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Narrator Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Boyd, William W. 03/16/1981 Gaming and Gambling, Golden Nugget, High Hat Club, Cheating at Poker, Howard Hughes, Winning the World Series of Poker, effects of Prohibition on gambling, Downtown, "Block 16" and Prostitution. no 1
Boyer, Brendan 10/30/1992 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Boyer, Harold L. Dr. 11/15/2000 Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B68 2007 Dr. Harold Boyer went into a medical practice in Las Vegas in 1952. He has also been active in many community organizations yes 3
Boyer, Judith 11/08/2005 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B682 2007 Judith Boyer moved to Las Vegas in 1948 and worked at Ronzoni's Department Store and as a stewardess for Bonanza Airlines. Her second husband was Dr. Harold Boyer, who was a dermatologist in Las Vegas for many years yes 2
Boyle, John M. 03/14/1981 Local Oral History - Roske Airlines, Airplanes, Airports, Howard Hughes, Senator Pat McCarran, Hawthorn, relations with FAA, Crime rate, politics, trains. no 1
Bradstreet, James Arthur 03/08/2003 Principalship OHP yes 2
Brand, Susan B. 11/20/2004 Principalship OHP Nevada changing educational growth yes 1
Brandise, Eugene 03/03/1980 Construction Industry, Brandise Construction, Hearbst Oil, Nevada growth and changes. no 1
Branigan, Laura Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Brannon, Maureen Local Oral History Project-Roske Folder missing no 1
Brantley, Jackie 10/27/1996 Women in Gaming & Entertainment F850.N4 B73 1998 One of the first black women to work in mid-level management at the Desert Inn; early 1970s. yes 2
Brascia, Charlotte 02/24/1977 Gambling and Airline Industry. Hospitals since the 1950 's, dealers in the 1950 's, growth of Las Vegas and Entertainment, prostitution, racial problems, social groups, organized crime in the 1950 's, Church groups, religion, local politics in the 1950 's and 1970 's, "the strip", Downtown gambling, housing, crime in Las Vegas, Police force. no 2
Brazelle, Wayne 03/17/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Construction Industry and early Las Vegas, Thunderbird Hotel (Silver Bird hotel), construction of Davis Dam, construction of MGM Grand hotel, Downtown, North Las Vegas, changes around UNLV. no 1
Breedlove, Mildred 02/18/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Ranch life, water problems, transportation. no 1
Brenner, David 01/28/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Brenner, David 9/17/2002 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 4
Brenner, David 09/12/1984 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Brents, Barbara 1/12/2010 John S Park F849.L35 B745 2010 Living in a downtown enclave that is unique from the suburbs. Community atmosphere of neighborhood people coming together for social and political activism. yes 0
Brewer, Andrew 7/1/2006 Boyer Early Las Vegas OHP - NAACP Andy's tenure as NAACP President began in January 2008, details the fund raisers that allowed the NAAcP to benefit student with grants, support voter outreach and a prison ministry, and provide guidance for those suffering discrimination. yes 0
Brewer, Teddie Mrs. 6/24/2006 Principalship OHP Educational changes; leadership styles within schoold yes 1
Breyfogle, Raymond O. 03/15/1976 Local Oral History - Roske Personal history, and Nevada history and Nevada Ghost Towns no 1
Brickley, Theresa 01/27/2006 Local Oral History Project-Roske Tap Dancing no 2
Brickley, Theresa & Elizabeth Burkey 1/27/2006 Tap Dancing Tap dancing throughout country and in Las Vegas yes 2
Brimacombe, Alfred J. 07/02/1975 and 02/23/1981 Local Oral History - Roske Printing business, newspapers in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Review Journal, Gas Stations, Tourism in the 1930 's, Depression, WWII, BMI (Basic Magnesium Plant), Hoover Dam, Archie Grant, Rail Road, Golden Nugget, Baseball and sports. yes 2
Brinker, Charles Homer 03/19/1978 Homesteading in Las Vegas Personal history and background, Homesteading in Las Vegas, Church affiliation and religion, housing and building homes, grocery shopping and roads, Construction industry and working as a carpenter. no 1
Britton, Beverly J. 02/26/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Nevada history, schools and education in Las Vegas, Gambling, economic changes, social change. no 1
Britton, Sherry Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Broadbent, Robert N. 09/23/1972 and 03/01/1978 Local Oral History - Roske Boulder City, 1950 's, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), Boulder City Charter, Mayor of Boulder City, Zoning in Boulder City, Lake Mead, Clark County 1950 's and 1960 's, Pharmaceuticals and politics. Clark County Construction. no 2
Brockett, Marilyn B. 04/25/1975 Local OHP - Roske Growth of Boulder City 1937 - 1975; Hoover Dam no 1
Brooks, Bob 10/28/1975 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Brooks, Foster Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 5
Brooks, Foster 01/14/1980 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Brooks, Foster 06/02/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Brooks, Foster 10/15/1975 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Brooks, John 02/28/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Side 1: Personal History, Gaming and Gambling, Church and religion, the end of the first World War (WWI), Atomic Testing and WWII, changes and growth of Nevada, fires, sports - Las Vegas Rangles, Cashman Field, Helldorado, Fremont Street, Railroads. Side 2: Old Ranch, Stewart Ranch, Mormon Fort. Mormon Settlement, local Police, El Rancho, nudest camps, Lake Mead. no 1
Brooks, Marion C. 02/24/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Mining, Old mines, education, personal history, Blue Diamond, Lombard Plane Crash, Lorenzi Park, Atomic Testing, WWII, economic and social changes and growth, Hoover Dam, Lost Mines - Blue Diamond 1940 's. no 2
Brown, Alice 10/19/2005 The UNLV @ Fifty Oral History Project LD3745.B74 2007 Alice Brown worked as a librarian in the UNLV library from 1962 to 1984 yes 4
Brown, Alice Cowles 03/31/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske 1. UNLV, UNLV Library, growth and expansion of Las Vegas and Henderson, Gambling and Gaming, Downtown area, renaming streets after hotels, Maryland Parkway, Catholic Hospital (religion), Schools, segregation, Heavy population from Nellis, popularity of Football and Baseball, Women in Sports, Public Library, Law Enforcement, Start of Mass Construction and Tourism, Boulevard Mall, Snow, Major tragedies. no 1
Brown, Bernard Lee 02/27/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, WWII, Atomic Testing, radiation monitor at Test Site, casino control of Las Vegas in 1950 's, horse racing in Las Vegas, housing in Las Vegas in 1950 's, discrimination against Blacks in Las Vegas 1950 's, church influence in Las Vegas during 1950 's (religion), union controversy at Test Site, Howard Hughes influence in Las Vegas, crime, family life. no 1
Brown, Betty 3/28/2014 Boyer Early Las Vegas OHP Work in the 1960s - 1970s hotel casino industry. Cocktail waitress; feeling of being protected, especially by network of bartenders. Group interview with friends - Cynthia Cisero, Jaonne Ravetti, and Tina Boag - video and audio. no 0
Brown, Betty 3/28/2014 West Charleston OHP Four women who migrated to Las Vegas in the 1960s and met at this time are still friends and opened one of their dinners to the Oral History Res Ctr. They discuss early employment, safety, roles of bartenders, entertainment, dating, and family against a backdrop of Las Vegas history. yes 0
Brown, Gregory & Jessica 03/01/2009 Voices of the Historic John S. Park F849.L35 B76 2010 Gregory Brown came to Las Vegas in 1998 to take a postion teaching history at UNLV. His future wife Jessica, who is the Web Portal Content Coordinator at UNLV, had lived here off and on as a child and moved back to Las Vegas in 2000. They bought a home in the John S. Park Neighborhood in 2002 yes 0
Brown, Hannah 9/27/2012 AfAm Collaborative Growing up in the Westside community, worked in the Sight N Sound Record Store. Brown spoke of entertainers in the neighborhood and their influence on community children. Second session - 5/9/2014. Also has video interview filmed at PBS. yes 0
Brown, Harry A. 03/13/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), family, labor, recreation, Sheriffs Posse, Helldorado. no 1
Brown, Lisa August 19, 2013 Ward 1: West Charleston Neighborhoods Scotch 80s resident. Remodeled home maintaining integrity of original 1959 mid-century modern design. F849.L35 B773 2014 yes 0
Brown, Lori Lipman 03/17/1998 Dennis McBride - LV Gay Archives Las Vegas History, Involvement in Nevada's repeal of the Sodomy Law in 1993. yes 1
Brown, Mahlon 12/16/2003 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B76 2007 Mahlon Brown was a policeman in Washington, D.C., during the 1960s. He is an attorney in Las Vegas, has been a justice of the peace, and has been a U.S. Attorney. Attorney along with Jack Anderson with the Las Vegas Welfare Rights Movement. yes 9
Brown, Robert 02/24/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada and Las Vegas history since 1955, crime, early city planning, Reno, climate changes, tourism, water problems, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Henderson, "the Strip". no 1
Brown, Roy 05/21/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske Haircutting, local history. no 1
Brown, Roy 3/5/2013 AfAm Collaborative Brown told stories about uions, strikes, working with gangsters at the Stardust yes 0

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