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Self guided tour #9: Northwest Las Vegas
1. Centennial Hills Park
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2. Arbor View High School
3. Aliante Library
4. Alexander Hualapai Softball Complex
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1.Centennial Hills Park (2003)
Architect(s): Richard Danielson, AIA, NCARB;
Rami Atout, AIA, NCARB
Address: Corner of Elkhorn Rd and Buffalo Dr..

To build a foundation reflecting the historic context that this site offers through thematic synergy and to tie together modern verses historic opportunities expressed through forms and materials. This project won a 2004 AIA Nevada Citation Award in the Urban Design Category.

2. Arbor View High School (2005)
Architect(s): Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects
Address: 7500 Whispering Sands Dr.

In order to accommodate rapid population growth and ensure equality among all its campuses, the Clark County School District has adopted the use of prototypical designs for new school construction. Since the completion of the first prototype high school in 1991, curriculum changes and new standards for daylighting and energy efficiency have required a number of design adaptations, all of which have been incorporated into Arbor View High School. This project won a 2005 AIA Nevada Merit Award in the Built Category.

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3. Aliante Library (NASLA 2007)
Architect(s): Lucchesi Galati Architects
Landscape Architect(s): Lucchesi Galati Architects
Address: : 2400 Deer Springs Way, North Las Vegas

This library is located in North Las Vegas adjacent to the Aliante Nature Discovery Park. The landscape design includes several environmental factors and also context blending elements to create a unique natural experience to the visitors. It journey begins with the welcoming canopies of shading deciduous trees at parking lot and also the shaded passenger drop-off areas. Smooth exposed aggregate used in the pathways with earth mounding covered by southwest adaptive vegetation on both sides give a desert wash-like feel while entering the library. Safe and secured outdoor classroom space is derived from the significant circular shape of the building. Landscape design not only makes good outdoor environment but also enhances the building architecture and frames views of the park.

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4. Alexander Hualapai Softball Complex (NASLA Merit Award)
Landscape Architect(s): Poggemeyer Design Group
Address: 9955 W. Alexander Rd Las Vegas, NV

This is a premier regional softball field complex for Southern Nevada contains dozen natural softball field, concession buildings with other service amenities. children´┐Żs play areas and picnic shelters are well shaded and bleachers provided along both baseline of all the fields are fully covered to protect from the sun and also from the foul balls. All the fields are located either on the edge or on the bench of the detention basin. All the fields are color coded to assist player and spectators even from far of distances. Having this facility within the flood detention basin has multiple advantages. CCRFCD has established a hierarchy of benching and tiring for improvements and safety of the participants.

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Tour pamphlets prepared May, 2003 by Liz Fuentes, UNLV School of Architecture Graduate Student
Revised 6/04 by Ernie Podaca, UNLV School of Architecture Graduate Student


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