Course Reserves Instructions

Reserves Release Form

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Reserve Policy

Placing Items on Course Reserve

Fill out a Reserves Release Form (paper copies of the Reserve Release Forms can  be found at the CML service desk). Bring the completed Reserve Release Form and items to be placed on reserve to the CML service desk. New Reserve Release Forms need to be filled out each semester regardless of whether there had been reserves for that course during prior semesters.

The reserve system is designed to assist faculty members with providing copies of assigned readings to students in their classes.  The system is not to be used for any other purpose.

Reserve materials are typically processed within 48 hours (during peak periods such as the beginning of the semester, processing could take longer than 48 hours).  Recalled items can take an additional 2-3 weeks to receive and process.

Items are removed from reserves at the end of each semester.  Some electronic reserve courses can be re-activated each semester. 

Physical Reserves Processing

  • The CML staff will pull library owned items requested to be placed on reserve.  Items that are checked out will be recalled.  Please make sure the titles and call numbers of items reflect the information in the library catalog.
  • Faculty members need to provide all non-library owned items to be placed on physical reserve.

Electronic Reserves Processing

Fall 2014 is the last semester that the library will support electronic reserves.  Starting Spring Semester 2015, course reserves will be done exclusively through WebCampus.

  • The CML staff will accept print or electronic documents to be placed on electronic reserve.  Storage devices need to be labeled with the faculty member's name and will be returned once reserve processing is complete.
  • When submitting print documents for electronic reserves scanning, please follow the guidelines below:
    • Handwritten items should be written in dark ink and should be legible.
    • Photocopies shold be clean and of the highest possible quality, preferably without dark edges.
    • Old photocopies that are torn and have dog-eared pages will be returned with a request for a cleaner copy.
    • Paper should be standard letter size.
    • Page orientation should be consistent; either portrait or landscape.

Materials Not Accepted for Reserve

  • Any material that students are expected to purchase, such as course packs, especially course packs put together by campus reprographics.
  • Student papers without written permission from the student granting permission to be placed on reserve.
  • Entire books or journal issues will never be placed on electronic reserves, although they may go on physical reserve.