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Module 11: RefWorks

What is RefWorks:
RefWorks is a tool for automatically generating your citations into any style you choose.

*You export [or import] a citation directly from the database you are searching into RefWorks.
* In RefWorks you can choose the citation style you want -- for instance -- MLA Style and then change your mind and have RefWorks put it in Chicago Manual of Style [or any of several other citation styles].
*You can manually put citations into RefWorks.
*You can use RefWorks to incorporate citations into the body of your paper (Write 'n Cite).
*You can even share citations with others if you want.

RefWorks has the potential to substantially ease your work load and save you a lot of time!!

How to register:
Go to the ASL homepage.
Click on RefWorks [in the horizon bar, near the top right].
"Sign up for an individual account"

Moving citations from the online catalog and architecture studies databases
Online Catalog:
1. to save multiple records from the catalog, save a file on your disk or hard drive. Go to RefWorks. Choose "References", "Import", "University of Nevada Las Vegas" for the filter, "UNLV Library Catalog" for the database, Browse to find your file. Open the file and Import. For a more detailed and graphic demonstration, go to the flash tutorial at

2. to export individual titles one by one directly from the library catalog use the export button [view an illustration of the steps].

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals: check article citations to export. Click on RefWorks button. Click on "Export to RefWorks."

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index: click on "add" icon to right of the citation(s) you want to export. Click on "Folder Has Item" icon, top right. Click "save." Click the "Bibliographic Manager" button. Click the radio button "Direct Export to RefWorks." Click "save." ***What to do if Direct Export doesn't work: Log out of RefWorks. Repeat the process with the database. and once again "Direct Export." Log in to RefWorks. The imported citations should be there.

JSTOR: Click on "save citation" for articles of interest. Click "View Saved Citations." In box of "Export Options" use drop down to select "citation-manager" then click "view." Use File/Save as to save the citation. From RefWorks Import the citation [References, Import] with JSTOR as the filter/database. Import.

Design and Applied Arts Index: Use instructions for the Avery Index.

Exporting from other databases
Ebsco databases (pg.1)
ProQuest databases (pg.2)
Scopus database (pg.3)
OCLC FirstSearch database (pg.4)
Web of Knowledge database (pg.6)
Science Direct (pg.7)

The RefWorks Help Section contains instructions for exporting from yet more databases.

Questions? Ask the Architecture Studies Librarian online or any of the staff in the Architecture Studies Library. The general phone number for the library is 702-895-1959.
If you have comments about the usefulness of this module and/or how it can be improved, please contact Jeanne Brown, Architecture Studies Librarian, at
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