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Scenario Two: Finding many articles on a topic (AVERY)
Test yourself


How well did you assimilate the information presented in the detailed step-by-step guide? This true/false self-test will help you get an idea!
1.        The Avery Index is the most comprehensive index for architecture, landscape architecture and interior design.

2.        There are no full-text indexes which specialize in architecture studies.

3.        For Academic Search Premier if you search keywords �vegas strip� you are searching for the phrase; if you just want those two words but not necessarily next to each other, you must search �vegas and strip�.

4.        You can rely on the information in indexes, it is always correct.

5.        Most online indexes have some method of marking individual citations so that you can print or download just those marked.

6.        Unless you are using a �full-text� index you will have two major steps in finding articles: finding the citation in the index, and finding the article itself on the library�s shelves.

7.        The two pieces of information you need from an article citation to find out whether the library has the article are the title of the JOURNAL and the issue/year.

8.        In the Avery the �short format � option provides all the information you need for your bibliography.

9.        Interlibrary Loan is the method/library department that gets articles and books that UNLV does not have from other sources (including other libraries).

10.     A substantial clue that a journal is �scholarly� is the existence of a bibliography or bibliographic references as part of the article.

Self-Test Answers

If you answered true for all ten you are almost right! Number four is false. 

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