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Link to Library Databases on WebCampus

Direct your students to scholarly resources by creating links to library databases in your Web Campus courses.

Legal agreements require that only UNLV affiliated patrons can access library databases. Following the directions listed will ensure that your students can connect to resources from both on and off-campus.

Capture the Link of an Individual Database
Shorten the URL
Add the Link to Web Campus
Watch a Demonstration

Capture the Link of an Individual Database

picture of copying individual database links

Shorten the URL

Depending on the length of the URL, you may need to convert the link to a shorter version by using one of the free services listed below.

Add the Link to WebCampus

  • Open your library resources folder, or the page where you would like to place your link
  • Click on "Add Content Link" (from the pull down menu)
  • Click on "Web Link"
  • Click on "Create Web Link" (Notice that each web link, once created, is reusable through the "Select from inventory" option)
  • Provide a name for your link
  • Provide a description for your link, if desired
  • In the "Web Address" box delete the http://
  • Paste in your URL by either right clicking in the box and choosing "Paste" or by pressing the Control Key and the letter V at the same time
  • "Click on Save" or "Save and Create Another"
  • Use the "Student View" tab to preview how the link will look to students

Watch a demonstration

Information is subject to change, as vendors update their products. If you encounter problems using the methods outlined above or if you have additional questions or problems, please contact your liaison librarian for assistance.