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Panorama Towers

Photos & Links: (Web Page 1)
Las Vegas, NV
Constructed: 2005-04
Completed: 2006-08
Other Size Measure: 1,017 units
Owners: Sannon-Hallier Investment, LLC
Hallier Properties (Developer)
Contractors: Civil Engineer-Lochsa Engineering
Electrical Engineers-JBA Consulting Engineers
General Contractor-M.J. Dean Construction, Inc.
Structural Engineer-Lochsa Engineering
URL (bibliographic):
Description: Tower 1: 300 Rooms. 32 Stories.
Tower 2: 300 Rooms. 32 Stories.

The modern forms of Panorama Towers combine with a diverse program to form a building as unique as the skyline in which it sites providing residents with an array of amenities inside and a breathtaking view outside.
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UNLV Architecture Studies Library holds: Perspectives.

AIA Nevada Design Awards (2005) Entry No. UB05027, Submission.
UNLV Architecture Studies Library holds: Form Core Boards, Project Entry Form, Project Identification Form, Photo Release Form, Intern Compensation Disclaimer Form, Elevations, Floor Plans, and CD

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AIA Nevada Design Awards (2004) Entry No. UB03017, Submission.
UNLV Architecture Studies Library holds: Form Core Boards, Project Identification Form,
Project Entry Form, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Exterior Perspectives, Interior Perspectives
and CD

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