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AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 2009 awards -> Canyon Creative


Entry number: IE09027
Project Name: Canyon Creative
Building Type: Tenant Improvement
Completion Date: April 2009
Building Location: 6018 S. Durango Drive, Suite 100
Type of Construction:
Type V-B
Materials Used: Reclaimed lumber, stained concrete, sheet metal, sealed MDF, metal studs & gypsum board.
Building Area: 2,765 sf

Design Team:
Architecture Firm:
APTUS Architecture
Architect of Record: APTUS Architecture
Client/Owner/Developer: Canyon Creative
Interior Designer: APTUS Architecture
General Contractor: Blackstone Builders
Photographer: APTUS Architecture

Statement of Design Approach:
As designers, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients in order to ensure we are developing the best possible solution for their design requirements. Our goal here was to ensure that the design of the Canyon Creative interior space encompassed not only the firm’s identity but incorporated the individuality of each of their creative staff, as well. We explored many options with the client to refine the best flow and unity of spaces to meet their needs. We took great care in developing each zone and its placement so that the design of the overall space was not only aesthetic and promoted creative endeavors, but incorporated innovative applications that address the client’s functional requirements such as storage and display spaces. We touched on several of the key principals of livability by designing on a human scale, providing choices, protecting environmental resources, and recognizing that design matters.

Improvements were made to a grey shell offi ce space for this boutique graphic design studio. It was important that the space visually express the clients’ artistic sensibilities while being extremely functional, tactile, and comfortable. Individual designers’ work spaces are located adjacent to a “creative zone” allowing for open collaboration. A key component in the design was the desire to juxtapose industrial with natural elements throughout the space. Maintaining original attributes from the shell structure to create an industrial backdrop was core to the overall design. Many distinctive touches were incorporated throughout the space. A distinguishing feature of the suite became a primary organizational component. The feature wall is a distinctive design element that works as a multi-functional artistic statement. On the public side, reclaimed lumber has been stacked exposing a layered arrangement of each plank which introduces a rich texture and naturally creates display shelving providing a warm, tactile experience as you enter the suite. The reception desk was created by pulling away a portion of the wall. The desktop is covered with sheet metal picking up on the industrial feel of the space. In addition, a glass bud vase has been built in to the desk. The private side of the wall faces the kitchen and accommodates a great portion of the client’s storage needs. A portion of the storage wall “erodes,” exposing a wine and coffee bar. Other natural materials used around the offi ce contribute to the warmth of the space. Stained medium density fiberboard is used for storage shelving as well as for baseboards throughout the space. Work stations have been designed to include mobile cabinets allowing for flexibility in individual work spaces. All flooring is stained and sealed concrete. The conference room includes a clear glass bowl lighting fixture filled with bulbs creating the illusion of a floating light sources hovering above the conference table. A custom rusted metal sliding door was designed specifically to add character as well as to introduce privacy to the conference room.

Sustainable Description:
The core strategy to sustainability in Canyon Creative was exposing the building elements in their true, unfi nished state. The project was able to save on many fi nish materials like acoustic tile and drywall that would otherwise conceal many of the existing structural elements such as steel columns, wood headers, and trusses. New materials were also selected for the intention of leaving them in their natural state. This includes all of the shelving and storage throughout the space which is made of simple stained medium-density fi berboard (MDF). The concrete fl oors were also left exposed with a simple stain and sealer leaving no need for carpet or other fl oor coverings. The organizing element of the space is clad in layers of reclaimed wood that add texture and functional shelving to the reception area. Natural light enters the work areas through the large existing windows that face north and east allowing for the lights to be turn on only when they are needed. Much of the furniture and casework is on rollers so it can be rearranged for collaborative meetings and events


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