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Guidelines for Acceptance of Gift Materials for Lied Library

The University Libraries welcomes donations of books and information in other formats that enhance the Libraries ability to support the teaching and research missions of the University.

  • Gifts are accepted with the understanding and agreement that the Libraries makes all necessary decisions as to retention, use, and discard.
  • A list that includes title, author and date of publication must be prepared by the donor for the Libraries to check for duplicates already in the collection before any items can be accepted. The only exception is if the donations are already housed in a faculty office or elsewhere on the UNLV campus where a library liaison can physically examine them prior to possible transfer to the Libraries.
  • For the main Lied collection, there is interest in new, high quality, scholarly books and items in other formats. Other collections (see below) have more specific interests.
  • Items generally not needed include magazines and journals, newspapers, or anything in poor physical condition.
  • Materials dropped off at the Libraries without previous communication with Collection Management will not be added to the collections.

CONTACT: Please contact Cory Tucker, Head, Collection Management, at 702-895-2133 if you are thinking about donating items for the collection.


Please note that Special Collections (located in Lied Library) and the branch libraries have separate gift policies and procedures. If donors have gifts that would possibly strengthen one of these collections they should contact them directly:

Architecture Library 702-895-4369
Curriculum Materials Library 702-895-3884
Music Library 702-895-2541
Special Collections 702-895-2243

APPRAISAL AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Staff of the University Libraries cannot provide appraisal of value for books or other materials. Written acknowledgement will be provided on request.

DELIVERY AND PICKUP: Delivery and pickup must be discussed with the Head of Collection Management, 702-895-2133, or his designate. Pickup is not offered beyond the UNLV campus. Campus pickup may be available but must be negotiated.

MONETARY GIFTS: The University Libraries gratefully accepts monetary gifts for use in building the collections or other purposes. Please contact M.J. Miller at 702-895-2227.

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