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Klai::Juba Lectures are sponsored by Klai::Juba Architects

This lecture series is also listed alphabetically by lecturer's name
The Klai::Juba lecture series videos are available for in-library viewing or checkout by UNLV students.

Lectures Spring 2009    
Lecturer: Mary Miss
Video title: Not landscape, not Architecture, sculpture
Lecture date: Jan. 28, 2009
Arch Media: NX456.5.S57 N67 2009

Lecturer: Brian Andrews
Video title: Form and detritus
Lecture date: Feb. 4, 2009
Arch Media: NA2750 .F675 2009b

Lecturer: Wright Massey
Video title: Creating brand experience
Lecture date: Jan. 21, 2009
Arch Media: NA2750 .C74 2009


Lectures Fall 2008    
Lecturer: Michael Miner
Video title: Sacred spaces of Frank Lloyd Wright
Lecture date: Sept. 3, 2008
Arch Media: NA737.W7 M53 2008b

Lecturer: Steve VanGorp
Video title: Downtown Las Vegas : urbanization & redevelopment
Lecture date: Oct. 1, 2008
Arch Media: NA735.L3 S74 2008

Lecturer: Robert Dorgan
Video title: Hiawatha and industrial archaeology
Lecture date: Sept. 17, 2008
Arch Media: N7650 .R63 2008b

Lecturer: Ronald H.L.M. Ramsay
Video title: Agincourt, Iowa : the town that time forgot and geography misplaced
Lecture date: Oct. 29, 2008
Arch Media: NA2750 .R66 2008

Lectures Spring 2008 Uncommon Ground    
Lecturer: Margaret Crawford
Video title: Everyday Urbanism Updated
Lecture date: April 24, 2008 Thursday
Arch Media: NA9053.H76 E938 2008 (b)
Lecturer details:

Lecturer: Robert Dorgan
Video title: Negotiating place in the design studio
Lecture date: April 3, 2008 Thursday
Arch Media: NA2750 .N325 2008 (b)

Lecturer: Roberto J. Rovira
Video title: Encroachments and Transformations
Lecture date: March 6, 2008 Thursday
Arch Media: NA2542.36 .E53 2008 (b)
Lecturer details

Lecturer: Alberto Guevara
Video title: Pesticide, Performance, Protest
Lecture date: February 4, 2008 Monday
Arch Media: HD8164.P47 2008 (b)
Lecturer details

Lectures Fall 2007 Carbon Neutral    

Lecturer: Chris Luebkeman
Video title: Drivers of Change
Lecture date: November 5, 2007 Monday
Arch Media: NA 2542.36 D74 2007
Lecturer details:
Chris Luebkeman
Dr. Rajat Gupta

Lecturer: Dr. Rajat Gupta
Video title: Incorporating Low Carbon Technologies in Buildings
Lecture date:Ocotober 22, 2007 Monday
Arch Media: NA2542.36 .I53 2007
Lecturer details

Lecturer: Donald Aitken
Video title: Renewable Energy Transition and Buildings
Lecture date: September 20, 2007 Thursday
Arch Media: NA2542.36 .R46 2007
Lecturer details

Donald Aitken

Lectures Spring 2007 Emerging Voices    
Lecturer: Mark Rios
Video title: Crossing boundaries
Lecture date: April 18, 2007
Arch MediaNA2750 .C755 2007 (b)
Lecturer details
Mark Rios
Greg Lynn

Lecturer: Greg Lynn
Video title: Families of form ...
Lecture date: March 29, 2007
Arch Media NA2750 .G75 2007 (b)
Lecture details

Lecturer: Peter Yeadon
Video title: Nanoarchitecture
Lecture date: February 23, 2007
Arch MediaNA209.5 .N36 2007 (b)
Lecture details

Peter Yeadon
Lectures Fall 2006- 2030 Challenge    
Lecturer: Susan Roaf
Video title: Eco houses
Lecture date: November 6, 2006
Arch Media NA 2542.36 E26 2006 (b)
Lecturer details
Lecturer: John Reynolds
Video title: Courthouses
Lecture date: November 1 , 2006
Arch Media NA 2542.36 C68 2006 (b)
Lecturer details

Lecturer: Pliny Fisk III
Video title: Modeling tools...
Lecture date: October 20, 2006
Arch Media NA 2542.36 M63 2006 (b)
Lecture details

Lecturer: Edward Mazria
Video title: 2030 Challenge
Lecture date: September 25, 2006
Arch Media NA 2542.36 E38 2006 (b)
Lecture details

Lectures Fall 2005-Spring 2006        
Lecturer: Chris Genik
Video title: Chris Genik
Lecture date: April 5, 2006
Arch Media NA 737 D28 A35 2006 (b)

Lecturer details
Lecturer: James Corner
Video title: James Corner
Lecture date: February 22, 2006
Arch Media SB 472 J34 2006 (b)

Lecturer details
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Andrea Kahn Poster

Lecturer: Andrea Kahn
Video title: "Unbound sites"
Lecture date: January 25, 2006

Arch Media NA 2540.5 A53 2006 (b)

Lecture details

Lecturer: Michael Dear
Video title: Dark City: Las Vegas Suburbs Meets L.A. Sprawl
Lecture date: November 9, 2005
Arch Media HT371 .D37 2005 (b)
Lecture details

Michael Dear Poster
Matthias Sauerbruch

Lecturer: Matthias Sauerbruch
Video title: Vision & vocabulary
Lecture date: November 2, 2005
Arch Media: NA1088.S22 M37 2005 (b)
Lecture details

Lecturer: James Sanders
Video title: Begin with the Screen
Lecture date: September 28, 2005
Arch Media NA2588 .B43 2005 (b)
Lecture details

James Sanders

Lectures Fall 2004-Spring 2005      
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Shashi Caan

Lecturer: Shashi Caan
Video title: Vision & vocabulary
Lecture date: March 30, 2005
Arch Media NA2750 .V57 2005 (b)

Lecture details


Lecturer: Simón Vélez
Video title: Bamboo architecture & construction
Lecture date: February 9, 2005
Arch Media TH4818.B3 B34 2005 (b)

Lecture Details

Simón Vélez
Robert Ivy

Lecturer: Robert Ivy
Video title: Architecture ascending : worldwide design trends
Lecture Date: November 10, 2004
Arch Media NA680 .A733 2004 (b)

Lecture Details


Lecturer: Darren Petrucci
Video title: iMentity infrastructure
Lecture Date: October 10, 2004
Arch Media NA2543.S6 I45 2004 (b)

Lecture Details

Darren Petrucci

Lectures [Fall 2003]-Spring 2004

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M. Paul Friedberg
Lecturer: M. Paul Friedberg
Video title: M. Paul Friedberg, FASLA
Lecture date: April 28, 2004
Arch Media SB472 .M2 2004 (b)

Lecture Details
    Lecturer: Beth Harmon-Vaughan
Video title: Beth Harmon-Vaughan, FIIDA
Lecture date: April 12, 2004
Arch Media NK2113 .B47 2004 (b)

Lecture details
Beth Harmon-Vaughan
Bart Prince
Lecturer: Bart Prince
Video title: Work of Bart Prince, architect
Lecture date: February 4, 2004
Arch Media NA737.P69 A35 2004 (b)

Lecture Details
    Lecturers: William McGee, Junfu Zhu
Video title: Large scale, high speed planning in China
Lecture date: January 28, 2004
Arch Media NA9265 .L37 2004 (b)

Lecture details
William McGee, Junfu Zhu

Lectures Fall 2002-Spring 2003

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Glenn Murcutt

Lecturer: Glenn Murcutt
Video title: Glenn Murcutt
Lecture Date: April 16, 2003
Arch Media NA1605.M87 G44 2003 (b)

Lecture details

    Lecturer: Dave Hickey
Video title: ... on [Ruskin vs Palladio}
Lecture date : March 26, 2003
Arch Media NA1123.P2 D38 2003(b)

Lecture details
Dave Hickey
Margo Grant Walsh

Lecturer: Margo Grant Walsh
Video title: Margo Grant Walsh
Lecture Date: March 10, 2003
Arch Media NA737.W2657 A2 2003 (b)

Lecture Details


Lecturer: Gino Griffiths Architects
Video title: Gino Griffiths Architects
Lecture date: February 26, 2003
Arch Media NA680 .G55 2003 (b)

Lecture details

Gino Griffiths Architects
Allen Green

Lecturer: Allen Green
Video title: Allen Green
Lecture date: November 14, 2002
Arch Media NA2542.36 .A45 2002 (b)

Lecture Details


Lecturers: James Wines
Video title: James Wines
Lecture date: October 7, 2002
Arch Media NA2542.36 .J34 2002 (b)

Lecture Details

James Wines
Hugh Trumbull
Lecturer: Hugh Trumbull
Video title: Hugh Trumbull
Lecture date: Sept. 26, 2002
Arch Media NA737.K65 H83 2002 (b)

Lecture Details

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Lectures Fall 2001- Spring 2002
Laurie Olin
Video title: Laurie Olin
Lecture date: April 11, 2002
Arch Media SB470.O45 L38 2002 (b)

Lecture details

Laurie Olin
Mark Robbins
Lecturer: Mark Robbins
Video title: Mark Robbins
Lecture date: March 4, 2002
Arch Media NA2750 .M33 2002 (b)

Lecture details
    Lecturer: David Lewis and Marc Tsurumaki
Video title: Architecture's exquisite corpse
Lecture date: February 21, 2002
Arch Media NA737.L45 A35 2002 (b)

Lecture details
David Lewis and Marc Tsurumaki

Lecturer: George Thomas & Susan Snyder
Video title: The road to Las Vegas
Lecture Date: November 8, 2001
Arch Media NA7820 .R62 2001 (b)

Lecture details

    Lecturer: Dana Cuff
Video title: Utopian modernism and the postwar house
Lecture date : March 28, 2001
Arch Media NA7238.L6 U76 2001 (b)

Lecture details

Lectures Fall 1998 to Spring 2001

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Katerina Ruedi

Lecturer: Katerina Rüedi
Video title:Wake me up when I'm dead : dreaming my way across the U.S.A
Lecture Date: January 17, 2001
Arch Media NA2500 .W33 2001 (b)

Lecture details


Lecturer: Ronald Ramsay
Video title: Ronald Ramsay
Lecture date: November 30, 2000
Arch Media NA2705 .R65 2000 (b)

Lecture details

Ronald Ramsey
Brad Cloepfil

Lecturer: Brad Cloepfil
Video title: Brad Cloepfil
Lecture date: November 15, 2000
Arch Media NA680 .B73 2000 (b)

Lecture details


Lecturers: Steven Izenour
Video title:Still learning from Las Vegas but what?
Lecture date: September 13, 2000
Arch Media NA735.L3 S75 2000 (b)

Lecture details

Steven Izenour
Lecturer: Aaron Betsky
Video title: Architecture must burn
Lecture date: April 24, 2000
Arch Media NA2500 .A224 2000 (b)

Lecture details

    Lecturer: Johnpaul Jones
Video title: Jones & Jones
Lecture date: March 15, 2000
Arch Media NA737.J633 .J64 2000 (b)

Lecture details
Johnpaul Jones
Eric Owen Moss
Lecturer: Eric Owen Moss
Video title: Eric Owen Moss
Lecture date: November 17, 1999
Arch Media NA737.M73 A4 1999b (b)

Lecture details
    Lecturer: Peter Cook
Video title: Peter Cook : Archigram
Lecture date: November 15, 1999
Arch Media NA687 .P38 1999 (b)

Lecture details
Peter Cook - Poster
Stanley Abercrombie
Lecturer: Stanley Abercrombie
Video title: Philosophy of interior design : a profession not a trade
Lecture date: October 29, 1998
Arch Media NK2113 .P45 1998 (b)

Lecture details
    Lecturer: James Howard Kunstler
Video title: Kunstler on Las Vegas, UNLV
Lecture date: April 13, 1998
Arch Media NA735.L3 K85 1998 (b)

Lecture details
Martha Schwartz
Lecturer: Martha Schwartz
Video title: Martha Schwartz, landscape architect
Lecture date: February 18, 1998
Arch Media SB472.7 .M37 1998 (b)
Lecture details

Lectures held in the ASL for which videos are unavailable.
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