11     Man with mule team, possibly Ray Dingman, water deliveryman, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:12     Unidentified woman in front of store, Goldfield, c. 1907. Possibly Myrta Fenwick, an aunt.)
1:13     Unidentified men in front of a store in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:14     Hotel Casey, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:15     Homes in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:16     Panoramic view of Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:17     Boss of Rinker, c. 1907. (H.D. MacMaster?)
1:18     Main Street scene, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907. L-R: meat market, bank, South Side Grocery, post office. Horse-drawnbuggy and people also pictured.
1:19     Jeff relaxing, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:20     Rinker (or Jeff or Hurry) reading in bed, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:21     Jeff, 3rd from left; other men not identified, Goldfield, NV., c. 1907.
1:22     Two unidentified men in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:23     C.A. Earle Rinker portrait, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:24     Portrait of Jeff, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:25     Dalta Hurry portrait, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:26     Two unidentified people outside Lincoln Davis office, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:27:1    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinker, c. 1907.
1:27.2    Portrait of Jeff, c. 1907.
1:28     Rinker at work with Hurry on right, Goldfield, c. 1907
1:29     Unidentified couple at house in Goldfield, c. 1907. (John and Myrta Fenwick?)
1:30     L-R: Jeff and Earle, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:31     Unidentified young man, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:32     Portrait of Dalta Hurry, c. 1907.
1:33     A home, possibly Earle Rinkers, Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:34     Office: Lincoln Davis & Co. Brokers, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:35     Earle Rinker sitting at a table in his home in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:36     L-R: Hurry and Jeff at table at home in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:37     Light & Power Building, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:38     Big building under construction in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:39     Remains of the hotel after it burned, across the street from the bank, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
1:40     San Carlos Hotel in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:41     Unidentified African American gentleman in Goldfield, c. 1907.
1:42     Table covered with objects in Rinkers house in Goldfield, c. 1907.


2:1.1    Cliff House at San Francisco before earthquake.
2:1.2    R.J. Shoemakers father-in-law, Rochester, New York.
2:1.3    Mrs. R.J. Shoemaker.
2:2.1    Johns rooming house in Goldfield, NV. Earle slept on the floor in the hall his last night in Goldfield.
2:2.2    The shift bed in the rooming house where Hurry, Ray, and Earle all slept three to a bed for three months in Goldfield.
2:3.1    Left to right: Dalta Hurry and Ray Jefferson. At 219 S. Euclid, Goldfield.
2:3.2    Left to right: Hurry and Earle Rinker. At first residence, 219 S. Euclid, Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:4.1    Exterior view of the house at 219 S. Euclid, Goldfield, NV, c. 1907.
2:4.2    View of the kitchen in the house (see above).
2:4.3    Interior view of the house at 219 S. Euclid, possibly a bedroom.
2:5.1    Friends of Earle, originally from Muncie, Indiana, at their home in Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:5.2    Exterior view of Rinker, Hurry, and Jeffs residence at 219 s. Euclid.
2:6.1    Bonnie Claire Mill, south of Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:6.2    Ore wagon at the Bonnie Claire Mill near Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:7.1    Stage station and railroad station near Bonnie Claire Mill, c. 1907. It was called Montana Station.
2:7.2    Looking due east from Bonnie Claire Mill. Montana Station is marked on the photo by an x.
2:8.1    Trail to Bonnie Claire from Goldfield, looking north. Goldfield in back of mountain.    C. 1907.
2:8.2    Horse that Earle delivered to the Bonnie Claire, c. 1907.
2:9.1    Unknown man aiming gun; taken at Bonnie Claire, c. 1907.
2:9.2    Another unknown man aiming gun, at Bonnie Claire, c. 1907.
2:10.1    A man and mules at the Bonnie Claire, c. 1907.
2:10.2    Watt MacMaster in Goldfield driving mule-drawn cart, c. 1907.
2:11.1    Unidentified group of people outside a house, probably Goldfield, 1906 or 1907.
2:11.2    Men in a mule-drawn cart on the street in Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:12.1    Mule-drawn cart on the street in Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:12.2    Close-up view of the mules. (see above)
2:12.3    Close-up of one of the mules, Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:13.1    Dalta Hurry (left) and Earle Rinker in Mohawk Lodge Mine, 300 foot level, c. 1907.
2:13.2    Hurry (left) and Jeff in Mohawk Lodge Mine, c. 1907.
2:14.1    L-R: Hurry and Jeff, c. 1907. In front of engine house at Mohawk Lodge Mine.
2:14.2    L-R: Rinker and Hurry, c. 1907.    Same location as above.
2:15.1    Hurry and Jeff, 150 level of Mohawk Lodge Mine, c. 1907.
2:15.2    Earle Rinker, taken on his 24th birthday, in front of next door office where he worked in Goldfield.
2:16.1    George Ward, Winchester, Indiana, c. 1907.
2:16.2    Gallows frame, Mohawk Lodge Mine, c. 1907.
2:17.1    Diamondfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:17.2    Another view of Diamondfield, c. 1907.
2:18.1    #1-4 are boys from Parker, Indiana, in front of their cabin in Goldfield, c. 1907. #2 is Jeff.
2:18.2    Same men inside the cabin, c. 1907.
2:19.1    Parade/protest scene in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:19.2    Same as above.
2:20.1    Parade/street scene, Goldfield, Nevada, 1907.
2:20.2    Unidentified home in Goldfield, 1907.
2:21.1    View of building tops in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:21.2    Goldfield Hippodrome and surrounding buildings, c. 1907.
2:22.1    Goldfield News Building and Goldfield Hotel under construction,
2:22.2    News Building and Goldfield Hotel.
2:23.1    View of Goldfield main street, c. 1907.
2:23.2    View of Goldfield main street, c. 1907.
2:24.1    Unidentified man in Goldfield, 1907.
2:24.2    Looks like same man as above.
2:25.1    Main Street buildings under construction in Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:25.2    Portrait of C.A. Earle Rinker at age 24, c. 1907.
2:26.1    H.D. MacMaster, Earles boss, c. 1907. (?)
2:26.2    Possibly MacMasters brother or another boss of Earle.
2:27.1    Mill in Goldfield? C. 1907.
2:27.2    A mill in Goldfield? C. 1907.
2:28.1    Goldfield Hotel fire? (c. 1907)
2:28.2    Jeff in bed asleep, c. 1908.
2:29.1    Unidentified manEarles friend from Indiana? (c.1908)
2:29.2    Another unidentified manEarles friend? (c.1908)
2:30.1    Unidentified man.
2:30.2    Unidentified man and houseprobably Goldfield, c. 1907-08.
2:31.1    A monkey in front of a Goldfield house, c. 1907.
2:31.2    L-R: R.J. Shoemaker and Tom Short, c. 1908.
2:32.1    Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield, NV., c. 1908.
2:32.2    Shack with #604 by the door, somewhere in Goldfield Nevada, c. 1908.
2:33.1    A mine in or near Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1908.
2:33.2    Yellow Tiger Mine, Goldfield, Nevada area, c. 1908.
2:34.1    Probably John (Jack) and Myrta Fenwick, Earles uncle and aunt, standing in front of the house, c. 1907.
2:34.2    Same couple seated at the kitchen table, c. 1907.
2:34.3    Probably the Fenwicks again (Earles aunt and uncle), standing by the door of their house, c. 1907.
2:35.1    Unidentified woman.
2:35.2    Unidentified man.
2:36.1    Goldfield, Nevada, home at 958 Oak Street, c. 1907-08.
2:36.2    Unidentified man on horseback in Goldfield, c. 1908.
2:37.1    C.A. Earle Rinker on summit of Mount Columbia in Goldfield, November 21, 1907.
2:37.2    Earle Rinker standing by a Joshua tree, November 21, 2007.
2:38.1    Vista looking toward Montezuma from atop Mount Columbia, Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:38.2    Goldfield Reduction Company, c. 1907.
2:39.1    DaisyDiamondfield, c. 1907.
2:39.2    Diamondfield, Nevada; man in horse-drawn cart, c. 1907.
2:40.1    Goldfield Trading and Transfer Company, c. 1907.
2:40.2    Ray Dingman and his water delivery cart, Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:41.1    Entertainment district in Goldfield; view of Peoples Theatre, c. 1907.
2:41.2    Another view of the entertainment district in Goldfield, c. 1907.
2:41.3    Bella Union Theatre and other buildings in the entertainment district, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:42.1    The Oriental and The Cottagebuildings in the entertainment/red light? District of Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:42.2    Jakes Dance Hall, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907.
2:43.1    Scene from Great Auto Race crossing through Goldfield ? (An auto race driven across the world went through Goldfield; this may be it.) c. 1907.
2:43.2    Same as above.
2:44.1    Probably Myrta and John Fenwicks baby, c. 1908.
2:44.2    The Fenwick residence in Goldfield, 1908.
2:45.1    Unidentified mill in or near Goldfield, c. 1908.
2:45.2    L-R: Jeff, Hurry, and unidentified man in cabin, c. 1908.
2:45.3    L-R: Jeff, Hurry, and Earle pose with liquor and guns, c. 1908.
2:46     The Miners Celebration on the main street of Goldfield, Nevada, January 20, 1907. Called Bloody Sunday.
2:47     Another view of marchers on the main street of Goldfield during the Miners Celebration Bloody SundayJan. 20, 1907.
2:48     Fourth of July Parade on Columbia Street in Goldfield, 1908.
2:49     Students and teachers of Goldfield High School posing on the steps of the school, c. 1908.
2:50     Members of the Goldfield Stock Exchange pose inside the building, Goldfield, Nev., c. 1908.


3:1.1    Postcard showing early days of Goldfield, Nevada, November 1903.
3:1.2    Birds-eye view of Goldfield, Nevada. Early 1900s.
3:2.1    Main Street, Goldfield, Nevada, November 1903.
3:2.2    Main Street, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1906.
3:3.1    Goldfield Courthouse, Goldfield, NV., c. 1907-08.
3:3.2    Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. (c.1907-08)
3:3.3    Palace Building in Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1907-08.
3:4.1    Color-tinted postcard of The Bottle House, Tonopah, NV., c. 1907-08.
3:4.2    Color-tinted postcard of the Barrel House, Tonopah, NV., c. 1907-08.
3:5.1    House, part tent, part stone, in desert near Goldfield or Tonopah, Nevada, c. 1907-08.
3:5.2    A house, probably in Goldfield, NV., c. 1907-08.
3:5.3    Rude desert shelter in Goldfield or Tonopah, NV. area, c. 1907-08.
3:5.4    Color-tinted postcard the The Can House, Tonopah, Nevada, c. 1907-08.
3:6.1    Consolidated Mill, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1906.
3:6.2    Combination Mine and Mill, Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1906.
3:7.1    Unidentified mine near Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1906.
3:7.2    Central compressor plant and power station, c. 1906.
3:7.3    Possibly same as above, c. 1906.
3:8.1    Famous Mohawk Mine of Goldfield Nevada, c. 1906-08.
3:8.2    Hoist house at one of the mines of Goldfield, c. 1906-08.
3:9.0    Dog in the desert outside Goldfield, Nevada, c. 1906-08.
3:10.1    Probably John and Myrta Fenwick at their Goldfield home, c. 1906-08.
3:10.2    Probably the Fenwicks at their Goldfield home. Other woman not identified.
3:10.3    Probably Myrta Fenwick in on porch of her Goldfield home, c. 1906-08.
3:11.1    Probably John and Myrta Fenwick at home in Goldfield, c. 1906-08.
3:11.2    Probably the Fenwicks at home in Goldfield; other woman not Identified, c. 1906-08.
3:11.3    Probably the Fenwicks and their dog on the porch of their Goldfield home.
3:12     Color-tinted postcard of a trainThe California Limitedin the desert, c. 1907.
3:13.1    Color-tinted postcard of the Montana-Tonopah Mine, Tonopah, Nevada, c. 1907.
3:13.2    Color-tinted postcard of Tonopah, Nevada. (birds-eye view)-c.1907.
3:14     School Hill, Bisbee, Arizona, c.1907(?)
3:15     Myrta Fenwick (?), c. 1907.