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School of Architecture Student Art Show

September 11-October 25, 2007

Show Conceived and Organized by Anna Ball
Show installed by Jason Aubin
Brochure design by Jason Aubin; production by Anna Ball
Sign design by Anna Ball
Virtual Show by Paulette Nelson
Show Oversight by Jeanne Brown
View: Rebel Yell article (issue 10.1.2007)

Rachel Segal -- Scott Grady -- Donovan Ballantyne -- Sarah Snodgrass -- Maria Gentilesco -- Ben Durham -- Daniel Laster -- Landon Davidson -- Michelle Mullinnix -- Edgar Herrera -- Ryan Hong -- A.J. Taaca -- Sarah Snodgrass



Flower” by Rachel Segal

50” x 65”; Acrylic on Canvas; 2005

*This item is for sale.



Kissy Face

Kissy Face” by Scott Grady

19” x 19”; Charcoal; 2006


Walk in a dream

A Walk in A Dream” by Donovan Ballantyne

22” x 30”; Pastels; 2007

*This item is for sale.

Alley way

The Alley Way” by Donovan Ballantyne

16” x 22”; Pastels; 2006

*This item is for sale.

Please touch

Please Touch” by Sarah Snodgrass

30” x 40”; Oil & Gorilla Glue; 2005

 *This item is for sale.


"Steven” by Maria Gentilesco

11” x 27”; Acrylic; 2007


"Jimi” by Ben Durham

14” x 17”; Watercolor ; 1996

Climbing Gear

Climbing Gear” by Ben Durham

22” x 30”; Charcoal; 2004

Relationship Series

Relationship Series—Part One & Two” by Daniel Laster

2 - 12” x 16”; Acrylic on Canvas; 2007


Untitled” by Donovan Ballantyne

18” x 24”; Charcoal; 2005

*This item is for sale.

A Picture in a dream

A Picture in Another Dream” by Donovan Ballantyne

22” x 30”; Pastels; 2007

*This item is for sale.

Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer” by Ben Durham

24” Diameter ; Table Top; 2001

Scuba Diver, Sky Diver and the Bus

Scuba Diver, Sky Diver, and the Bus” by Ben Durham

5” x 10” x 10”; Wire; 2006

St Marks Gondola

St. Marks Gondola” by Landon Davidson

16” x 20”; Watercolor; 2007

 *This item is for sale.

Water front

Water Front” by Landon Davidson

16” x 20”; Watercolor ; 2007

*This item is for sale.


Venetian” by Landon Davidson

16” x 20”; Watercolor ; 2007

*This item is for sale.


Magazine” by Michelle Mullinnix

18” x 10”; Nupastels; 2007


1968 Reflections At 23

1968, Reflections At 23” by Michelle Mullinnix

28 x 21”; Charcoal; 2006


Farmer” by Edgar Herrera

15” x 12”; Colored Pencil; 2003

 *This item is for sale.

Indian Boy

Indian Boy” by Edgar Herrera

30” x 26”; Pastel Pencils; 2003

*This item is for sale.



Mr. Sub Westhead

Mr. Sub. Westhead” by Ryan Hong

31” x 48”; Oil on Canvas; 2006


"Phenomenological” by A.J. Taaca

21” x 7”; Pastel on Craft Paper; 2007

*This item is for sale.

Jewels in the sky

Jewels in the Sky” by A.J. Taaca

15” x 36”; Photography; 2004

 *This item is for sale.

The Apple Doesn't Fall too far

"The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far” by Sarah Snodgrass

35” x 49”; Oil, Acrylic, Wire, Light; 2005

*This item is for sale.


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Rebel Yell: Art beyond architecture
Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building sets the trend for future student artwork exhibitions
By: Lucas Chandler

The Architecture Studies Library has a display one might not expect amid the collection of architecture, urban planning and interior design resources. Upon passing through the entrance of the library in the Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building, you may be confronted with the large image of a bald, older gentleman with dark hair and a darker suit, appearing puzzled. Or perhaps before that, you may notice an intricately assembled wire sculpture, depicting a sky diver, a scuba diver and in the foreground, a bus.

Through Oct. 25, the Architecture Studies Library is hosting the School of Architecture Student Art Show. The artwork runs the gamut from photography to wire sculpture, from watercolor to acrylic on canvas. The exhibit, located in the gallery section of the library, comprises 22 pieces chosen from 37 submissions.

"I'm surprised we got so many entries because this was the first time we did it," said Jeanne Brown, head of the Architecture Studies Library.

The library hosted a School of Architecture faculty art show last spring, and after the positive reaction to that show, architecture student Anna Ball came to Brown with the idea for a similar show displaying student artwork. She and Brown then outlined and organized the show, while Paulette Nelson, a supervisor at the library, put the submission materials online for students to access.

Once submissions arrived, a jury was created to choose which pieces of art to include in the exhibit. The jury was composed of library staff, Ball and School of Architecture faculty member Robert Dorgan. After submissions were chosen, Assistant Supervisor Jason Aubin mounted the works of art into the gallery.

Similar to the faculty art show in the spring, some of the artists have decided not only to display their work, but to mark it for sale as well. Should a buyer be interested in a piece of art for sale, they need only to contact the library staff and arrangements can be made.

The Architecture Studies Library has had many displays and exhibits in its gallery over the years, but typically they are focused strictly on architecture and design.

"We do displays of projects from the various studios, but this is a whole different kind of work. It's art by school of architecture students. It's to give a different insight into who the students are and what they can do," Brown said.

Brown was pleased with the outcome of the exhibit and was hopeful that it might become an event that continues on into the future.

"I'm hoping that we do repeat it, that we from now on could have a spring faculty art show, and a fall student art show," she said.

The art show is also available to be viewed virtually online, at

The next exhibit on tap for the Architecture Studies Library is a display by the American Institute of Architects. Every year the AIA Committee called "On The Environment" selects the top 10 of sustainable projects and these will be presented in the library gallery from Oct. 26 through Nov. 30.

From Rebel Yell, October 1, 2007: Accessed 12.04.2008

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