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George G. Tate

Primary Profession: Architect
  • Southern Nevada
Notes & References: 1995 AIA NEVADA DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS: AIA Nevada Service Award, Winner*.
No supporting material available.

“The 1995 AIA Nevada Design and Honor Awards.” AIA Las Vegas Forum (Nov. 1995): 5. ASL File #: AWARD 8

*This person won the 1995 AIA Nevada Silver Medal.

Tate, George G., AIA
Tate & Snyder Architects

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UNLV Architecture Studies Library holds: Manuscript of interview with Randy Lavigne, Executive Director, AIA Las Vegas, and Jeanne Brown, Head, UNLV Architecture Studies Library. September 2002. ASL File #: LVA(F) TS 44

UNLV Architecture Studies Library holds: miscellaneous materials from George Tate including articles, resumes, previous firm marketing materials. ASL File #: LVA(F) TS 38