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Katz-Yarchever, Edythe
Coll #: 96-17
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.34 linear feet (5 document boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 large oversize box)
Location: 5:6:5 and Roller Shelf 2:1:8
This collection is a comprehensive look at the community, religious, and educational endeavors of the Lloyd and Edythe Katz family as depicted in photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles and awards. In addition to being prominent members of the Las Vegas Jewish community, they were also owners of the Nevada Theater Corporation, and the collection contains many photographs and a scrapbook about the theaters they owned and managed in Las Vegas (Fremont Theatre, Huntridge Theatre, and Guild Theatre).
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Kearns, Ardis
Coll #: 95-012
Date: 1960s-1970s
Extent: 6.0 linear feet
Location: 4:3:5 - 4:3:6
Collection consists of the papers of Ardis Kearns, Las Vegas resident and longtime member of the Nevada branch of the League of Women Voters. Subjects include juvenile delinquency, criminal justice, Clark County land use, energy and the League of Women Voters. The collection is comprised of notes, publications, reports, and correspondence on women's organizations, and various social and political issues.
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Kyle [Kiel] Ranch Committee
Coll #: 91-48
Date: 1975 - 1985
Extent: 1 slim document box
Location: 4:9:6
Consists of blank checks and accounting ledgers from Kyle [Kiel] Ranch Committee and North Las Vegas Bicentennial Committee. [No substantial information]

Las Vegas 51s
Coll #: 2003-24
Date: 1985-2003
Extent: 1 box
Location: 10:5:5
Materials on Las Vegas 51s (minor league baseball team) consisting of programs, baseball cards, flyers, press releases on the Las Vegas 51s and their predecessor team, the Las Vegas Stars (see also collection 86-65).

Las Vegas Art League
Coll #: T105
Date: 196(?)
Extent: 1 record storage box
Location: 2:8:4
Collection contains the scrapbook for the Greater Las Vegas Art Week. Scrapbook includes newspaper clippings about the participating artists, photos of events and displays, and correspondence regarding the event.

Las Vegas Astronomical Society
Coll #: 2004-02
Date: 1981-2003
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 10:4:1
Collection consists of 32 color slides of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society as well as some documentation and a newsletter on the society. Donations to be ongoing.

Las Vegas Literary Club
Coll #: 2010-02
Date: 1937-1997
Extent: (1.42 linear feet) 1 record storage carton, 1 document box
Location: 13:7:2
Collection is comprised of eleven scrapbooks that document the history of the Las Vegas Literary Club, a social and cultural organization that was formed in 1937 by LDS members Della Wittwer, Louella Thornton, and Erma Stewart. The club members celebrated anniversaries and weddings and also mourned losses together. In addition to regular meetings, two socials were held each year to entertain members and their husbands. The scrapbooks contain photographs and newspaper clippings that focus on the clubs activities, events and celebrations between the years 1973-1994. One bound volume documents the clubs early history dating back to 1937 and includes autobiographies of members. In addition to the scrapbooks, two record books contain meeting minutes, membership lists, programs, and financial records from the years 1976-1980.

Las Vegas Men's Club
Coll #: 2001-11
Date: 1991-1997
Extent: 1 record storage carton (1 linear foot)
Location: 9:2:1
Collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Las Vegas Men's Club, a local gay men's club that is now defunct. The records include the club bylaws and financial records, member lists, the club newsletter, flyers and general correspondence regarding upcoming meetings and events, plaques received for outstanding fundraising, blank copies of wedding certificates and a newspaper article on the necessity of a living will and living trust enclosed with correspondence from an attorney. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Las Vegas Numismatic Society
Coll #: 87-041
Date: 1962 - 1970
Extent: 1box
Location: 3:4:6
Collection consists primarily of material pertaining to the Las Vegas Numismatic Society such as receipts, membership lists, deposit slips, correspondence, news clippings, photographs, newsletters, and memos. Unrelated items in the collection include Nevada Test Site newsletters, publications from Reynolds Engineering and Electrical Co. and Sahara Hotel brochures, newsletters, and postcards. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Las Vegas Philharmonic
Coll #: 2007-20
Date: 1998-2007
Extent: 1 record storage carton
Location: 13:6:3
Collection is comprised of materials documenting the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Includes programs and other ephemera.

Las Vegas Porcelain Artists
Coll #: 90-42
Date: 1970 - 199(?)
Extent: 3 doc boxes and 1 record storage box
Location: 4:11:4 - 4:11:5
Collection contains the organizational records of the Las Vegas Porcelain Artists. Consists of documents such as correspondence, membership information, promotional materials, photo albums, financial records, and some slides. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Las Vegas Sports Teams Collection
Coll #: 2012-18
Date: 1990s-2000s
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 10:3:1
Collection is comprised of promotional materials on various Las Vegas professional sports teams. Includes Las Vegas Silver Streaks (Basketball),Las Vegas Thunder (Hockey), Las Vegas Coyotes (Hockey), Las Vegas Flash (Hockey), Las Vegas Dustdevils (Soccer), and Las Vegas Wranglers (Hockey). Inventory Available.

Las Vegas Stars
Coll #: 86-65
Date: 1983 - 1988
Extent: 7 doc boxes
Location: 3:3:3 - 3:3:4
Collection consists of programs, posters and newspaper clippings of the Las Vegas Stars (minor league) baseball team. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

League of Women Voters
Coll #: MS24
Date: 1964 - 1993
Extent: 18 boxes (9 linear ft.)
Location: 1:8:3 - 1:8:6
This collection contains the records and publications of the League of Women Voters of the Las Vegas Valley from 1964 to the 1990s. The majority of the material covers the 1960s and 1970s, and consists of administration records and information on specific issues. The material in the collection provides a clue to the relative importance of various issues at specific times and outlines the basic administrative workings of a chapter of the League of Women Voters.
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Levinson, Bea
Coll #: 97-02
Date: 1972-1993
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 6:7:6
Collection consists of news clippings, reports, bylaws, certificates, and photographs relating to Jewish Family Services and divorced homemakers.

Lowe, Celesta
Coll #: 95-48
Date: 1943-95
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Location: 5:1:3 Roller Shelf 2.1.7
Collection consists of Celesta Lowe's clippings, published writings ("Echoes from the Archives" and "Southwestern Bookshelf" columns), correspondence, and photographs related to local history. Also contains National League of American Pen Women and Pen-Hens material. Celesta Lowe grew up in Goodsprings and worked for James R. Dickinson, who was the first head of Nevada Southern University (later UNLV). She played a large part in developing the Special Collections Division of the library.
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McLaughlin, Thomas
Coll #: 85-90
Date: 1937-1973
Extent: 1 record storage box
Location: 2:1:5
Collection consists of programs, news clippings, photographs and scrapbooks of Thomas McLaughlin, a prominent Las Vegas realtor. McLauglin was active in local fraternal organizations such as the Sons of Saint Patrick and the Knights of Columbus. Clippings focus on the activities of these organizations, trends in Las Vegas real estate, political issues and candidates in Nevada and McLaughlin's role as trustee for the ailing Las Vegas Racetrack. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Mesquite Club
Coll #: 2001-09
Date: 1911-78
Extent: 29 boxes
Location: 8:1:1 - 9:1:5 Roller Shelf 2.3.8 and 2.4.1
This collection contains the organizational records of the Mesquite Club, the oldest women's service club in Las Vegas, founded in 1911, and still in existence today. The collection documents the administrative, service, and social activities of the club which is known for its dedication to community improvement in Las Vegas. The records are comprised of materials that provide information on the club�s organizational and administrative structure, its numerous community service projects and social events, the Mesquite Clubhouse, and the Club�s relations with the General Federation of Women�s Clubs (GFWC). Types of documentation in the collection include minutes, correspondence, committee reports, newsletters, scrapbooks, and photographs.
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Mitchell, Luanna
Coll #: 94-026
Date: 1951 - 1977
Extent: 3 record storage boxes, and 3 oversize scrapbooks that need to be boxed.
Location: 4:6:4 - 4:6:5 Roller Shelf 2.1.3
Collection is comprised of newspaper clippings about the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and the Auxiliarys programs and community service. There are also photographs of the Ladies visiting veterans in the hospital, invitations to VFW events and a member yearbook.

National League of American Pen Women (Las Vegas Branch)
Coll #: 2000-06
Date: 1950-1990
Extent: 2 OVERSIZE boxes
Location: 7:12:5 Roller Shelf 2.2.5
Collection consists of the scrapbooks and minutes of the Las Vegas branch of the National League of American Pen Women. The NLAPW is a professional organization of women that promotes development of the creative talents of professional women in the arts ( it encompasses arts, letters and music).

National Organization for Women (NOW)
Coll #: 95-30
Date: 1966-74
Extent: 3.5 linear feet
Location: 4:2:6 - 4:1:1
Collection consists of the organizational records of the Las Vegas chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). It includes materials such as budgets, membership rosters, correspondence, clippings, minutes, newsletters, policies, and task force reports. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Navy Mother's Club of America
Coll #: 87-71
Date: 1946 - 1968
Extent: 2 boxes (7.5 linear in.)
Location: 3:6:5
Collection consists of two scrapbooks of memorabilia and news clippings from the Navy Mother's Club of America. Also included are the club's bylaws from 1946-1968 and photographs of various club events and installations.
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Nevada Association of Psychiatric Physicians
Coll #: 2001-08
Location: 8:1:1
Collection contains the organizational records of the Nevada Association of Psychiatric Physicians. Accretions will be added as they are received. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Nevada Desert Experience
Coll #: 2007-04
Date: 1952-2006
Extent: 15.38 linear feet (2 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 1 oversize (16x20) flat box, and 13 record storage cartons)
Location: 11:12:5-12:12:1
The Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) Collection at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is composed of files from NDE officers and activists. The collection documents the activities and efforts of NDE members in their efforts to halt nuclear testing and abolish nuclear weapons. Comprised of correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes and agenda, financial records, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, press releases, legislation, recommendations, and general information, the collection showcases the organizational abilities of the NDE and the groups hearty commitment to ending nuclear testing. Due to the groups headquarters in Las Vegas, the collection provides excellent case studies of significant changes in the post-World War II American environmental movement, notably the increased acceptance of the worth of desert lands.
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Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs
Coll #: 86-62
Date: 1986
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 3:3:3 Roller Shelf 1.8.4
Collection contains Porcelain figures.

Nevada Music Teachers Association
Coll #: 85-123
Date: 196(?) - 197(?)
Extent: 3 record storage boxes
Location: 3:1:4 - 3:1:5
Collection focuses on the work of the Nevada Music Teachers Association and Las Vegas piano teacher, Betty Henderson. The collection is comprised primarily of reel-to-reel tapes of auditions, recitals and concerts. Others materials include newsletters, sheet music, scrapbooks, photos, and programs. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Nevada Nurses Association
Coll #: 85-34
Date: 1940s- 1990s
Extent: 23 record storage boxes
Location: LASR
Collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Nevada Nurses Association. Subjects include Jean Rambo, state legislature, ERA, Planned Parenthood, and League of Women Voters. Types of material in the collection include clippings, history, membership information, receipts, correspondence, convention notes and programs, alumni directory, newsletters, pamphlets, meeting minutes and scrapbooks. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Nevada Poetry Society
Coll #: T89
Date: 196(?)
Extent: 1 record storage box
Location: 2:11:1
Collection is comprised of the records of the Nevada Poetry Society. Society president, Mildred Breedlove, features prominently in the collection. Materials include bank records, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, poems and the book Silver Springs: Anthology of the Nevada Poetry Society. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Nevada State Museum
Coll #: 87-48
Date: 1970 -1990
Extent: 3 boxes (combined)
Location: 3:5:3
Collection contains the inventory forms for all properties nominated and listed (during the above time period) on the National Register of Historic Places throughout Nevada. The inventory forms state the owners name, location of the property and a description of the propertys historical significance. Also included in this collection are the Museums financial statements, by-laws, meeting minutes, news clippings about general museum business and correspondence and memos regarding museum objectives, exhibit schedules and other similar topics. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE.

Nevada Watercolor Society
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1968-1984
Extent: 2 OVERSIZE boxes
Location: [11:2:4 - 11:2:6] Roller Shelf 2.4.7
Collection consists of scrapbook and clippings about local and visiting artists, exhibits and a watercolor painting of a hypothetical exhibit.

Nevada Watercolor Society
Coll #: 2005-32
Date: 1968 to 2004
Location: 11:2:4 - 11:2:5 Roller Shelf 2.4.7
Records of the Nevada Watercolor Society from its founding in 1968 to 2004. Includes newsletters, photographs, flyers, programs and other documentation.

Nevada Wildlife Federation
Coll #: 98-04
Date: 1993 - 1998
Extent: 1 box (1.1 linear ft.)
Location: 7:8:6
Collection contains the records for the Nevada Wildlife Federation, the organization bylaws and Board of Director minutes and copies of their newsletters Western Sportsman and Nevada Wildlife.

Nevada Women's History Project (NWHP)
Coll #: 99-04
Date: 1995-1998
Extent: 2 boxes
Location: 7:11:6
Collection is comprised of select organizational records of the Nevada Women's History Project (NWHP), founded in 1996 as a means to provide visibility and support for the gathering and dissemination of the history of women in Nevada. Material in the collection reflects the early organization of NWHP Southern Region. Collection contains meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, membership lists, newsletters, press releases, and project files.
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Newton, Wayne
Coll #: 88-158
Date: 1970 - 1988
Extent: 2 boxes
Location: 3:12:6
Collection is comprised of Wayne Newton Fan Club memorabilia. It includes news clippings, articles, newsletters, correspondence, promotional materials and recordings all pertaining to Wayne Newton and his career in Las Vegas. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Pearson, Alice
Coll #: 2003-05
Location: 10:6:2
Personal papers of Alice Pearson, longtime member of the Mesquite Club.

Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada
Coll #: 96-01
Date: 1980-1995
Extent: 17 document boxes (7.14 linear feet)
Location: 5:2:2 - 5:2:5
Collection consists of the administrative and educational records of Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada. Much of the collection focuses on administrative concerns such as grants and fundraising, and speakers, but there is also material pertaining to education and programs sponsored by PPSN. Types of material include brochures, flyers, grant records, news clippings, and training materials. Access to certain materials is restricted -- please see finding aid for details.
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Professional Black Women's Alliance
Coll #: 2005-03
Date: 1990s
Extent: 1 folder, plus oversized poster
Location: 10:2:5 and Mss drawer
Collection consists of material from Faye Duncan Daniels on Professional Black Women's Alliance (of Las Vegas) -- one folder plus oversized poster.Folder includes programs from PBWA events.

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
Coll #: 2007-06
Date: 1994-2001
Extent: 1 record storage carton (1 linear foot)
Location: 12:11:5
Collection consists of the papers of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada founder and Executive Director -- Robert "Bob" Fulkerson. PLAN functions as an umbrella organization for progressive groups and institutions in Nevada. Records in this collection focus on the group's work for the Coalition for Unity/ERN, founded to fight Question 2 -- Nevada's anti-same sex marriage constitutional ammendment. (approx 1/4 record carton)
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Red Rock Audubon Society
Coll #: 97-13
Date: 1983-1996
Extent: 1 slim doc ument box (.21 linear feet)
Location: 6:6:2
Collection consists primarily of issues of the Rock Wren, the newsletter of the Red Rock Audubon Society. There are a few items relating to the National Audubon Society as well.

Republican Women of Las Vegas
Coll #: 96-12
Date: 1979-1993
Extent: 3 record storage boxes (3 linear feet)
Location: 5:5:4 - 5:5:5
Collection contains the scrapbooks of the Republican Women of Las Vegas and news clippings advertising future meetings and topics of discussion (MX Missile, sexual assault), copies of The Republican Woman magazine, and certificates for community service. The scrapbooks hold the photographs and minutes from conventions and meetings.

Rhodine, George
Coll #: T95
Date: 1974 -1976
Extent: 2 record storage boxes (2 linear feet)
Location: 2:11:4
The George Rhodine collection focuses primarily on the US Bicentennial celebrations, both nationally and locally. It contains a variety of news clippings, correspondence, publications and articles. A portion of the collection includes items on juvenile delinquency, ERA, parenthood and community service.

Royal Barony of the Desert Empire/Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire
Coll #: 2009-14
Date: 1997-2004
Extent: 2 linear feet (2 record storage cartons)
Location: 13:7:3 and 13:7:5
The collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Royal Barony of the Desert Empire, and the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire. It contains administrative and financial records such as charters, bylaws, financial reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and publicity documenting the clubs activities from 1997-2003. Founded in 1997 as the Royal Barony of the Desert Empire, the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire is the Las Vegas Monarchy of the International Imperial Court system [IIC]. The IIC was founded in San Francisco, California, by Jose Julio Sarria and the Tavern Guild of San Francisco [est. 1965]. The Tavern Guild was established as the gay communitys united front against police harassment. The Guild in 1965 sponsored San Franciscos first large, public drag ball; over 500 gay men and women faced police lines and police photographers to attend the ball, which became an annual tradition. Las Vegass Royal Barony of the Desert Empirewhich includes Lincoln, Nye, and Clark Counties--received its corporate charter on July 3, 1997, and then was elevated to full court status as the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire in December 1998. The purpose of the Court is to raise money through shows and other events for local charities, as well as to maintain the integrity of the International Imperial Court system and its charitable mission. An accretion of one record storage carton was added in 2011 that covered the year 2004. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Schuster, Henry and Anita
Coll #: 2011-13
Extent: 1 record carton, 3 doc boxes, 2 rolls
Location: 12:4:3
Collection is comprised of materials documenting the life of Henry Schuster, who together with his wife Anita, founded the Holocaust Survivor's Group of Southern Nevada in 1996. Schuster was placed in a Jewish orphanage by his mother after his father's death, and she (along wtih a daughter) later perished in the Holocaust. The German orphanage sent its children to France to keep them out of harm's way, and they later were moved out of Paris to the country after the city fell to the Germans. Schuster was later relocated to the United States in 1941 at age 15 through a relocation program for refugee children who were in France. He went to live with distant relatives in Louisiana; their branch of the family had immigrated to the States several generations earlier. After graduating high school, he joined the U.S. military in 1944 and during training, finally received word that one sister had been liberated at Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration camp. The Army sent him to Germany in 1945 to help with postwar stabilization.

Service League [Las Vegas]
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1948-1970
Extent: 4 oversize boxes, 4 double oversize boxes (6.68 linear feet)
Location: Roller Shelf 1:4:1 - 1:4:3
Collection consists of the Las Vegas Service League scrapbooks containing newspaper articles about the members, various charitable acts performed by the league and league gatherings. (see also Junior League of Las Vegas collection 97-12 and the Junior Service League of Las Vegas on the roller shelf)

Shade Tree Shelter
Coll #: 96-006
Date: 1990 - 1994
Extent: 3 record storage boxes ( 3.75 linear feet)
Location: 5:3:1 - 5:3:2
The Shade Tree is a Las Vegas-based homeless shelter for women and women with children. The Shade Tree Collection contains staff logbooks for 1991 - 1994 and volunteer journals for 1990 - 1991 for this women's and children' safe house.

Shepp, Helen
Coll #: 85-085
Date: 1953-1962
Extent: 1 document box (.42 linear feet)
Location: 2:1:3
Collection contains copies of the Navy Mothers Newsletter, a charitable organization that raised money for scholarships, visited lonely people in the hospital, and performed other community activities, and copies of applications and correspondence regarding membership to the American Association of the United Nations.

Sierra Club Records Toiyabe Chapter, Southern Nevada Group
Coll #: 87-96
Date: bulk, 1980-1997 (inclusive, 1970-2003)
Extent: 15 linear feet (3 document boxes and 11 record storage cartons)
Location: 3:7:3-3:8:2
The Sierra Club Collection at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is composed of files from Sierra Club officers and activists in the Southern Nevada (formerly Las Vegas) Group of the Toiyabe Chapter. A major portion of the archive comes from the work of Jeff van Ee, who has been active in the Sierra Club in Nevada since the early 1970s. The collection documents the involvement of the Southern Nevada Group in a variety of environmental issues. Comprised of correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes and agenda, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, legislation, recommendations, resolutions, and general information, the collection showcases the variety of environmental issues in which the chapter has expressed interest. Due to the groups location in the heart of the Mojave Desert, the collection provides excellent case studies of significant changes in the post-World War II American environmental movement, notably the increased acceptance of the worth of desert lands.
Link to Collection Guide

Soroptomists International of Henderson
Coll #: 95-039
Date: 1987-1983
Extent: 1 record storage box (1 linear foot)
Location: 5:1:3
Collection contains the organizational records of the Soroptomists International of Henderson, the Henderson chapter of this internationally-known service organization for professional women. This includes meeting minutes, organization rosters, brochures and other documents.

Southern Nevada Antique Bottle Club
Coll #: T160
Date: 1967 - 1975
Extent: 1document box (.42 linear feet)
Location: 2:3:2
Collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Southern Nevada Antique Bottle Club and includes membership information and newsletters.

Southern Nevada Historical Society
Coll #: T136
Date: ca. 1950 -1980
Extent: 5 document boxes (2.10 linear feet)
Location: 2:4:4
Collection consists of the organizational records of the now defunct Southern Nevada Historical Society. The collection includes meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records, membership information, and records on historic preservation-related activities in the Las Vegas and southern Nevada area. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

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