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Hayes, Grace

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0001    Hayes Family portrait. (ca 1890s) Front row, L-R: Grace Hayes father James A. Hayes; her Grandmother and Grandfather Hayes. Back row: Uncle Mike, Uncle Dug, Aunt Magie, John Hayes, and Johanna Hayes Dailey, (siblings to James A Hayes, Grace's father). (Handwritten inscription on back of photo.)0002    Grace Hayes mother and three of her four sisters. L-R; Ma, Gert, Myrt, and Bess. Handwritten inscription on back.
0003    Lou An (sic) Hayesyour mother & her goatshandwritten insc. [Grace Hayes mother, Lou Ann Hayes]
0004    Becky & Mama. [Grace Hayes mother and sister Becky.]
0005    Grace Hayes, age 113, San Francisco, California.
0006    Bess Hayes; McFarland car. 1912 (Grace Hayes sister)
0007    Becky Hayes. San Francisco. (Grace Hayes sister)
0008    Your red headed Sister Bess. Bess Hayes, sister of Grace Hayes. (Extensive handwritten insc. On back of photo)
0009    Sister Myrtle. Our Weeping Willow. (Myrtle Hayes, Graces sister)
0010    Bessie Hayes. Year 1915. (Grace Hayes sister)
0011    Sister Becky. Our peacock. (Grace Hayes sister)
0012    Sister Myrtle. (Myrtle HayesGrace Hayes sister)
0013    Sister Myrt. (Grace Hayes sister Myrtle)
0014    Grace Hayes. Chicago Ill. 1917
0015    Grace. 1912
0016    Grace Hayes 1913 San Francisco
0017    GraceMyrtleBeckyBess. My car. Took you all for a ride.
0018    Grace. 1912. San Francisco
0019    Grace Hayes1915. (handwritten inscription on back of photo)
0020    Grace Hayes. San Francisco California
0021    Grace Hayes
0022    Grace HayesChicago IllBismarck Hotel1917
0023    [Grace Hayes, 1912]
0024    Grace HayesFirst good carOrpheum TheatreS.F. Cal. 1929
0025    [Grace Hayes standing by her car1929]
0026    [Grace Hayes]
0027    Grace & Esther Harris. Sweet 13 or 14 years.
0028    Myrt Hayes (Grace Hayes sister)
0029    [Grace Hayes]
0030    Grace Hayes1917Colosimos CafChicago Ill
0031    Sister Gert. (Grace Hayes sister)
0032    Grace [Hayes] (lower) and Esther Harris. San Francisco. 1910
0033    Sister Gert & Emma
0034    Esther [Haris] and Grace 1910San Francisco
0035    Grace Hayes. Signed: To My Darling Mother with all my Love. Pete Feb6
0036    Grace going on to 17 years. Bess going on to 18 years. Myrt going on to 20 years. Emmy older than Sister Mary. [Grace and sisters Bess and Myrt.]
0037    [Grace and Joe Lind, Dec. 22, 1912] Joe and Grace taken in Venice Cal Dec. 221912. Grace age 17Joe 28.
0038    Joe Lind, Grace Hayes LindChicago1914. Colosimos Caf, 22nd WabashWhere Peter Lind Hayes was conceived.
0039    Joe Lind.
0040    Joseph Lind, son of Grace and Joe Lind. 1921
0041    Grace & Joseph, Chicago Beach 1917Chicago Ill.
0042    Peter Lind Hayes1925. Ginger Rogers gave these boots etc. to peter in Fort Worth Texas for his tenth birthday also gave him a party 1925.
0043    Joseph Lind, son of Joe and Grace Hayes Lind. June 25, 1925. (Later known as Peter Lind Hayes.) See reverse of photo board.
0044    Joseph Lind (Peter Lind HayesJune 25, 1925) See reverse of photo board for inscription--
0045    Peter Lind Hayes (rt.)
0046    Grace HayesVenice1912
0047    Peter Lind Hayes. [c. 1925]
0048    Peter Lind Hayes
0049    Grace Hayes with son Peter Lind Hayes. (c. 1925)
0050    [Grace Hayes & son Peter Lind Hayesc.1925]
0051    Peter Lind Hayes. (c. 1920s0
0052    Peter Lind Hayes. 1925.
0053    Peter Lind Hayes. 1925.
0054    Joe Lind Sr.Grace LindJoe Lind Jr. 1915
0055    Grace Hayes 7 her son.
0056    Joe LindTokyo
0057    Joseph Conrad Lind1921Taken in Mexico. (small boy at left)
0058    Peter Lind Hayes with dogs. Jan. 17, 1940
0059    Peter Lind Hayes with dog. (Jan. 17, 1940)
0060    Peter Lind Hayes, portrait.
0061    Peters bandNew Rochelle NYfirst [Peter Lind Hayes band]
0062    [Peter Lind Hayes at microphone. Ca. 1940s]
0063    [Peter Lind Hayes.]
0064    [Peter Lind Hayes.] (Photo by Maurice Seymour)
0065    Peter Lind Hayes.
0066    Grace Hayestaken at Grace Hayes LodgeNo. Hollywood, Calif. 1940
0067    [Grace Hayes.]
0068    [Grace Hayes. (c. 1940s?) ]
0069    L-R; Ma, Lind, Becky, Myrt.
0070    L-R: GallagherBeckyLind1916
0071    Becky Hayes 1939taken at Grace Hayes Lodge, Hollywood Calif. Died76. [Grace Hayes sister Becky1939]
0072    Grace Hayes, OregonPantages Circuit 1921. [Grace Hayes & her son (?)1921]
0073    [Grace Hayes] (1921Pantages Circuit)
0074    Grace Hayes golf nutPantages Circuit1921
0075    [Mary Healy.]
0076    [Mary Healy and peter Lind Hayes. (ca. 1940s?) ]
0077    [Grace Hayes.]
0078    [Grace Hayes.]
0079    [Grace Hayes and her son Peter Lind Hayes]
0080    [Grace Hayes.]
0081    [Grace Hayes and her son Peter Lind Hayes.]
0082    [Grace Hayes.]
0083    [Grace Hayes and son Peter Lind Hayes]
0085    Grace Hayes & Joe Lind [her husband] San Francisco entertainers, singing, talking, and a Comedy Novelty.
0086    [Grace Hayes standing by her car with unidentified gentleman.] 1931
0087    [Grace Hayes with Newell Chase (left) and her son Peter Lind Hayes]
0088    [Grace Hayes and Newell Chase. Chase collaborated with Peter Lind Hayes in song writing.}
0089    [Grace Hayes]
0090    [Grace Hayes and her son Peter Lind Hayes]
0091    [Charles Foy, Grace Hayes second husband. No date.]
0092    [Dick Foy, brother of Charles Foy, Grace Hayes second husband] 8-21-17
0093    [Grace Hayes, 2nd from left; peter Lind Hayes, 2nd from right]
0094    [Peter Lind Hayes with his mother Grace Hayes]
0095    [Grace Hayes with son Peter Lind Hayes]
0096    [Grace Hayes, left, with group of friends] c. 1940s.
0097    [Grace Hayes and peter Lind Hayes, at right] c. 1940s.
0098    [Grace Hayes (4th from left); Peter Lind Hayes (5th from left); Mary Healy (6th from left] ca. 1940s.
0099    [Grace Hayes, center, onstage at Grace Hayes Lodge in Hollywood] Others not identified.
0100    [Joseph Lind, front row, 2nd from fight.]
0101    Lind
0102    [Grace Hayes]
0103    [Grace Hayes (left); (?); Grace Hayes mother; Grace Hayes sister, Becky; taken at Grace Hayes Lodge in North Hollywood, ca. 1940s]
0104    [L-R: Mary Healy (seated in front); Peter Lind Hayes; (?)possibly Graces second husband, Charlie Foy.]
0105    [Grace Hayes and Charlie Foy (?)her 2nd husband]


0106    [Peter Lind Hayes performing at Grace Hayes Lodge in No. Hollywood, ca. 1940s]
0107 (?); Mary Healy; Peter Lind Hayes]
0108    Peter Loves Maryhandwritten inscription on back of photo. [Peter Lind Hayes playing piano]
0109    [Peter Lind Hayes playing piano, ca. 1940s]
0110    [Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes]
0111    [Grace Hayes]
0112    [Grace Hayes]
0113    [Grace Hayes] Signed: To BillyBless you my darlingAunt Grace
0114    [Grace Hayes]
0115    [Grace Hayes]--1927
0116    [Grace Hayes]
0117    Grace Hayes. (Photo by James Hargis Connelly)
0118    [Grace Hayes1925] Signed: ForMary & MadelaineAll my love Grace 1925
0119    Grace Hayes, radio and musical comedy star.
0120    [Grace Hayesc. 1920s]
0121    Grace Hayes
0122    [Grace Hayesca. 1920s] Signed: Grace Hayes
0123    [Grace Hayes in costumeca. 1920s]    (Photo by James Hargis Connelly)
0124    [Grace Hayes in costumeca. 1920]
0125    Grace Hayes1926NY showall English actors except Grace Hayes
0126    [Grace Hayes in costumeca. 1920s]
0127    [Grace Hayesc. 1920s]
0128    Grace Hayes (NBC Artists Service)
0129    Grace HayesNew York1921
0130    [Grace Hayes, 6-30-21] To My Dear SisWishing you HappinessLove Peterdick 6-30-21
0131    [Grace Hayes1921] Pantages Circuit Myrtle DearYour sister Grace 6-30-21
0132    [grace Hayes] 1921 Pantages Circuit
0133    [Grace Hayesc. 1920s]
0134    Grace Hayes 1923
0135    Grace Hayes, Chicago, Ill. 1926, Palace Theatre
0136    [Grace Hayes1920sin costume]
0137    [Grace Hayesc. 1920s]
0138    {Grace Hayes in front of 44th Street Theatre, holding a small dog--] c. 1920s
0139    [Grace Hayes1920] To My Dear SisterLove Grace (Extensive handwritten dedication on back of photo also)
0140    Grace Hayes (ca. 1920s)
0141    Grace Hayes with Lind Hayes and Ole Mike. [Caricature of Grace and Peter Lind Hayes onstage]
0142    Promotional photo for the movie Zis Boom Bah with Grace Hayes, Mary Healy, Peter Lind Hayes. (Shows one scene)
0143    Scene from the movie Zis Boom Bah with Grace Hayes, Mary Healy, peter Lind Hayes
0144    Same.
0145    Same.
0146    Same.
0147    Same.
0148    Same.
0149    Same.
0150    Promotional photo of a scene from the Movie All Women Have Secrets with Peter Hayes and others. (1939)
0151    Same.
0152    Promotional photo from a movie starring Grace Hayes. (Title unknown1932. Shows one scene)
0153    Same.
0154    Same.
0155    Same.
0156    Same.
0157    Same.
0158    [L-R: Robert Montgomery, Charles F. (Chuck) Reisner, Eddie Cantor, Robert Hopkins, and Benny Rubin making location scenes for MGMs Like Kelly Can. (Hopkins was Grace Hayes third husband.)
0159    [Peter Lind Hayes clowning for servicemen. C. 1940s]
0160    [Probably a scene from a moviePeter Lind Hayes at left directing the musicians.]
0161    [Promotional photo for a moviePeter Lind Hayes surrounded by women in a classroomcopyright 1940. Universal Pictures Co., Inc.]
0162    [Scene from a movie (?)c.1920s, 1930sactors not identified.]
0163    [Peter Lind Hayespossibly takes from some of his movies] c. 1930s.
0164    Same.
0165    Same.
0166    [Grace Hayes in a movie scenec. 1920s-1930s]
0167    [Possibly the Foys of vaudeville fame; note posters behind group; c. 1920s. Grace Hayes married Charlie Foymight be he at left, front.]
0168    [Grace Hayes and her son Peter Lind Hayes entertainingcenter, standing on raised platform. Ca. 1940s]
0169    [Grace Hayes onstageca. 1940seither Grace Hayes Lodge in Hollywood or Red Rooster in Las Vegas]
0170    [Possibly Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy entertaining in a nightclubca. 1940seither Grace Hayes Lodge in Hollywood or Red Rooster in Las Vegas]
0171    [Unidentified comedian entertainingca. 1940sprobably Grace Hayes Lodge in Hollywood or Red Rooster in Las Vegas.]
0172    A panda from Tibet goes Hollywood at the Grace Hayes Lodge in North Hollywood, Calif. When Miss Hayes entertained for the bearlike animal brought to the U.S. by Ray Scottnewspaperman-lecturer. L to R: Princess Li Ling Ai, only Chinese woman stage producer; Wayne Morris; the panda; Loretta Young.
0173    [Grace Hayes poses beside campaign postersshe ran for Las Vegas Constable and lost by only 8 votes. Ca. 1940s]
0174    [Grace Hayes playing pianoon top of piano is poster advertising her candidacy for Las Vegas Constable. Ca. 1940s]
0175    [Grace Hayes campaigning for Las Vegas Constable, ca. 1940s]
0176    [Grace Hayes clowns around as she campaigns for Las Vegas Constableca. 1940s.] (Photo by Desert Sea News Bureau)
0177    [Grace Hayes on her soap box as she campaigns for Las Vegas Constableca. 1940s.]
0178    [Grace Hayesportraitca. 1950s.[

Family and Friends

0179    {Grace Hayes, 3rd from right; Robert Hopkins, her husband, center; with group of friends at the Sahara Hotel, March 26, 1956]
0180    [Grace Hayes and husband Robert Hopkins, left; Sahara Hotel, March 26, 1956.} (Photo by Billie Geller)
0181    {Grace Hayes, at left, and husband Robert Hopkins, standing. Dec. 23, 1956. ](Photo by Billie Geller)
0182    [Grace Hayes, left, June 28, 1955]
0183    [Grace Hayes and husband Robert Hopkins, c. 1956]
0184    [Grace Hayes, July 1956]
0185    {Grace Hayes and husband Robert Hopkins, June 1958] Happy & Grace
0186    [L-R: Robert Hoppy" Hopkins; Graces sister, Becky; (?) Grace Hayes; (?) c. 1950s]
0187    [Grace Hayes; man not identified]c. 1950s.
0188    Robert E. Hopkins, 1962; 12946 Valleyheart DriveNo. HollywoodCalif. (Grace Hayes husband)
0189    {Robert E. Hopkinsc.1950s]
0190    [Grace Hayes, left; other woman not identifiedc. 1950s]
0191    {L-R: Grace Hayes, Bess Rosenberg. 1965] lengthy handwritten inscription on back of photo. (LV News Bureau photo)
0192    [L-R: Grace Hayes, Elsie Goldring. 1965] Lengthy handwritten inscription on reverse of photo. (LV News Bureau photo)
0193    [L-R: (?); Grace Hayes; Bess Rosenberg. 1965} Lengthy handwritten inscription on reverse of photo. (LV News Bureau Photo)
0194    [L-R: Peter Lind Hayes; Mary Healyhis wife; Grace Hayes. Ca. 1960s]
0195    [L-R: Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Grace Hayesc. 1960s-1970s]
0196    [L-R: (?) ; Grace Hayes; peter Lind Hayes; c. 196501975] (Photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)
0197    [Grace Hayes and Forrest DukeMarch 1981] (Photo by Scott Henry)
0198    [Grace Hayes at rightc.1981] (News Bureau Photo)
0199    [Norman Rockwell painting of Peter Lind Hayes, his wife Mary Healy, and children Cathy and Michael]
0200    Michael Hayes. New Rochelle NY 'Guy Kibbee age 15 months (son of Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy, grandson of Grace Hayes)
0201    Michael Hayes in Central Park at 11 months
0202    Baby Michael N.Y.
0203    Peter Michael Hayes


0204    [Palace TheaterNew York, New Yorkc. 1930sGrace Hayes name on marquee.]
0205    [44th Street Theatre, New York CityGrace Hayes name on marquee]
0206    [Loews StateVaudevillePeter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy on the marquee.] Please credit: Arsene Studio, N.Y.C., N.Y.
0207    [Grace Hayes Lodge1940sLas Vegas, Nevada. Originally known as the Red Rooster. The Mirage Hotel and Casino stands there now.]
0208    [Venice Baseball Park] [102 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.?]
0209    Beautiful homePeter & MaryNew Rochelle N.Y.
0210    [Marina at New Rochelle, N.Y. Peter Lind Hayes standing on deck of boat.] Photo by Dale Phillips.
0211    [Peter Lind Hayes at the wheel of his boat.]
0212    [Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes standing in their kitchen. New Rochelle, N.Y.?]
0213    [L-R: Grace Hayes, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy in Peter & Marys homeNew Rochelle N.Y. (?)]
0214    [Peter Lind Hayes hanging a painting in his home; Grace Hayes at left; Mary Healy at right.]

Family and Friends

0215    [Mary Healy, right. Others not identified.]
0216    Mrs. Barclay
0217    [Grace Hayes sister Becky?]
0218    [Grace Hayes with two unidentified gentlemenc. 1940s, probably at Grace Hayes Lodge, No. Hollywood.]
0219    [Performers on stageChicago (?)c. 1920snot identified.]
0220    [Becky, Grace Hayes sister, 2nd from left (?)]
0221    [Large group of people posingc. 1920snot identified.]
0222    [Newell Chase, songwriter] Credit: Maurice Seymour, Chicago, Illinois.
0223    Bill Gallagherson of sister Myrtleage about four yearsSand Francisco, Calif.
0224    [Grace Hayes onstageman not identified--] (Photo by Henry Delorval Green)
0225    [Grace Hayes][
0226    [Grace Hayes]
0227    [Grace Hayes]
0228    {Dale Winters]
0229    [Dale Winters?]
0230    [Dale Winters]
0231    [Dale Winters1921Chicago Ill.] Lengthy inscription on back of photo.
0232    [Unidentified couple sitting near a body of water.]
0233    [probably Becky Hayes, Graces sister.]
0234    Seven unidentified photographs.
0235    Happy Birthday love, your (sic) a great grandmother. Love Barry Aug. 23, 1972
0236    [No identificationpen and ink sketch by de Bru]
0237    [Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes. Ca. 1940s] Mounted on back of photograph titled Un Meson de Oaxaca; signed by Mario Birconich, probably the photographer.)
0238    [Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes. Ca. 1940s] Mounted on back of photograph titled Un Meson de Oaxaca; signed by Mario Birconich, probably the photographer.)
0239    [Grace Hayes. Ca. 1920s-30s)
0240    Grace Hayes. (1920s)
0241    Grace Hayes1920s. SignedSincerely, Grace Hayes.
0242    Grace Hayes1920s.
0243    Grace Hayes and unidentified gentleman.
0244    Grace Hayes with unidentified gentleman.
0245    Grace Hayes.
0246    Grace Hayes.
0247    Peter Lind Hayes. (c. late 1920s or early 1930s)
0248    Grace Hayes. (1926)
0249    Globe TheatreNew York City1923. My first show. Grace Hayes age 251923. For Dillingham. Fred & Adele Astaire.handwritten inscription by Grace Hayes. (postcard)

***NOTE: Numerous unidentified photographs of people and places placed in Grace
                    Hayes Manuscript Collection #86-75.    KW 6/22/98