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Mark Hoversten
Mark Hoversten

Landscape Architecture Recommended Readings

Prepared by Sigma Lambda Alpha, the Landscape Architecture National Honor Society
May 2005

Faculty and staff from the Landscape Architecture and Planning Program contributed the titles of books that every well-educated student of landscape architecture should read sometime during their careers. The individuals recommending each book are shown in parentheses after each citation. For additional information about the program go to:


Diamond, Jared. 1999. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies. W. W. Norton and Co. (Mark Hoversten)
Lied HM206 .D48 1997 

Christensen, Alan. 1995. Dictionary of Landscape Architecture and Construction. McGraw Hill Professional. (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Ref SB469.25 .C48 2005

History and Theory

Carr, Ethan. 1999. Wilderness by Design: Landscape Architecture and the National Park Service. University of Nebraska Press. (Mark Hoversten, Susan Jones)
Arch Bk Stks SB482.A4 C37 1998

Ed. Corner, James. 1999. Recovering Landscapes. Essays in Contemporary Landscape Architecture. Princeton Architectural Press. (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB472 .R385 1999

Francis, Mark and Hester Jr., Randolph. 1990. Meaning of Gardens. Cambridge: MIT Press. (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB470.7 .M43 1990

Jackson, J.B. 1986. Discovering the Vernacular Landscape. Yale University Press. (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks GF91.U6 J315 1984

Newton, Norman. 1971. Design on the Land.Cambridge: Belknap Press (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB470.5 .N47

Rybczynski, Witold. 2000. A Clearing In The Distance: Frederick Law Olmsted and America in the 19th Century. Scribner Book Co.(Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB470.O5 R93 1999

Swaffield, Simon. 2002. Theory in Landscape Architecture. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.(Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB472 .T44 2002

Walker, Peter and Simo, Melanie. 1994. Invisible Gardens.Cambridge: MIT press (Mark Hoversten)
Arch Bk Stks SB470.5 .W34 1994

Landscape Planning and Design

Cooper Marcus, Clare, and Francis, Carolyn. 1998. People Places: Design Guidelines For Urban Open Space.New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. (Mark Hoversten, Susan Jones)
Arch Bk Stks NA9070 .P45 1998

Forman, Richard T. T. and Godron, Michel. 1986. Landscape Ecology. John Wiley & Sons. (Mark Hoversten, Susan Jones)
Lied QH541 .F67 1986

Jacobs, Allan B. 1993. Great Streets. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press. Good cities are made of good streets. That’s the author’s philosophy. He compares hundreds of streets around the world to determine the design and other elements that make them great. The book ends with guidelines for making great streets. (Susan Jones)
Arch Bk Stks NA9053.S7 J23 1993

Kaplan, Rachel, Kaplan, Stephen and Ryan, Robert. 1998. With People in Mind.Washington D.C.: Island Press. (Mark Hoversten, Susan Jones)
Arch Bk Stks GF51 .K37 1998

Kelly, Tom. 2001. The Art of Innovation.New York: Currency. (Jeff Johnston)
Lied HD53 .K454 2001

McHarg, Ian. 1971. Design With Nature.Garden City: Natural History Press. (Mark Hoversten, Susan Jones)
Arch Bk Stks HC110.E5 M33 1971

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