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Janish, Jeanne

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0001    Lucetta Kellum, Eds Carls, Bettys and Dans maternal grandmother. [Carl was Jeanne Janishs husband]

0002    Mrs. Edw Janish Mr. Edw Janish 612 S. Marshall Willows Calif. [Carl Janishs parents]

0003    Carl on Ranch in Colorado, 1918 or 1919. [Carl Janish, Jeannes husband]

0004    ? and Carl [Carl Janish and unidentified man, 1918 or 1919]

0005    [Dr. Francis W. Russell, Jeanne Janishs father]

0006    Mrs. F.W. Russell Mother of Mrs. C.F. Janish

0007    [Jeanne mother, Mrs. F.W. Russell]

0008    [Jeanne Janishs grandfather]

0009    Dr. Francis W. Russell, [Jeannes father], at 95 years of age before his Palo Alto home

0010    Carl F. Janish 1923 Barracks at San Diego (Marines)

0011     Happy the cat Carl is captain & commanding officer of the local unit of the State guard. January, 1944. (Woman Jeanne Janish?)

0012    [Unidentified couple.]

0013    [Unidentified man.]

0014    [Group of people no identification.]

0015    [Cat possibly Jeannes Happy]

0016    Taken during a trip in the neighborhood of Cucuta [either Venezuela or Colombia, 1925] More info on photo board.

0017    Taken during a trip in the neighborhood of Cucuta [either Venezuela or Colombia, 1925] More info on photo board.

0018    [Servants in Janish home in China early 1930s] Handwritten inscription on photo board.

0019    [Unidentified possibly the F.W. Russell residence in Palo Alto, Calif.]

0020    [Unidentified home 1957]

0021    [Unidentified location railroad track in the mountains.]

0022    [Carl Janish in his lapidary shop.]

0023    [Jeanne Janish in the living room of her mobile home.]

0024    Four (color) photos of the Janishs mobile home; one of their camper, taken at Germansens Lake, B.C.

0025    Two (color) photographs of desert flora the red flowers are Beavertail cactus flowers; the yellow are Enceliopsis (Sun-Ray), Rainbow Gardens area east of Las Vegas, Nev.

0026    Two (color) photos of the Nevada desert; one shows Joshua trees and dry lake.

0027    Two (color) photographs of Bryce Canyon National Park. Three (color) photos of Rainbow Bridge, Utah. (Oct. 1974)

0028    Four (color) photos of the High Sierras. (dates on back of each)

0029    Nine miscellaneous color photos taken by the Janishes during their travels. Included shots of Canadian lakes and mountains, Pikes Peak in Colorado, and the Rio Grande Valley (north of Santa Fe, N.M.) photos are identified on back of each.