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Citing images

How do you give proper credit? Just as for books and articles, the principle is that you note who is responsible, the title of the item, and where you found it. Images from web sites should also give the date accessed, since the web is a fluid environment. This can be indicated in a �caption� under the image. Sometimes you may have to supply the title. Sometimes you may not know the photographer.


The following would, typically, be included in a paper:

1. Caption – What is it an illustration of? Provide a title and if you have an "illustration credits page" then include a figure number, e.g. Figure 1.

2. Illustration Credits – Provide the Figure # and a brief source (e.g. author and page number). The source information must take you to one, and only one item in the bibliography.

3. Bibliography – List of sources, alphabetized by author, with complete bibliographic information.

Five examples of caption/ illustration credits/ bibliography

Example 1. An illustration from a book as a source:

Caption: Figure 1. Fallingwater, Side Elevation.

“Illustration Credits” entry:
Figure 1. Copplestone 74.

“Bibliography” entry:
Copplestone, Trewin. Frank Lloyd Wright: A Retrospective View. London: Grange Books, 1997.

Example 2. A plate from a book as a source of illustration :

Caption: Figure 2. Delphi, Temple of Apollo.

“Illustration Credits” entry:
Figure 2. Lawrence 141, plate 222.

“Bibliography” entry:
Lawrence, A.W. Greek Architecture. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1996.

Example 3. Website image as a source of illustration:

Caption: Figure 3. Fallingwater-Main House South Elevation.

“Illustration Credits” entry:
Figure 3. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

“Bibliography” entry:
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. “As Built Drawings for Fallingwater.” n.d. 11 Jan. 2007.

Example 4. Image Database as a source of illustration (ARTstor has a procedure that
involves saving the selections as citations and then the user has the option of emailing, exporting
directly to a bibliography programs, or printing the citation information out):

Caption: Figure 4. Fallingwater.

“Illustration Credits” entry:
Figure 4. Wright #ARTSTOR_103_41822000219848.

“Bibliography” entry:
Wright, Frank Lloyd. Bear Run: Fallingwater: Ext.: From Below Waterfall in ARTstor,
8CJGczI9NzldLS1WEDhzTnkrX3kpflV9dSo%3D. 11 Jan. 2007.

Example 5. JStor journal article as a source of illustration (follow the normal citation rules
for scholarly articles with the addition of the JSTOR article URL):

Caption: Figure 5. Fallingwater.

“Illustration Credits” entry:
Figure 5. Mims 19.

“Bibliography” entry:
Mims, Sandra K. “Experiencing Architecture: Teacher Residency at Fallingwater.” Art Education (January 1993):



Self-test question 7 : To use the image of the Stardust from the ASL webpage in a public web site, who must you contact for permission? ( )

Self-test question 8 : For citations, what three elements are essential? (HINT: we’re not looking for caption, ill. credit, and bibliography)

AAD 202 Quiz: (print this MS Word document and complete the questions)


Technical tips and finding Images : Search for images in print and online sources.

Questions? Ask the Architecture Studies Librarian online or any of the staff in the Architecture Studies Library. The general phone number for the library is 702-895-1959.

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