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Project City Center

Las Vegas, NV
Alternate Name(s):
  • City Center
Constructed: 2005-12
Opened: 2009
Completed: 2009-11
Cost: $9.2 billion
Size (sq. ft.): 18670000
Other Size Measure: 76 acres
The Crystals - 500,000 sf Retail, Dining and Entertainment
  • Rockwell Group (Providing interior architectural design for the CityCenter Retail District)
Owners: MGM Mirage & Dubai World (50/50 Venture)
Funders: MGM Mirage
Contractors: Tishman Construction Corp. (executive construcion manager)
Perini Corp. (general contractor)
Description: "City within a city" Seven Building Complex

60-Story 4,000 Room-Hotel/Casino (Taller than any building on the strip except the Stratosphere)

2x 400 Room Non-Gaming hotel (The Harmon and the Mandarin Oriental)

1500-room condo-hotel (Vdara)

2x 300-plus unit condo towers (The Veer)
600,000 SF Convention and Conference Facilities

1,640 Luxury Condominium Units
Pedestrian Boulevards and public spaces

The Mandrin Oriental will manage one of Project CityCenter's boutique hotels

It is the most expensive private project in the history of the United States

Problems with forgetting to place rebars within the load bearing walls made of concrete have caused delays, and other issues that are currently being corrected.
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