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Lee-Anne Milburn
Associate Professor/Landscape Coordinator
UNLV School of Architecture

Recommended Reading list for Landscape Architecture Students

Construction -- Plants -- Designing for people --
Designing with ecological systems-- History -- General --
Planning -- Biographies

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Harris, Charles and Dines, Nicholas. 1997.
TimeSaver Standards for Landscape Architecture.
New York : McGraw-Hill, 1998.
 UNLV Arch Ref  SB475.9.S72 T55 1998
The comprehensive resource for landscape architectural details, design standards, and construction specifications available. A requirement for the bookshelf of any landscape architect.

Landphair, Harlow and Klatt, Fred. 1998.
Landscape Architecture Construction. Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall PTR, c1999.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks TH153 .L29 1999
A good resource for information on the construction process, including project administration, and document preparation.

Strom, Steven and Nathan, Kurt. 2004.
Site Engineering for Landscape Architects. Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley & Sons, c2004.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks TH375 .S77 2004
An excellent resource for basic grading and information on stormwater management calculations.


Carpenter, Philip and Walker, Theodore.  1998. 
Plants in the Landscape.  ---:  Waveland Press.
ASL has this as 2nd ed. (1988): New York : W.H. Freeman, c1990
UNLV Arch Bk Stks SB472 .P57 1990              

A good overall resource for plant design decision making.

Dirr, Michael.  1998. 
Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.  ---:  Stipes Publishing.
UNLV Book Stacks SB435 .D5 1983
UNLV Arch Bk Stks SB435 .D5 1983 c.2

The industry standard for information on trees and shrubs across North America.

Nelson, William.  2004.
Planting Design.  ---:  Stipes Publishing. 3rd ed.
Not owned by UNLV. Avaiblable at
The classic text for planting design principles.

Robinson, Nick.  2004. 
The Planting Design Handbook.   ---:  Ashgate Publishing.
ASL has this edition: Brookfield, Vt. : Gower Pub.Co., 1992
UNLV Arch Bk Stks SB475.9.F67 R63 1992
The new standard for basic planting design principles.



Appleton, Jay.  1996.
The Experience of Landscape.  ---:  Chichester, West Sussex, England ; New York : Wiley, c1996. 
UNLV Book Stacks  BH301.L3 A66 1996.
The key reference in the discussion of “prospect and refuge” theory, and the exploration of human evolution and its relationship to landscape preference.

Brown, Robert D. and Gillespie, Terry.  1995. 
Microclimatic Landscape Design.  ---:  New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c1995.
 UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB475.9.C55 B76 1995
The key resource for designing to address microclimatic concerns.

Cooper Marcus, Clare and Barnes, Marni.  1999.
  Healing Gardens.  ---:  New York : Wiley, c1999.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  RM735.7.G37 H43 1999
Integrating research and practical advice, this book provides guidance for designers attempting to address therapeutic design at a range of scales and in a variety of contexts. 
Cooper Marcus, Clare and Francis, Carolyn.  1997.  People Places.  ----:  Wiley.
                A fantastic research-based book which addresses the key principles for designing successful spaces for humans.

Hester, Randall.  2006.
Design for Ecological Democracy.   ---:  Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2006.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HT167 .H472 2006

Hester links ecological design principles and community design best practices, to develop a series of principles for responsible design which is democratic to all.

Hopper, Leonard and Droge, Martha.  2005. 
Security and Site Design.  ---:  Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley & Sons, c2005.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  NA2540.5 .H67 2005
The key reference on threat assessment and design for security, it provides clear and simple guidance on site assessment and appropriate design practices.

Kaplan, Rachel, Kaplan, Stephen and Robert Ryan.  1998.  With People in Mind.  ---:  Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1998.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  GF51 .K37 1998 c.2

A highly recommended book which consolidates and applies the latest research on designing to address human sociological and psychological considerations.

Newman, Oscar.  1973. Defensible Space. ---:  Macmillan Publishing Company. New York, Collier Books c1973.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HV6177 .N49 1973
The original theorist about crime prevention, safety, and security in the landscape.  One of the key writers on theories related to “defensible space.”


Balmori, Diana and Gaboury Benoit. 2007.  Land and Natural Development (LAND) Code.  ---: Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
UNLV Book Stacks  HD255 .B34 2007
                A text which presents an alternative framework to LEED which is more inclusive of landscape and land development issues.

La Gro, James.  2001.  Site Analysis.  ---:  New York : John Wiley, c2001.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  NA2540.5 .L34 2001
                Presents a more advanced process for evaluating a site, developing a program,  and identifying appropriate land uses and their locations. 

Lyle, John T.  1999.  Design for Human Ecosystems.   ---:  Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1999.
UNLV Arch Reserve  HD108.6 .L95 1999
                The classic text on integrating human and natural considerations using a holistic approach.

Marsh, William.  2005.  Landscape Planning.  ---:  Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2005.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HD108.6 .M37 2005
                Addresses the basic biophysical considerations in landscape planning.

McHarg, Ian.  1995.  Design with Nature.  ---:  Wiley.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HC110.E5 M33 1992
                The father of site inventory and analysis, McHarg presents the foundational ideas of today’s current approach to site assessment.

Nassauer, Joan and Faust, Chris.  1997.  Placing Nature.  ---:  Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1997.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  QH541.15.L35 P58 1997 c.2
                A collection of essays which explore the relationship between landscape pattern and land use, and discusses the role of culture in the evolution of our local landscapes.

Perlman, Dan and Milder, Jeffrey.  2004. Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers and Citizens.  ---:  Island Press
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  GF75 .P47 2005
                A book which takes complex ecological theory and translates it for designers and the average citizen.  Case studies demonstrating the application of the principles are clearly written and relevant to a variety of contexts.

Steiner, Frederick. 2000.  The Living Landscape.  ---:  New York : McGraw Hill, c2000.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HD108.6 .S74 2000
                A practical “how to” book, discussing the basics of landscape ecology applied to planning and design, with case studies and information on environmental assessments.

Thompson, George and Steiner, Frederick. 1997.  Ecological Design and Planning. ---:  New York : McGraw Hill, c2000.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB472.45 .E36 1997
                A collection of essays by well respected writers discussing a range of issues in ecological design today, including aesthetics, form, preservation, etc.

USGBC.  LEED for New Construction v2.2 Reference Guide. Not in database
                The study and reference guide for the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  The current industry standard for green building.
UNLV Arch Ref
TH6025 .L44 2005

Van der Ryn, Sim and Stuart Cowan.  2007.  Ecological Design.  ---:  Island Press.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  GE170 .V36 1996 c.2
                The book that triggered the dialogue about ecological design that continues today.  A broad perspective on the topic, which can be applied to a range of disciplines.


Barlow Rogers, Elizabeth.  2001.  Landscape Design:  A Cultural and Architectural History.  ---:  New York, N.Y. : Harry N. Abrams, 2001.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB470.5 .R64 2001
The most factually accurate and comprehensive landscape history book on the market.

Crandall, Gina.  1993. Nature Pictorialized.  ---:  Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c1993.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB470.5 .C73 1993
                An important contribution to the discussion of the evolution of the landscape idea, and the role of the picturesque in today’s perceptions of natural and built landscapes.

Hobhouse, Penelope.  2004. Plants in Garden History.  ---:  Pavilion Books.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB451 .H63 1992
                A wonderful book which documents the history of gardens and gardening, and the evolution of how we use plants in human spaces.

Jackson, J. B.  1986. Discovering the Vernacular Landscape.  ---:  Yale University Press.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  GF91.U6 J315 1984
                The first and most important writer on vernacular landscapes.  Frankly, any book by J.B. Jackson would do.

Mann, William.  1993.  Landscape Architecture.  ---:  New York : Wiley, c1993.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB470.5 .M37 1993
                A wonderful source of plans of historic gardens and landscape designs.


Ching, Francis.  2007.  Architecture:  Form, Space and Order. ---:  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  NA2760 .C46 2007.

                A clear description of design principles and with explanatory graphics and explanations that show their application in the “real world”.

Jacobs, Allan.  1995.  Great Streets.  ---:  MIT Press.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  NA9053.S7 J23 1993 c.2
                A comprehensive discussion of the dimensions, character, and relationships that make certain streets “great”.

Swaffield, Simon.  2002.  Theory in Landscape Architecture.  ---:  Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2002.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB472 .T44 2002
                A collection of key theories in landscape architecture, including excerpts from articles and monographs central to the development of landscape architecture.

Tuan, Yi-Fu.  1990.  Topophilia.  ---:  Columbia University Press.
UNLV Book Stacks  GF41 .T82 1974
                A key source in the exploration of the link between humans, landscape, emotions, and values.

Whiston Spirn, Anne.  2000.  The Language of Landscape.  ---:  Yale University Press.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB472 .S685 1998
                The discussion of the landscape how it can be “read” if someone is fluent in the symbols and grammar of culture and ecology.

Whiston Spirn, Anne.  1985. The Granite Garden.  ---:  Basic Books.
 UNLV Arch Bk Stks HT166 .S638 1984
                Presents an ecological analysis of urban landscapes which links human development and evolution and the environment which surrounds them.

Kemal, Salim and Gaskell, Ivan. 1996. Landscape, Natural Beauty and the Arts. ---:  Cambridge University Press.
UNLV Book Stacks  BH301.L3 E96 1993
                An excellent collection of articles on aesthetics and natural landscapes.  The article by Ronald Hepburn is especially significant for landscape architecture and aesthetics.

Reid, Grant. 2002.  Landscape Graphics.  ---:  New York, NY : Watson-Guptill Publications, 2002.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB472.47 .R45 2002
                A wonderful resource for beginning students for landscape graphics.  I recommend the original edition (rather than the revised) if you can get it – it has a wider range of graphics, and doesn’t take space discussing computer graphics, for which there are better sources.


Arendt, Randall, Brabec, Elizabeth, Dodson, Harry, Reid, Christine and Yaro, Robert.  1994.  Rural by Design.  ---:  Chicago, Ill. : Planners Press, American Planning Association, c1994.
 UNLV Arch Reserve  HT167 .A834 1994
                An excellent source of information and guidance on planning and design in rural areas, especially relative to rural landscape conservation, natural resource preservation, and conservation development.

Arendt, Randall.  1996. Conservation Design for Subdivisions.  ---:  Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1996.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HD1390.2 .A73 1996
                A basic text identifying a simple process for the design of communities which recognizes and enhances natural and cultural features.

Porterfield, Gerald and Hall, Kenneth.  1994.  A Concise Guide to Community Planning.  ---:  McGraw-Hill.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  HT167 .P67 1995
                A comprehensive text which presents basic principles of planning in a succinct and coherent form.  Updated as “Community by Design” by the same authors, but the original provides a greater breadth of information on the range of issues in community planning.

Sies, Mary Corbin and Silver, Christopher.  1996.  Planning the 20th Century American City.  ---:  Johns Hopkins University Press.  
UNLV Arch Bk Stks HT167 .P557 1996


Kiley, Dan and Amidon, Jane. 1999.  Dan Kiley:  the Complete Works of America’s Master Landscape Architect.  ---:  Boston ; New York : Bulfinch Press, c1999.
UNLV Arch Bk Stks  SB470.K55 A4 1999


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