Architecture Studies Library Construction Photographs

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ASL Gallery Stairway Periodicals Reference Circulation
arch06 arch07 arch08 arch09 arch10
1st floor stacks 1st floor facing north 2nd floor stacks arch09.jpg Building Crew
arch11 arch12 arch13 arch14 arch15
Building Crew Exterior Exterior Grand Stairway JDL Office
arch16 arch17 arch19 arch20 arch21
SOA Meeting SOA Meeting 2nd Floor Stacks 1st Floor Stairs Librarian's office
arch22 arch23 arch24 arch25 arch26
Librarian's files Librarians Office Work room Work room Gallery
arch27 asl01 asl02 asl03 asl04
Work room asl01.jpg Model Model Model
asl05 asl06 asl07 asl08 asl09
Groundbreaking Groundbreaking Groundbreaking Ceremony Groundbreaking
asl10 asl11 asl12 asl13 asl14
Groundbreaking Exterior Exterior asl13.jpg asl14.jpg
asl15 asl16 asl17 asl18 asl19
Exterior Exterior Stairs The Librarian Periodicals
asl20 asl21 asl22 asl23 asl24
Balcony Periodicals Gallery Windows Grand Opening Grand Opening
asl25 asl26 asl27 asl28 asl29
Grand Opening Grand Opening Grand Opening Grand Opening Grand Opening
asl30 asl31 asl32 asl33 asl34
Grand Opening Furniture Shelving New Stacks Periodicals
asl35 asl36 asl37 asl38 asl40
Furniture Shelving Shelving Unpacking Unpacking
asl41 asl42 asl43 asl44 asl45
asl41.jpg The Librarian Unpacking Shelving Circulation Desk
asl46 asl48
Vertical Files Computers