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UNLV Libraries -> Architecture Studies Library -> Finding and Using Resources -> Module 1:Finding your way -> Call Numbers Classification Areas in the ASL

What call numbers stand for:
(our ASL materials use the Library of Congress call number classification system)

Note: Materials on the second floor of the ASL all begin with the letter "N". Call numbers "A" to "Z" OTHER than "N" are on the first floor. Also, note that locations "ARCH" and "ARCH OVERSIZE" are all the same (i.e. Arch Book Stacks)

A. General Works
AM Museums

B. Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion
BF Psychology
BL Religions, Mythology

C. History & Auxiliary Sciences
CB History of Civilization

D. History & Topography (except U.S.)
D501-680 World War I
DA Great Britain
DB Austria, Hungary
DC France
DD Germany
DF Greece
DG Italy
DK Russia
DL Scandinavia
DP Spain, Portugal
DR Turkey, Eastern Europe
DS Asia
DT Africa
DU Australia, Oceania

E. History-American and U.S.
E11-143 American (general)
E51-99 Indians of North America
E151-810 United States
E201-298 Revolution
E740- Twentieth Century

F. History-U.S. (local) & Americas
F1-975 United States (local)
F836-850 Nevada
F856-870 California
F1001-1140 Canada
F1201-1392 Mexico
F1421-2183 Central America
F1601-2183 West Indies
F2201-239 South America (general)
F2701-799 Uruguay
F3401-3799 Peru, Ecuador

G. Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation
G Geography (general)
GB Physical Geography
GF Anthropology
GN Anthropology, Ethnology
GV Sports and Amusements, including design of Golf Courses

H. Social Sciences
H. Social Sciences (general)
HC Economic History and Conditions
HD Land, Agriculture, Industry
HE Transportation and Communication
HF Commerce (general)
HG Finance
HM Sociology
HN Social History and Problems
HQ Family, Marriage
HS Societies
HT Communities, Classes, Races
HV Social Pathology, Welfare, Criminology
HX Socialism, Communism, Anarchism

J. Political Science
JK United States
JX International Law
JS Local Government

K. Law
KF Codes

L. Education
LA History
LB Theory and Practice, including Design of Schools
LD United States

P. Language & Literature
PN Literary History and Collection
PR English Literature
PS American Literature

Q. Science
Q Science (general)
QE Geology
QH Natural History, Biology, Ecology
QK Botany

R. Medicine
R Medicine (general)
RA Design of Health Facilities

S. Agriculture
S Agriculture (general)
SB 403-450 Flower Culture
SB 421-439 Classes of Plants
SB 450-467 Gardens and Gardening
SB 469-479 Landscape Gardening & Landscape Architecture
SB 481-486 Parks and Public Reservations
SD Forestry

T. Technology
TA Engineering (general)
TC Environmental Technology
TD Environmental Pollution, Water Supply
TE Highway Engineering
TG Bridge Engineering
TH Building Construction
TJ Mechanical Engineering
TK Electrical Engineering
TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Space
TR Photography
TT Handicrafts
TX 901-953 Hotels, including Design of Hotels

U. Military Science

V. Naval Science

Z. Bibliography & Library Science
Z662-1000 Libraries, including Design of Libraries
Z1001-8999 Bibliographies

N. Fine & Applied Arts,
including Architecture & Interior Design
N Visual Arts (general)
NA Architecture
NA 1-60 General
NA 31 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Glossaries
NA 100-130 Architecture and the State
NA 123 Examination and Licensing of Architects
NA 200-1613 History
NA 510 Renaissance
NA 590 Baroque/Rococo
NA 680 20th Century
NA 737 Individual Architects
NA 750-1611 Architecture of Special Countries
NA 1995-1997 Architecture as a Profession
NA 2000-2320 Study and Teaching
NA 2300 Schools
NA 2335-2360 Competitions
NA 2400-2460 Museums, Exhibitions
NA 2500-2599 Theory, Aesthetics
NA 2541 Climate and Architecture
NA 2545 Architecture and Disabilities
NA 2695-2794 Architectural Design and Drawing
NA 2760-2775 Composition, Proportions, Plans, Elevations
NA 2780 Rendering in Color, Pen & Ink
NA 2790 Models and Modeling
NA 2810-4050 Architectural Details, Motives, Decoration
NA 2890-2960 Domes, Roofs, Ceilings, Gables, Towers
NA 4100-8480 Special Classes of Buildings
NA4100-4145 Classed by Material
NA 4160 Classed by Form, e.g. tensile architecture
NA 4170-8480 Classes by Use
NA 4170-7010 Public Buildings
NA 4590-6199 Religious Architecture
NA 6210 Commercial Buildings
NA 6218 Shopping Centers
NA 6225 Storefronts
NA 6230 Office Buildings
NA 6300-6307 Airports
NA 6700 Museums, Exhibition Buildings
NA 7100-7880 Domestic Architecture
NA 7195 Housing for Seniors, Youth, Disabled
NA 7800 Hotel & Restaurant Architecture
NA 8200-8260 Farm Architecture
NA 8300-8480 Minor Buildings
NA 9000-9428 Aesthetics of a City, City Planning
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print Media
NK Decorative and Applied Arts
NK 1700-3505 Interior Design & Decoration
NX Arts in general

*Call numbers are assigned to each book and item on the Libraries' shelves. Each call number is composed of letters and numbers, and indicates a subject. For instance the letters NA on the top line represent the subject Architecture. See How to read a call number.

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