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Architectural Elements: A high-density urban development of an existing low-density/brownfield site, Up-Scale utilizes public transportation infrastructure, supports a walkable community, and addresses the economic sustainability of workers employed in service jobs on the adjacent `Strip'. The extensive utilization of existing infrastructure maximizes the reuse of materials and minimizes the volume of waste destined for landfills. New structures strictly observe the criteria of proper solar orientation to maximize shade and minimize solar gain. Additionally, the south facade features a thermal screen six feet from the building, to aid in reducing solar gain. Outdoor circulation is provided between buildings to provide shade on walkways. All residential units have cross-ventilation via two opposing exterior walls. West walls have vertical slot windows to minimize solar penetration into living spaces. Mid-level areas and roofs create public spaces and provide thermal barriers for the roof. At the street level, the overhanging upper levels create shaded areas for residents and visitors.
Description: This project introduces an economically, socially and materially sustainable housing prototype into an area dominated by extreme commercial demands.

Too often the most valuable urban sites are reserved for the more socially and economically fortunate and those that serve the privileged, the "working class" are displaced to increasingly distant areas. The increasing separation between living and working venues comes at a great cost born by all: consumption of fossil fuels, pollution, and the loss of time to commuting that could be put to significantly better uses. Up-Scale is sited immediately adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, one of the most desirable locations in the world. It is at a public and private transportation nexus, and has served as a special location providing housing for casino workers for decades. Currently this exceptional venue is threatened with the loss of its housing stock. Up-Scale is designed to integrate new development with the existing morphologies and typologies of the site, increasing density while maintaining an underlying sense of identity. It would also generate a more vital social mix, allowing subsidized, transient, family, and high-end housing to coexist in the same development, all supported by the commercial and institutional infrastructure necessary to make this a viable community. To facilitate cross-cultural mixing, a series of public and semi-public spaces have been created that function as social and economic "mixers".
Extra Note: AIA Nevada Design Awards (2007) Entry No. OC07026, Submission.
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