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Procter, Cork

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Early Las Vegas

0001    Train depotLas Vegasc. 1925? San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad.
0002    U.S. airmail planehorse and rider next to it. (c. 1920s?)
0003    Fremont Streetdowntown Las Vegasc. 1930s?
0004    Car race on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. (early 1900s)
0005    Fremont Street in Las Vegasc. early 1900s.
0006    Gilcrease Ranch in Las Vegasc. 1920s-30s?
0007    The Gilcrease Ranch in Las Vegasc. 1920s-30s? Shown is Mr. Gilcrease, Sr. and others not identified.
0008    Unidentified man in cowboy hat holding a baby burro. (n.d.)

Cal-Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe

0009    Entrance to the Cal-Neva Lodge, Crystal Bay (Lake Tahoe), Nevada. (c. 1940s)
0010    Poolside at the Cal-Neva Lodge, Crystal Bay (Lake Tahoe), Nevada. (c. 1950s)
0011    View of Lake Tahoe from the bar in the Cal-Nevada Lodge, Nevada. (1945)
0012    The California-Nevada state line, another point of interest in the Cal-Neva Lodge Indian Room, 1939. Cal-Neva Lodge,
0013    Cal-Neva Lodge, Crystal Bay, Nevada. (Lake Tahoe) (1937)

The Strip and Celebrities

0014    Thunderbird marqueeLas Vegas. Sign advertising South Pacific which was being presented at the hotel. (c. 1960s) Joe Wells in the middle.
0015    Mickey Rooney and showgirls at the Riviera pool, c. 1960s.
0016    Sands floating crap gamea publicity stunt at the Sands Hotel pool. (late 1950s, early 1960s)
0017    Cork Procter at the Marina Hotel in Giggles and Yocks, 1985.
0018    Cork Procter at the Marina Hotelin the show Giggles and Yocks1985.
0019    L-R: Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds. (c. 1955) Possibly taken at Eddie and Debbies wedding.
0020    Helldorado Parade in Las Vegasfloat depicts the first flight of the Thunderbirds (precision Air Force flying team). (early 1960s)
0021    Helldorado Parade float. (c. 1950s-60s)
0022    Helldorado Parade floatc. 1950s. Little girls dressed in cowgirl outfits.