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How to choose an index
Scenario Two: Finding many articles on a topic (AVERY)

Selecting an index

TIP: throughout this page you will be able to click on an index or other links to take you out of this web page. For this reason it is recommended that you either print this web page to follow along, or open a separate window dedicated to this web page (to do this minimize the current browser and click on the Netscape or Internet Explorer icon on the desk top to open another window).

What does a particular index cover? 

Each index covers different journals and newspapers, although some journals will be covered in more than one index. Many paper indexes cover only one year at a time. Online indexes vary � check the index for the years covered. The subject covered should be evident in the title of the index. If not, check the index introduction.

Finding an index online

There are many indexes that you might use. The more comprehensive your search, the more indexes you will consult. A list of indexes that you might use to find articles in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design is on the UNLV Libraries website at

This list is divided into

Architecture and general indexes can be used for whatever architectural topic you are researching. Indexes that cover a specific field may be useful, depending on the subject since they are subject-specific.

Advantages and disadvantages of most-used architecture studies indexes

The indexes you will be using most often are: the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, the Art Index, Art Full Text, and Academic Search Elite. It is important to realize that each has advantages and disadvantages that will influence your choice of index.�

Indexes for finding articles:

How do you find articles? If you are just interested in reading an article on current happenings in the profession you can go to the library's current periodical section and browse through the titles. However, if you want to find articles on a topic, the most efficient approach is to use an index. Indexes list articles by topic. Choosing which index to use is your first decision.

Indexes for finding articles



Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Very comprehensive
  • Architecture/landscape/interiors specific
  • Indexing for over 700 American and international journals
  • Many journals indexed by the Avery Index are not in the Architecture Studies Library
  • Not full-text

RIBA Online Catalog

  • Very comprehensive
  • Architecture/landscape/interiors specific
  • Indexes over 300 periodicals
  • Both books and articles are included
  • Many journals indexed by the RIBA Index are not in the Architecture Studies Library
  • Not full-text
Art Full Text Index
  • What was once "Art Index" is now encompassed by "Art Full Text"
  • Art/architecture specific
  • Journals are likely to be in the Architecture Studies Library
  • Some articles full-text
  • Indexing for over 80 architectural journals
  • Only the most widely-distributed architecture journals are covered

Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984)

  • Art/architecture specific
  • Wide span of years covered
  • Journals are likely to be in the Architecture Studies Library
  • Only the most widely-distributed architecture journals are covered
  • Not full-text
Academic Search Premier Index
  • Full-text
  • Will find materials published outside the architecture mainstream
  • Only a few of the major architecture journals are covered
  • Most of the articles you find will be from popular magazines, such as Time Magazine


  • Full-text articles from 80 scholarly journals
  • Includes several architecture journals:
    • Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 1945-[varies] and Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians 1941-1944
    • Assemblage
    • Burlington Magazine
  • Limited to only a few architectural titles

Periodicals owned by the UNLV Libraries in print and/or electronic form (full text online)

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