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3000 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV
Opened: 1958-07-02
Other Size Measure: 63 Acres
Owners: Tony Cornero (Concieved and Built)
Parvin-Dohrmann Corporation 1969 - March 1985
Boyd Gaming Corporation March 1985 - Present
Contractors: LVI Environmental of Nevada (Engineer of Demolition)
Tishman Construction (General Contractor of Demolition)
Description: Original:
1065 Rooms
Award(s) Won:
Extra Note: 1955 Conception originally began by Tony Cornero.
1958 Opened (July 2) Architects Jack Miller Assoc./Paul Williams & John Replogie. Owner: Moe Dalitz / Rella Factor / Allard Roen
1958 Incorporates Royal Nevada
1964 Addition. East Tower. Architect/consultant: William Tabler. Owners: Moe Dalitz / Rella Factor
1976 Addition. Architect Martin Stern Jr
1985 Sold to Boyd Gaming
1991 New tower and Convention Center plus restaurant and Gaming area renovation. Architect, Marnell Corrao Associates
2000 Remodel Boyd Gaming Corporation (Design)
2004 1.3 B Merger with Coast Casinos
2006 Closed in November
2007 Demolished March 13 at 2:30 AM

Los Angeles Times newpaper article from July 2, 1958 indicates the Stardust boasted 1065 rooms, with a gigantic lobby and 140 foot long bar, pool pavilion, four banquet rooms, swimming pool (holding 175,000 gallons of water), several restaurants and huge kitchen facilities. The lobby covered 13,000 square feet, with color themes of rich red and deep brown with thick carpeting and stained wood paneling. An innovative ticker-tape lounge featured machines bringing in stock market quotations, news reports and sports results. The most unusual facet of the Stardust was it's Cafe Continental, which seated 700 and is reputed to have the most adavanced theater stage in the American entertainment scene. (the stage was set on six gigantic hydraulic lifts which descended rapidly to an area 30 feet below street level for rapid scenery changes (such as an aquacade, ice show, circus and other features)

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ASL Special Collections Holds: Casino Lobby & Registration / Existing Coffee Bar Remodel, Plan View, Elevation, and Detail Section. ASL Special Collections Flat File CD 6 and Proposed Slot Club & Offices Remodel, Slot Club Remodel, Ceiling Plan / Remodeled Floor Plan, Ceiling Plan / Remodeled Floor Plan Sections / Details. ASL Special Collections Flat File CD 5

Closed Nov. 1, 2006
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