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Amie-Pilot, Ruby Papers
Coll #: MS-00102
Date: 1930s-2002
Extent: 1.34 Linear Feet (1 oversize box)
Location: B 1:3:3
The Ruby Amie-Pilot Papers document her life as an active leader in the African-American community in Las Vegas from the 1930s to 2002. The collection contain assorted newspaper clippings, photographs and a memorial program from her son's funeral service. The collection also includes a look at the cartoon series her son Ronald Terry Amie published in the Las Vegas Voice and his artistic accomplishments in the community during that time period, including public commissions for North Las Vegas.
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Arnold, George W.
Coll #: Mss12
Date: 1870
Extent: 1 folder (containing one letter)
Location: 1:1:1
Consists of one holograph letter from George W. Arnold to his Uncle Gideon containing a description of Pioche (Lincoln Co. Nevada) and mining activity there. Comments on the lack of mills to process ores and reasons for lack. Describes traveling through Arizona and Mexico, and the Indian situations there.

Asians in Nevada
Coll #: 93-021
Date: 1901-1990s
Extent: 1.05 linear feet (2 document boxes, 1 slim document box)
Location: 4:7:3 - 4:7:4
Collection consists of various materials that deal with the history of Asians in Nevada. Includes interviews, correspondence, biographical information on prominent Chinese and Japanese-Americans and material on internment of Japanese-Americans. Other notable individuals featured in the collection include Cheryl Lin and Sue Fawn Chung. Accretions are added to the collection yearly. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Bracken, J. K. W.
Coll #: 1015
Date: 1927-1928
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of correspondence between JKW Bracken and Bruce M. Barnard Co. regarding the purchase of Native American (Navajo) rugs and blankets. It also contains some invoices, and descriptions of the design significance of the individual rugs.

Brown, Dora Lee
Coll #: Mss23
Date: 1904 - 1946
Extent: 1 folder (containing 30 items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of the papers (mostly photocopies of originals) of an American Indian family (Brown) who resided in Pahrump and Las Vegas, Nevada. Includes correspondence between family members, notes, certificates of awards, report cards, birth announcements, wedding announcements, sample ballot 1936, and copies of photographs.

Clark, Donald
Coll #: T68
Date: 1953 - 1972
Extent: .84 linear feet ( 2 document boxes)
Location: 1:12:3
The collection of Rev. Donald M Clark, who played a major role in the development of the black community in Las Vegas and in the struggle for civil rights, is comprised of materials ranging from 1953 to 1972, detailing Rev. Clark's activities with his community, NAACP, and Economic Opportunity Board. Types of documents include correspondence, organizational plans, newspaper clippings and personal memorabilia. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
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Clement, Mary Edna Brown
Coll #: Mss39
Date: 1955
Extent: 3 folders (containing 78 items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of correspondence, poetry manuscript and musical score. Two letters dated 19 January 1956 and 26 February 1956 from Zoe A. Tilghman, Oklahoma City to Mary Brown Clement, Las Vegas. Correspondence refers to "Pistol Pete" by Eva Gillhouse. "Black and Silver" poetry manuscript draft that was published by Henry Harrison, poetry publisher, in New York, 1944, written by Mary Edna Brown. Musical score and verse "Neshabe" (Dark Water) from Cheyenne Indian melody, words by Zoe A. Tilghman, music arranged by Ruth F. McNaughton, dedicated to Mary B. Clement.

Duncan, Ruby
Coll #: 96-08
Date: 1979 - 1992
Extent: 22.14 linear feet (18 record storage boxes, 2 document boxes, 3 oversize folders)
Location: 5:3:3 - 5:4:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.7
Collection contains the organizational records of Operation Life Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that worked to improve living conditions in West Las Vegas by providing a variety of community development services. The organization began in May 1972, in the wake of a welfare protest march orchestrated by the Clark unty Welfare Rights Organization and Ruby Duncan. Operation Life grew from this organization and was directed by Ruby Duncan, as executive director from 1972 until her health forced her to retire in 1990. In general, this collection documents part of the history of a non-profit community development corporation. In addition, the material provides a glimpse of the regulations and protocol governing the public and private funding process. The collection also provides a partial documentation of the lives and struggles of West Las Vegans and the improvements they endeavored to make to their community.
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Fong, Lilly
Coll #: T148
Date: 1960 - 1996
Extent: 38 linear feet (38 record storage boxes)
Location: LASR
Collection consists of the personal papers of Lilly Fong, the first woman and first Asian-American member of the Nevada Board of Regents. Material focuses on her community activities in various organizations and her work on the Board of Regents. Materials include clippings, magazines, correspondence, conference programs, and reports. INVENTORY AVAILABLE NOTE: THIS COLLECTION IS STORED IN LIED LIBRARYS LASR SYSTEM, PLEASE CALL AHEAD 702-895-2234 TO OBTAIN BOXES.

Fort Mohave, Arizona Indian School
Coll #: T26
Date: 1890 - 1893
Extent: 42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:10:4
Collection consists of the correspondence records of the Fort Mohave Industrial School in two bound volumes. The school served the Walapai and Mohave Indians at a site near present-day Kingman, Arizona. Correspondence (between the school's superintendent, Samuel M. McCowan and Commissioner [of Indian Affairs] Thomas J. Morgan or Assistant Commissioner R.V. Belt) documents the school's finances and administrative operations as well as policy implementation and fact finding.
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Gregory, Mollie
Coll #: 2006-18
Date: 1971-1974
Extent: 6.78 linear feet (9 document boxes and 3 record storage cartons)
Location: 11:11:1 - 11:11:4
Collection is comprised of several dozen reels of audio tape and some 16 mm film that has been transferred to CD and video. Content is oral interviews (by Mollie Gregory) of persons involved in the welfare rights movement in Nevada in the 1970s, also the Maya Miller US Senate campaign and the ERA in Nevada. Women's Research Institute of Nevada did extensive work in annotating this material during its transfer to CD. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Hoggard, Mabel
Coll #: 2009-29
Date: ca. 1950s-1970s
Extent: 3 linear feet
Location: See Manuscripts Librarian
Collection is comprised of the personal papers, clippings, scrapbooks of Mabel Hoggard,the first African-American public school teacher in Las Vegas who taught from 1946-1970 in various schools around Las Vegas including the Westside School. Hoggard was also respected for her work as a civil rights activist and a civic and educational leader in Las Vegas. Other materials in the collection include her early student notes, curriculum notes from teaching days, documents from her wartime work in West Virginia, letters and cards from students and friends, and various documents on Blacks and the civil rights movement in Las Vegas and the US. Note: Collection is partially processed, please consult Manuscripts Librarian to access materials.

Humphries, Kathy (Quinn)
Coll #: 1017-3
Date: 1960 - 197(?)
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of various items regarding the Paiute Indians of Southern Nevada. Includes photo negatives, kinship chart, audio tape of Paiute vocabulary, family history, a paper listing Paiute words, their meanings, and the uses of various herbs and plants, and a brief autobiography of Stella Smith of the Las Vegas Indian Village.

Jewish Emigration Archives
Coll #: 2001-06
Date: 1965-2009 (ongoing)
Location: A: 2.2.2 - A: 2.2.4 Roller Shelf 2.3.7
Collection is comprised of material that documents the Jewish community in Las Vegas. Materials include newsletters and flyers from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada, local temples, Shabbat, local family histories, artifacts, and a Jewish veteran�s cemetery index. Accretions received yearly from donor.

Katz-Yarchever, Edythe
Coll #: 96-17
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.34 linear feet (5 document boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 large oversize box)
Location: 5:6:5 and Roller Shelf 2:1:8
This collection is a comprehensive look at the community, religious, and educational endeavors of the Lloyd and Edythe Katz family as depicted in photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles and awards. In addition to being prominent members of the Las Vegas Jewish community, they were also owners of the Nevada Theater Corporation, and the collection contains many photographs and a scrapbook about the theaters they owned and managed in Las Vegas (Fremont Theatre, Huntridge Theatre, and Guild Theatre).
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Katz-Yarchever, Edythe
Coll #: 96-17
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.34 linear feet (5 document boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 large oversize box)
Location: 5:6:5 and Roller Shelf 2:1:8
This collection is a comprehensive look at the community, religious, and educational endeavors of the Lloyd and Edythe Katz family as depicted in photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles and awards. In addition to being prominent members of the Las Vegas Jewish community, they were also owners of the Nevada Theater Corporation, and the collection contains many photographs and a scrapbook about the theaters they owned and managed in Las Vegas (Fremont Theatre, Huntridge Theatre, and Guild Theatre).
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Key, Alice
Coll #: 95-47
Date: 1936-95
Extent: .5 linear feet
Location: 5:1:3
Collection consists of the papers of Alice Key, who came to Las Vegas in 1955 as Public Relations Director for the Moulin Rouge Hotel. Key had been a chorus girl in her early days in Los Angeles. Key was active in the Civil Rights movement in Las Vegas, and in a number of political and community service organizations such as the NAACP. Collection consists of clippings, photographs, correspondence, and videos regarding civil rights and entertainment, in particular, the preservation of the Moulin Rouge Hotel. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
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Kim Sisters
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1959-1969
Location: Roller Shelf 1:4:8
Collection consists of two scrapbooks of the Kim Sisters, a trio of Korean-born musical entertainers who were prominent on the Las Vegas Strip from the 1950s-1970s. The scrapbooks contain ads for upcoming shows from around the world, reviews of performances, articles and interviews and copies of The Ed Sullivan Show programs on which they appeared.

Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Archives
Coll #: E 99 P2 L37x 1911
Date: 1911-1976
Extent: 1 doc box (legal)
Location: E 99 P2 L37x 1911
Includes government documents from such agencies as the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Most of the documents concern the Las Vegas Indian Colony, which was made up of Paiute and Chemehuevi Indians. Also includes material on the Moapa River (Paiute) Reservation. Some of the documents are from other groups such as the Citizens' Committee for Community Improvement of Las Vegas, Nev. Also includes transcriptions of oral history interviews conducted in the 1970s with Maureen Frank, Daisy Mike, Nellie Sanchez, Herbert Myers, Juanita Lee, and Lee Castillo.

Levinson, Bea
Coll #: 97-02
Date: 1972-1993
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 6:7:6
Collection consists of news clippings, reports, bylaws, certificates, and photographs relating to Jewish Family Services and divorced homemakers.

McMillan, Marie
Coll #: 2004-06
Date: 1945-2002
Location: 10:3:3 - 10:3:5
initial donation of materials from Marie McMillan. Materials consist of photographs, correspondence, newsclippings etc of Dr. James McMillan, Las Vegas civil rights pioneer, materials of Duke Daly relating to work at NTS and at Livermore Laboratory on atomic testing (photographs, certificates, badges), and photographs of Marie Daly McMillan. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Mercer, L. Paul
Coll #: Mss46
Date: 1957 - 1972
Extent: 6 folders (containing 161 items)
Location: 1:1:1 and ROLLER SHELF 1:6:6
Collection consists of material relating to Paul Mercer's interest in the arts of spinning, dyeing, and weaving. It includes letters from fellow enthusiast, Fred A. Pennington, and his wife, Lulu. Also includes manuscript of Dye Formulas and Color Representations from the notes of Paul Mercer. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

MGM Mirage - Diversity Offices
Coll #: 2008-26
Date: 1990s-2000s
Extent: 7 record storage cartons (7 linear feet)
Location: back stacks - see Su Kim
Collection is comprised of additional materials from MGM Mirage offices -- Diversity Offices.

MGM Mirage Corporation
Coll #: 2002-11
Date: 1990-2005
Extent: 15.07 linear feet, 31 boxes.
The collection encompasses news clippings, correspondence, marketing and events, photographs and a variety of audio-visual materials from 1990-2005. There are advertising, contracts, and corporate officer's bios as well as conference materials and an impact study done by the American Gaming Association. Diversity efforts of the corporation are also documented.

Professional Black Women's Alliance
Coll #: 2005-03
Date: 1990s
Extent: 1 folder, plus oversized poster
Location: 10:2:5 and Mss drawer
Collection consists of material from Faye Duncan Daniels on Professional Black Women's Alliance (of Las Vegas) -- one folder plus oversized poster.Folder includes programs from PBWA events.

Rathbun, Frank D.
Coll #: T144
Date: 1919 - 1939
Extent: 1 document box, 2 slim doc boxes, and 2 flat boxes
Location: 2:3:1 Roller Shelf 1.5.8
The Rathbun papers include publications on the Colorado Aqueduct and telephone lines at Hayfield and the Colorado Rim. There is also a descriptive chapter on desert mirages and archeological field notes written by Rathbun. The archeological materials include inventories from sites in the Southern Great Basin, photos of dwellings and pictographs (taken in the 30s), Nevada Highways and Parks promotional brochures and general newspaper articles on anthropology and archeology (1920s-1930s).

Rusco, Elmer Professor
Coll #: T123
Date: 1964 - 1972
Extent: 1 document box (.42 linear feet)
Location: 2:7:2
Collection is comprised of the papers of Elmer Rusco, former UNR professor, who has done extensive research into civil rights and race relations in Nevada. Topics include school integration, welfare, black employment, poverty, and Clark County School District staff training pertaining to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is also information on Local 357 regarding discrimination cases against blacks by the union, and information on the number of minorities working at the major Strip hotels. Types of material in the collection include correspondence, news clippings, and research notes.
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Sadovich, Maryellen Vallier
Coll #: Mss45
Date: 1852 -1934
Extent: 9 folders (144 items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists primarily of photocopies of National Archives material relating to early Nevada History. Documents include: act concerning setting the boundaries for the State of Nevada, contracts for setting up mail service btw Utah and California, Office of Indian Affairs documents regarding a reservation in southern Nevada, postal routes in southern Nevada, and plat showing country tributary to SPLASL Railroad. Other items include Gibb's phonetic alphabet of southern Nevada Indians, and numerous documents regarding the Eldorado Mining District. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Schuster, Henry and Anita
Coll #: 2011-13
Extent: 1 record carton, 3 doc boxes, 2 rolls
Location: 12:4:3
Collection is comprised of materials documenting the life of Henry Schuster, who together with his wife Anita, founded the Holocaust Survivor's Group of Southern Nevada in 1996. Schuster was placed in a Jewish orphanage by his mother after his father's death, and she (along wtih a daughter) later perished in the Holocaust. The German orphanage sent its children to France to keep them out of harm's way, and they later were moved out of Paris to the country after the city fell to the Germans. Schuster was later relocated to the United States in 1941 at age 15 through a relocation program for refugee children who were in France. He went to live with distant relatives in Louisiana; their branch of the family had immigrated to the States several generations earlier. After graduating high school, he joined the U.S. military in 1944 and during training, finally received word that one sister had been liberated at Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration camp. The Army sent him to Germany in 1945 to help with postwar stabilization.

Spilde, Katherine Tribal Gaming Research Files
Coll #: MS-00092
Date: 1908, 1974-2012, (bulk 1991-2011)
Extent: 41.1 linear feet (41 boxes)
Location: A 2:2:5 - 2:5:4
The collection comprises research files of Katherine Spilde, focusing on resources that informed her work with the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), National Gaming Impact Study Commission (NGISC), and the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. The material dates from 1908 and 1970 to 2013, and includes social and economic impact studies; compacts between states and tribal governments; copies of court judgments and Senate/House bills; articles and clippings regarding tribal gaming, responsible gaming, and other gaming-related topics; tribal newsletters; and various gaming publications and promotional material.
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Stewart - Knack Collection on Nevada Indians
Coll #: 87-026
Date: 1830 - 1975
Extent: 3 large boxes
Location: 3:4:1 - 3:4:2
The Stewart - Knack Collection is a collection of Native American research materials used by Dr. Omer Call Stewart and Dr. Martha Knack. It contains notes, documents, judicial opinions, maps and journal entries dealing with the following tribes: Washo, Northern Paiute, Southern Paiute, Chemehuevi and Mohave. Dr. Knack and Dr. Stewart co-authored the book "As Long as the River Shall Run : An Ethnohistory of Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation." Dr. Knack is a professor in the Anthropology Department of UNLV and Dr. Stewart a Professor Emeritus at University of Colorado, Boulder.INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Stewart, William M.
Coll #: Mss51
Date: 1854 - 1872
Extent: 1 folder (containing 12 items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of several pieces of correspondence from William Morris Stewart, one of the first U.S. Senators from Nevada (1864-1874 and 1886-1904), and author of the National Mining Laws. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Williams, Aaron
Coll #: 87-036
Date: 1965 - 1975
Extent: 2 boxes (10 linear in.)
Location: 3:4:4 - 3:4:5
Collection is comprised of the papers of Aaron Williams, North Las Vegas City Councilman and Clark County Commissioner. Consists mainly of material from scrapbooks and newspaper clippings chronicling Williams' political career and the issues he dealt with. Issues included are those related to community and infrastructure development, such as airports, sewage treatment plants, senior citizens, health, and urban planning, as well as local government activities during the late 1960's and early 1970's. The remainder of the materials in the collection consist primarily of correspondence from 1966-1976, various certificates, and a very limited number of items pertaining to affirmative action programs and the organization "Poor People Pulling Together."
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Williams, Nancy
Coll #: 97-010
Extent: 1 doc box (1/4 linear ft.)
Location: 6:6:2
Nancy Williams' collection contains news clippings, poetry, photos and correspondence focusing on Clark County Nevada Juvenile Services and African American poetry