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Step by step

Step 3: Advanced search

For the Pugin search, the main advantage of an “Advanced Search” is the option of limiting to specific types of illustrations, such as axonometric drawings, elevations, and plans. The illustration below shows the types of options in the advanced search.

The tab “Search Tools” offers additional advanced searching and options. Among the options is “Indexes.” This allows you to browse in a specific field, for instance the subject/artist field. If we browse the subject field for Pugin, we find there are two Pugins:
Pugin Augustus 1762-1832
Pugin Augustus Welby 1812-1852

This can serve as a heads-up that not all records that result from the search for “Pugin” are about the Pugin we are researching. How to determine which Pugin is the correct one? We can check the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects, or we can search the library catalog, which shows that Pugin Augustus Welby Northmore 1812-1852 is the Pugin that is associated with Gothic Revival architecture. Both sources provide birth and death dates, so we also learn that the Pugin we are interested in was born in 1812.

For additional tips on searching CSA Avery go to CSA's "Quick Reference Card" (PDF)

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