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Reserves Student FAQ

General Questions | Physical Reserves | Electronic Reserves

General Questions

What is "course reserve"?
Course reserves are a system by which instructors can have materials essential to a course scanned in or pulled from the shelf and made available to students via the web or on special check-out at the library.

Is everything on electronic reserve?
No. Some items cannot be scanned due to the physical limitations of the document scanner. These items are kept on "physical reserve."


Physical Reserves

What is on physical reserve?

  • Whole books (won't go in the sheet-fed scanner)
  • Any material that is larger than letter-size (it won't fit in our sheet-fed scanner)
  • Any media item
  • Anything in color

What do I need to access physical reserve material?
You must have one of the following: A community user card (these can be obtained at the circulation desk with a valid driver license or state ID and a major credit card) A valid UNLV student, faculty, or staff ID A Clark County Public Library Card Cards must be clear of fines or holds. No exceptions! You must also have a call or shelf number for the item you want. You can get this from the library catalog. You can look up material by course name or instructor name.

Where can I pick up physical reserve items?
From the circulation desk on the first floor of Lied Library. Some items are on reserve at the branch libraries, if this is the case, you instructor will usually tell you which library to go to.

How long are the checkout periods?
Loan periods are set by the instructor and range from a few hours to several days. All material is stamped with the due date and time it must be returned.

How many Physical reserve items can I have out at one time?
You are limited to two items at any given time.

Are there fines? How much are they?
Overdue fines are charged at a rate of $1.00 per hour for two-hour and twenty-four hour material and $2.00 per day for three and seven-day material. There is no maximum fine and no grace period.


Using Electronic Reserves

Internet Explorer Users: If you have a problem viewing electronic reserves, you may need to add to your "Trusted Sites" (How do I do this?) or use a different web browser.

What is the URL for electronic reserves?
E-Reserves can be reached from the library website, or by going directly to

What do I need to get into the system and look at material?
You will need your activated RebelCard ID (you activate your RebelCard ID by bringing it to the circulation desk of any UNLV library) and you will need to have established a Library PIN. You will also need a web browser installed and a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Adobe Download). to look at the documents.

I can't get into the E-Reserve system! What's wrong?
Your barcode may have expired and need to be renewed. You may not have activated your library account. To correct either of these problems you will need to bring your student ID to the Circulation Desk at Lied Library or at any of the branches.

I clicked on the document, but it didn't come up! What's wrong?
You may not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, or you may have an old version. Go to the Adobe Website and try downloading and installing the latest version of the reader.

How can I search for material?
You may search for reserve material by course name, department, or instructor name.

I am having problems printing reserve documents. What do I do?
We have compiled a three-step process that seems to solve most printing problems. If the you have tried this and are still having difficulty, then contact the Circulation Desk at 895-2111.

Are there physical copies of electronic reserve material as backup?
Unfortunately, the library does not have the resources to operate two separate reserve systems. Items will either be on physical reserve, or they will be on electronic reserve.