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For your syllabus

Are your students having trouble finding journal articles? Are they using flawed or inappropriate Internet information? Can they cite resources correctly?

May we suggest...

Offer students extra credit for attending one of our free, brief workshops. They are offered frequently, even on evenings and weekends, and include:

  • Find It! - Information on how to find journal articles and books.
  • Research on the Internet - How to find, evaluate and cite quality information on the Web.
  • Successful Searching - Choosing keywords, expanding or reducing results.

Please feel free to add the following to your syllabus

The University Libraries offer free, brief clinics and workshops to help you increase your research skills and save time searching. Bring your topic to a Research Clinic for in-depth, one-on-one consultation with a research expert, or attend one of our more structured workshops on topics such as finding books and articles, successful search strategies, or Internet research. Check out the schedule at or call 895-2123 for more information.