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Recommended Titles

American fiction -- 21st century Fictional History of the United States UNLV Bk Stks PS659.2 .F53 2006 M. Alcorn
Architects -- United States -- Psychology -- Fiction The Fountainhead UNLV Bk Stks: PS3535.A547 F6 1994 G. Nowak
Architectural acoustics Soundscape of modernity Arch Bk Stks: NA2800 .T48 2002 G. Nowak
Architectural design Concept Sourcebook: A Vocabulary of Architectural Forms Arch Bk Stks: NA2750 .W46 1975 J. Brown
Architectural design -- Data processing Integrating Programming, Evaluation, and Participation in Design Arch Bk Stks: NA2728 .S25 1992  B. Scott
Architectural drawing Architectural Drafting Procedures and Processes Arch Bk Stks NA2708 .M37 1997 J. Braverman
Architectural drawing Architectural Drawing Arch Bk Stks: NA2700 L33 1991 J. Brown
Architectural drawing Architectural Graphics Arch Bk Stks NA2700 .C46 2003 J. Brown
Architectural drawing Envisioning Architecture: An Analysis of Drawing Arch Bk Stks: NA2700 .F73 1994 J. Brown
Architectural drawing -- Technique Architectural Drawing: A Visual Compendium of Types and Methods Arch Bk Stks: NA2708 Y439 2003 J. Brown
Architectural drawing -- Technique Basics Technical Drawing Arch Bk Stks  NA2708 .B48 2007 M. Corrente
Architectural drawing -- Technique Design Drawing Arch Bk Stks: NA2708 .C49 1998 J. Brown
Architectural drawing -- Technique Drawing and Perceiving: Life Drawing for Students of Architecture and Design Arch Bk Stks: NA2708 .C66 2001 J. Brown
Architectural drawing -- Technique Freehand graphics : for architects, landscape architects, and interior designers : a problem-solving approach Arch Bk Stks: NA2708 S88 1991 J. Brown
Architectural models Basics Modelbuilding Arch Bk Stks  NA2790 .S37 2007 M. Corrente
Architecture -- Arid regions -- Southwest, New Rick Joy: Desert Works Arch Bk Stks NA737.J69 A4 2002 c.2  R. Beckman
Architecture -- Composition, proportion, etc Architecture: Form Space & Order Arch Bk Stks: NA2760 .C46 1996 J. Brown
Architecture -- Composition, proportion, etc Architecture: Form, Space, and Order Arch Bk Stks: NA2760 .C46 1996 B. Scott
Architecture -- Designs and plans -- Presentation drawings Design Drawing Techniques: A Reference Book for Architects, Interior Designers, and Graphic Designers Arch Bk Stks: NA2714 .P67 1991 J. Brown
Architecture -- Details Elements of architecture Arch Bk Stks: NA2840 K7 1992 J. Brown
Architecture -- Dictionaries A Visual Dictionary of Architecture Arch Ref: NA31 .C44 1995 J. Brown
Architecture -- History Understanding architecture : its elements, history, and meaning Arch Bk Stks: NA2500 .R68 1993 J. Brown
Architecture -- Human factors Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture Arch Bk Stks: NA2542.4 .N6713 1984 B. Scott
Architecture -- Nevada -- Las Vegas Learning from Las Vegas Arch Bk Stks NA735.L3 V4 1977   J. Hartnett
Architecture -- Nevada -- Las Vegas Learning from Las Vegas UNLV Bk Stks: NA735.L3 V4 1972 B. Scott
Architecture -- Vocational guidance -- United States Opportunities in Architecture Careers Arch Bk Stks: NA1995 .P5 2001 J. Brown
Architecture and society -- History -- 20th century Architecture and Disjunction Arch Bk Stks NA2543.S6 T78 1994  R. Beckman
Architecture, Domestic -- California -- San Francisco Built for Change: Neighborhood Architecture in San Francisco Arch Bk Stks NA7238.S35 M68 1986  R. Beckman
Architecture, Domestic -- Designs and plans Basics Design And Living Arch Bk Stks  NA7115 .K74 2007 M. Corrente
Architecture, Domestic -- Environmental aspects Eco: An Essential Sourcebook for Environmentally Friendly Design and Decoration Arch Bk Stks NA7117.5 .W55 2002   R. Beckman
Architecture, Modern -- 20th century The Architecture of the Jumping Universe: A Polemic: How Complexity Science is Changing Architecture and Culture Arch Bk Stks NA2500 .J428 1997   R. Beckman
Architecture, Postmodern For an architecture of reality Arch Bk Stks NA682.P67 B46x 1987    J. Hartnett
Art -- Psychology Painting the mental continuum Arch Bk Stks N71.G683 2003 M. Alcorn
Art -- Study and teaching -- Germany (West) Design and form UNLV Bk Stks: N332.G33 B44613 1975 B. Scott
Art, Modern -- 19th century The Shock of the New Arch Bk Stks: N6447 .H83 1996 J. Brown
Auburn University. Dept. of Architecture. Rural Studio Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency Arch Bk Stks NA2300.A9 D43 2002   R. Beckman
Bioregionalism Lifeplace: Bioregional Thought and Practice UNLV Bk Stks: GE43 .T48 2003 B. Scott
Building Building Construction Illustrated Arch Bk Stks: TH146 .C52 2001 c.2 J. Brown
Building failures Why buildings fall down : how structures fail Arch Bk Stks TH441 .L48 1994 Z. Hashem
Building materials Basics Materials Arch Bk Stks  TA403 .H3875 2007 M. Corrente
Building, Wooden Basics Timber Construction Arch Bk Stks TA666 .S74 2007 M. Corrente
Buildings -- Specifications Basics Tendering Arch Bk Stks TH425 .B73 2007 M. Corrente
City planning Collage City Arch Bk Stks NA9050 .R68  R. Beckman
City planning Design of Cities Arch Bk Stks: NA9050 .B22 1976 B. Scott
City planning Global City Blues  Arch Bk Stks NA9095 .S64 2003   R. Beckman
City planning -- Environmental aspects Cities and Natural Process Arch Bk Stks: HT166 .H664 2004 B. Scott
City planning -- Environmental aspects Granite Garden: Urban Nature and Human Design Arch Bk Stks: HT166 .S638 1984  B. Scott
City planning -- Psychological aspects The Evaluative Image of the City Arch Bk Stks: HT166 .N35 1998 B. Scott
City planning -- United States The Death and Life of Great American Cities  Arch Bk Stks NA9108 .J3    R. Beckman
City planning -- United States The Death and Life of Great American Cities Arch Bk Stks: NA9108 .J3 B. Scott
City planning -- United States The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community and the American Dream Arch Bk Stks: HT167 .C3 1993 B. Scott
Civilization, Modern -- 20th century All that is solid melts into air: the experience of modernity  Arch Bk Stks CB425 .B458 1988   R. Beckman
Communication in architectural design Visual notes for architects and designers Arch Bk Stks: NA2750 .C76 1984 J. Brown
Community development, Urban -- United States Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis for Cities, Suburbs and Towns Arch Bk Stks: HN90.C6 S93 1991 B. Scott
Computer-aided design Basics CAD Arch Bk Stks  TA174 .K74 2007 M. Corrente
Creative ability in business -- Case studies The Art of Innovation UNLV Bk Stks HD53 .K454 2001 M. Hoversten
Creative thinking A whack on the side of the head: how you can be more creative Arch Bk Stks: BF408 .V58 1998 G. Nowak
Design Basics Design Ideas Arch Bk Stks  NA2750 .B54 2007 M. Corrente
Drawing Drawing, a Creative Process Arch Bk Stks: NC710 .C66 1990 J. Brown
Earth houses -- Design and construction Hot Dirt, Cool Straw  Arch Bk Stks TH4818.A3 T78 2001  R. Beckman
Earthworks (Art) Earthworks and Beyond: Contemporary Art in the Landscape Arch Bk Stks: N6494.E27 B4 1984 c.2 B. Scott
Ecological landscape design Ecological planning : a historical and comparative synthesis Arch Bk Stks: SB472.45 .N48 2002  B. Scott
Ecology Landscape Ecology UNLV Bk Stks QH541 .F67 1986 M. Hoversten
Ecology Landscape Ecology UNLV Bk Stks: QH541 .F67 1986 B. Scott
Education -- Aims and objectives Ecological Literacy Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World UNLV Bk Stks: LB41 .O745 1992 B. Scott
Eisenman, Peter, 1932- -- Philosophy Chora L. Works Arch Bk Stks: NA737.E33 A2 1997 G. Nowak
Engineering design To engineer is human : the role of failure in successful design UNLV Bk Stks TA174 .P474 1985 Z. Hashem
Environmental degradation Gray world, green heart : technology, nature, and the sustainable landscape UNLV Bk Stks: GE140 .T48 1994  B. Scott
Environmental degradation -- United States -- Case studies Eco-Pioneers: Practical Visionaries Solving Today's Environmental Problems  UNLV Bk Stks GE150 .L47 1997  R. Beckman
Environmental policy Ecologies of the Heart : Emotion, Belief, and the Environment UNLV Bk Stks: GE170 .A53 1996 B. Scott
Environmental policy -- United States Design With Nature Arch Bk Stks HC110.E5 M33 1971 M. Hoversten
Environmental policy -- United States Design with Nature Arch Bk Stks: HC110.E5 M33 1971 B. Scott
Environmental psychology -- Congresses Visions of Aesthetics, the Environment & Development: The Legacy of Joachim F. Wohlwill UNLV Bk Stks: BF353 .V57 1991 B. Scott
Environmental psychology -- Research Inquiry by Design: Tools for Environment-Behavior Research UNLV Bk Stks: BF353 .Z44x 1984 B. Scott
Experimental films Koyaanisqati Arch Media: PN1995.9.E96 K68 2002 G. Nowak
Fourth dimension Flatland UNLV Bk Stks: QA699 .A13 1991 G. Nowak
Gardens -- Design The Poetics of Gardens Arch Bk Stks: SB472 .M64 1988 B. Scott
Gardens -- Symbolic aspects Meaning of Gardens Arch Bk Stks SB470.7 .M43 1990 M. Hoversten
Gardens -- Symbolic aspects The Meaning of Gardens Arch Bk Stks: SB470.7 .M43 1990 B. Scott
Gorilla -- Fiction My Ishmael UNLV Bk Stks PS3567.U338 M9 1997  J. Hartnett
Human beings -- Effect of environment on With People in Mind Arch Bk Stks GF51 .K37 1998 M. Hoversten
Human beings -- Effect of environment on With People in Mind: Design and Management of Everyday Nature Arch Bk Stks: GF51 .K37 1998 B. Scott
Human ecology -- Philosophy Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems UNLV Bk Stks: GF49 .P365 2002 B. Scott
Human ecology -- Philosophy The Biophilia Hypothesis UNLV Bk Stks: GF21 .B56 1993 B. Scott
Hundertwasser, 1928- Hundertwasser Architecture: For a More Human Architecture in Harmony With Nature  Arch Bk Stks NA1011.5.H86 A4 1997  R. Beckman
Interior decoration -- Handbooks, manuals, etc Interiors: An Introduction Arch Bk Stks: NK2115 .N45 2002 J. Brown
Interior decoration -- Vocational guidance -- United States Opportunities in Interior Design and Decorating Careers Arch Bk Stks: NK2116 .B3 2002 J. Brown
Intermediate state -- Buddhism -- Early works to 1800 The Tibetan book of the dead: the great book of natural liberation through understanding in the between UNLV Bk Stks BQ4490 .K3713 1993  J. Hartnett
International Congress for Modern Architecture (4th : 1933 : Athens, Greece) Athens charter. French The Athens charter Arch Bk Stks: NA9010 .I53 1933zf P. Stissi
Landscape The Experience of Landscape UNLV Bk Stks: BH301.L3 A66 1996 B. Scott
Landscape -- History Landscape and Memory UNLV Bk Stks: GF50 .S33 1995 B. Scott
Landscape architecture Basic Elements of Landscape Architectural Design Arch Bk Stks: SB472 .B56 1990 J. Brown
Landscape architecture Ecology, Community & Delight: Sources of values in landscape architecture Arch Bk Stks: SB472 .T48 2000 B. Scott
Landscape architecture Form and fabric in landscape architecture : a visual introduction Arch Bk Stks: SB472 .D44 2001 J. Brown
Landscape architecture Green Architecture and the Agrarian Garden Arch Bk Stks: SB472 .S66 1988  B. Scott
Landscape architecture Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape Architecture and Land Use Planning Arch Bk Stks: SB472.3 .D73 1996 B. Scott
Landscape architecture Recovering Landscapes. Essays in Contemporary Landscape Architecture Arch Bk Stks SB472 .R385 1999 M. Hoversten
Landscape architecture Theory in Landscape Architecture Arch Bk Stks SB472 .T44 2002 M. Hoversten
Landscape architecture -- British Columbia -- Surrey Sustainable Urban Landscapes: The Surrey Design Charrette Arch Bk Stks: HT169.C32 S92 1996 B. Scott
Landscape architecture -- Congresses Modern Landscape Architecture: A Critical Review Arch Bk Stks: SB469.23 .M64 1993 B. Scott
Landscape architecture -- Dictionaries Dictionary of Landscape Architecture and Construction Arch Ref SB469.25 .C48 2005 M. Hoversten
Landscape architecture -- History Design on the Land Arch Bk Stks SB470.5 .N47 M. Hoversten
Landscape architecture -- United States -- History -- 20th century Invisible Gardens Arch Bk Stks SB470.5 .W34 1994 M. Hoversten
Landscape architecture -- United States -- History -- 20th century Invisible gardens : the search for modernism in the American landscape Arch Bk Stks: SB470.5 .W34 1994  B. Scott
Landscape architecture -- Vocational guidance -- United States Opportunities in Landscape Architecture Arch Bk Stks: SB469.384 .C35 1999  J. Brown
Landscape architecture, American -- History The Crowning of the American Landscape: Eight Great Spaces and Their Buildings Arch Bk Stks: SB470.53 .C74 1985 B. Scott
Landscape assessment Out of place : restoring identity to the regional landscape  UNLV Bk Stks: GF90 .H68 1990 B. Scott
Landscape assessment -- United States Discovering the Vernacular Landscape Arch Bk Stks GF91.U6 J315 1984 M. Hoversten
Landscape design Landscape Narratives: Design Practices for Telling Stories Arch Bk Stks: SB472.45 .P68 1998 B. Scott
Landscape design -- Environmental aspects -- Congresses Ecological Design and Planning Arch Bk Stks: SB472.45 .E36 1997  B. Scott
Landscape ecology Placing Nature, Culture and Landscape Ecology UNLV Bk Stks: QH541.15.L35 P58 1997 B. Scott
Lettering Lettering for architects and designers Arch Bk Stks NK3600 .S9 1984 J. Braverman
Masonry Basics Masonry Construction Arch Bk Stks  TH5311 .K86 2007 M. Corrente
Mudgett, Herman W., 1861-1896 The devil in the white city Arch Bk Stks HV6248.M8 L37 2004 M. Alcorn
Murcutt, Glenn -- Catalogs Glen Murcutt: A Singular Architectural Practice  Arch Bk Stks NA1605.M87 A4 2002 R. Beckman
Natural history -- Outdoor books Sand County Almanac UNLV Bk Stks: QH81 .L56 1968  B. Scott
Nature Pilgrim at Tinker Creek UNLV Bk Stks QH81 .D56 1975  J. Hartnett
Nature -- Effect of human beings on Cultures of habitat : on nature, culture, and story UNLV Bk Stks: GF75 .N33 1997 B. Scott
Nature -- Psychological aspects The Experience of Nature : A Psychological Perspective UNLV Bk Stks: BF353.5.N37 K37 1989 B. Scott
Nature -- Psychological aspects The Geography of Childhood : Why Children Need Wild Places UNLV Bk Stks: BF353.5.N37 N32 1994  B. Scott
Nature conservation -- United States Wilderness and the American Mind UNLV Bk Stks: E169.1 .N37 1973 B. Scott
New Mexico -- Description and travel A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time UNLV Bk Stks: F796 .J27 1994  B. Scott
Object constancy (Psychoanalysis) House as a Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home Arch Bk Stks: BF175.5.O22 M37 1995  B. Scott
Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1822-1903 A Clearing In The Distance: Frederick Law Olmsted and America in the 19th Century Arch Bk Stks SB470.O5 R93 1999 M. Hoversten
Organic architecture Green Architecture  Arch Bk Stks NA2542.35 .W56 2000   R. Beckman
Perspective Perspective for interior designers Arch Bk Stks NC750 .P6 1989 J. Braverman
Philosophy of nature The Spell of the Sensuous : perception and language in a more-than-human world, UNLV Bk Stks: BD581 .A25 1996 B. Scott
Pirsig, Robert M Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance UNLV Bk Stks CT275.P648 A3 2000   J. Hartnett
Plazas -- United States People Places : Design Guidelines For Urban Open Space Arch Bk Stks: NA9070 .P45 1990 B. Scott
Plazas -- United States People Places: Design Guidelines For Urban Open Space Arch Bk Stks NA9070 .P45 1998 M. Hoversten
Recycling (Waste, etc.) Cradle to cradle : remaking the way we make things  Arch Bk Stks TD794.5 .M395 2002 c.2  R. Beckman
Richmond (Va.) -- History -- Siege, 1864-1865 April 1865 UNLV Bk Stks E477.61 .W56 2001 M. Alcorn
Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926 -- Correspondence Letters to a young poet  UNLV Bk Stks: PT2635.I65 Z53713 1993b P. Stissi
Roofing Basics Roof Construction Arch Bk Stks  TH2431 .B75 2007 M. Corrente
Social evolution Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies UNLV Bk Stks HM206 .D48 1997 M. Hoversten
Social responsibility of business Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability  Arch Bk Stks HD60 .H393 1994   R. Beckman
Space (Architecture) Creation in space : a course in the fundamentals of architecture Vol. 1 Arch Bk Stks: NA2765 .F75 1989 J. Brown
Stream conservation -- Planning Restoring Streams in Cities : A Guide for Planners, Policy Makers, and Citizens Arch Bk Stks: QH75 .R535 1998  B. Scott
Stream conservation -- United States Entering the Watershed: A New Approach to Save America's River Ecosystems UNLV Bk Stks: QH76 .E57 1993  B. Scott
Streets Basic Design Concepts." Urban Design: Street and Square Arch Bk Stks: NA9053 S7 M68 1999 J. Brown
Streets -- Design Great Streets Arch Bk Stks NA9053.S7 J23 1993 M. Hoversten
Streets -- Design Great Streets Arch Bk Stks: NA9053.S7 J23 1993 B. Scott
Streets -- Design Streets and the shaping of towns and cities UNLV Bk Stks: TE279 .S58 1997  B. Scott
Structural engineering Basics Loadbearing  Systems Arch Bk Stks  TA636 .M45515 2007 M. Corrente
Structural engineering Why buildings stand up : the strength of architecture Arch Bk Stks TH845 .S33 1982 Z. Hashem
Suburbs -- United States -- History Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth 1820-2000 Arch Bk Stks: HT352.U5 H39 2003 B. Scott
Sustainable architecture Sustainable Architecture White Papers  Arch Bk Stks NA2542.36 .S87 2000   R. Beckman
United States. National Park Service -- History Wilderness by Design: Landscape Architecture and the National Park Service Arch Bk Stks SB482.A4 C37 1998 M. Hoversten
Urban ecology Green Urbanism : Learning From European Cities Timothy Beatley UNLV Bk Stks HT241 .B437 2000  R. Beckman
Urban economics Cities and the Wealth of Nations: Principles of Economic Life UNLV Bk Stks HT321 .J319 1985  R. Beckman
Visual perception Architecture Is Elementary: Visual Thinking through Architectural Concepts Arch Bk Stks: NA2500 W56 2005 J. Brown
Community Design Primer B. Scott
Glass Bead Game UNLV Bk Stks: PT2617.E85 G513 1990 G. Nowak
The picture of Dorian Gray UNLV Bk Stks: PR5819 .A1 1985 P. Stissi
Who are you people? M. Alcorn


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