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Finding and Using Images

Technical Tips


AAD201 class: To access class folders of images in ARTstor, you must first register. Go to:

Students Fall 2008 (AAD 201) ! If you have problems finding the folder or getting access to the class folder stop by the service desk at the ASL or call 895-1959. We can help.

  • Click on “Search and Browse for images” at the middle right side of the screen. This will take you to the home page after loading Java scripts.
  • Click on “Register” in the upper right side of the home page. A window will appear asking for a valid email address and requiring a 7-character minimum password.
  • Once registered, you must then register to access the class folder. Select Tools, Access Shared Folder. A window will appear asking you for the password supplied by your instructor. Check at the ASL Service Desk if you do not know the password.
  • Once you have registered for the class folder, you do not need to re-register or re-enter the class password each time you go to ARTstor. Simply select the folder [e.g. AAD201] and an image group [e.g. 18th century]. You do, however, need to logon to access the folder, so you will need to re-enter your personal password for access.

You may also save selected images from the class folder into your own image folder, helpful in studying for an upcoming exam! From the tool bar select "Image Groups," then "Save selected images to new group." You can also delete the image group later.

Images in print sources can be scanned into an electronic format. The ASL has several scanning stations equipped with Adobe, Macromedia, and Microsoft Office software suites. Instructions on scanning an image are located next to the scanning stations. 150 dpi is resolution recommended.

Technical considerations include: size, sharpness [is it in focus??], flaws in the image [do you want to use photoshop to remove flaws?], and resolution.

Go to Module 10: Finding Images

Questions? Ask the Architecture Studies Librarian online or any of the staff in the Architecture Studies Library. The general phone number for the library is 702-895-1959.

If you have comments about the usefulness of this module and/or how it can be improved, please contact Jeanne Brown, Architecture Studies Librarian, at

Monday, 17-Dec-2012 10:50:32 PST