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UNLV Libraries -> Architecture Studies Library -> Collections -> Las Vegas Guides and Collections -> Historic Buildings/Sites -- City List compared to State of Nevada List

City of Las Vegas List of Historic Buildings/Sites

State of Nevada Historic Register for Clark County (last accessed March 2, 2009)

National Register of Historic Places
City of Las Vegas list of historic buildings/sites:
  • Big Springs/Las Vegas Springs

  • Bonanza Underpass

  • Eureka Locomotive

  • Fifth Street School (ASL Information)

  • Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

  • Frank Wait House

  • Henderson House

  • Huntridge Theater (ASLinfo)

  • JD Smith House (ASL info)

  • John S. Park Historic District

  • La Concha Lobby

  • Las Vegas High School (ASL info)

  • Las Vegas High School Historic District

  • Morelli House (ASL info)

  • Mormon Fort (ASL info)

  • Moulin Rouge (ASL info)

  • Old Spanish Trail

  • Railroad Cottages (ASL Info)

  • U.S. Post Office and Courthouse (ASL Info)

  • Westside School (ASL Info)

  • Woodlawn Cemetery
State List of Historic Sites are listed below. National Register List is slightly different.
Note: Las Vegas buildings are in red)
  Type of Entry     Date Entered  
1 *Boulder City Historic District - Roughly bounded by Nevada Highway, Ave. L, Date and Fifth Streets District 08/19/83
2 Boulder Dam Hotel
1305 Arizona Street, Boulder City
Building 07/13/82
3 Boulder Dam Park Museum
(Lost City Museum)
NV 169, West side, Overton
Building 02/22/96
4 Brownstone Canyon
Las Vegas vicinity
District 09/22/82
5 Camp Lee Canyon
50 miles NW of Las Vegas
District 01/16/97
6 Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass
Junction of Bonanza Rd. and Union Pacific Railroad Tracks, Las Vegas
Structure 01/28/04
7 Corn Creek Campsite
Las Vegas vicinity
Site 03/04/75
8 Desert Valley Museum
31 W. Mesquite Boulevard, Mesquite
Building 10/24/91
9 Eureka Locomotive
Las Vegas
Structure 01/12/95
10 Gold Strike Canyon-Sugarloaf Mountain
Boulder City Vicinity
District 09/04/04
11 Goodsprings Schoolhouse
San Pedro Avenue east of Esmeralda Street, Goodsprings
Schools MPS 03/10/92
12 Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs
Laughlin vicinity
Site 12/15/84
13 Green Shack
2504 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas
Building 06/03/94
14 Hidden Forest Cabin
About 20 miles north of Las Vegas on Hidden Forest Road
Building 02/20/75
15 Homestake Mine
Searchlight vicinity
Site 07/17/85
16 **Hoover Dam
East of Las Vegas on US 93, Boulder City vicinity
Structure 04/08/81
17 Hunt, Parley, House
Canal Street near Virgin Street, Bunkerville
Building 11/14/91
18 Huntridge Theater
1208 E. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas
Building 07/22/93
19 John S. Park Historic District
Roughly bounded by Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas Blvd., Franklin Ave., and S. Ninth Street, Las Vegas
District 05/16/03
20 Kiel Ranch
Losee and Carey Roads, North Las Vegas
(White House burned 1992)
Site 10/06/75
21 Las Vegas Grammar School
(Fifth Street School)
400 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas
Building 05/20/88
22 Las Vegas Grammar School
(Westside School)
Washington & D Streets, Las Vegas
Building 04/02/79
23 Las Vegas High School Academic Building and Gymnasium
315 S. Seventh Street, Las Vegas
Buildings 09/24/86
24 *Las Vegas High School Historic
Neighborhood District
Roughly bounded by E. Bridger, S. 9th, E. Gass, and S. 6th Streets
District 01/30/91
25 Las Vegas Mormon Fort
500 E. Washington Boulevard, Las Vegas
Boundary Increase
26 Las Vegas Springs
Las Vegas vicinity
Site 12/14/78
27 LDS Moapa Stake Office Builidng
161 W. Virginia Street, Overton
Building 07/25/02
28 Leavitt, Thomas, House
160 S. First Street, Bunkerville
Building 11/14/91
29 Little Church of the West
3960 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas (ASL Info)
Building 09/14/92
30 Mesquite High School Gymnasium
144 E. North First Street, Mesquite
Schools MPS 03/10/92
31 Mormon Well Corral
North of Las Vegas on Mormon Spring, Las Vegas vicinity
Site 12/24/74
32 Moulin Rouge Hotel
900 W. Bonanza, Las Vegas
Building 12/22/92
33 Old Boulder City Hospital
701 Park Place, Boulder City
Building 04/01/82
34 Old Spanish Trail/Mormon Road
Las Vegas vicinity
District 08/22/01
35 Overton Gymnasium
NW. Thompson Street west of S. Anderson Street, Overton
Schools MPS 03/10/92
36 Potosi
South of Las Vegas, Off I-15, Near Potosi Pass, Las Vegas vicinity
Site 11/13/74
37 Pueblo Grande de Nevada
SE of Overton, Overton vicinity
Site 10/08/82
38 *Railroad Cottage Historic District
(San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad TR)
601-629 S. Casino Center, Las Vegas
District 12/22/87
39 St. Thomas Memorial Cemetery
Magnasite Road off Moapa Valley Boulevard, Overton
Site 01/20/05
40 *Sandstone Ranch/Spring Mountain Ranch
20 miles SW of Las Vegas
District 04/02/76
41 Sheep Mountain Ranch
Las Vegas vicinity
District 12/31/74
42 Sloan Petroglyphs
Las Vegas vicinity
Boundary Increase
43 Smith, Jay Dayton, House
624 S. Sixth Street, Las Vegas
Building 02/20/87
44 Spirit Mountain
Laughlin vicinity
Traditional Cultural Property 9/8/99
45 Tim Springs Petroglyphs
Indian Springs vicinity
Site 12/16/74
46 Tule Springs
Las Vegas vicinity
Site 04/20/79
47 *Tule Springs Ranch
Floyd Lamb State Park, 9200 Tule Springs Road, Las Vegas
District 09/23/81
48 U.S. Post Office and Courthouse
301 E. Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas
Building 02/10/83
49 Washington School
1901 N. White Street, North Las Vegas
Schools MPS 03/10/92
50 Willow Beach Gauging Station
Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Boulder City vicinity
Structures 03/21/86
51 Woodlawn Cemetery
1500 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Las Vegas

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