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AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 2009 awards -> Eyecandy at Mandalay Bay


Entry number: IE09009
Project Name: Eyecandy at Mandalay Bay
Building Type: Interior Lighting and Design
Completion Date: October 2007
Architect: Steelman Partners
Building Location: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV
Type of Construction: Interior construction
Materials Used: Standard metal stud and gypsum framing, paint, structural steel, and interior finishings
Building Area: 10,000 sf

Design Team:
Architecture Firm:
Steelman Partners
Architect of Record: Ethan Nelson
Client/Owner/Developer: MGM Development/Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Interior Designer: Steelman Partners
Structural Engineer: Thomad Engineering Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Finnegan Erickson Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Finnegan Erickson Associates
General Contractor: The Builders, LLC
Photographer: Steelman Partners

Statement of Design Approach:
Eyecandy, Mandalay Bay’s Center Bar, was planned as the casino anchor, the energy hub and focal element. The existing interior design is very traditional and ornate. The new design was to provide a contrast to the extreme detail of the casino with modern simple forms and material. Walls and special separations were kept to a minimum but were designed to create several distinct yet connected zones with concealed functional support.

Eyecandy was designed to serve several different purposes, some with overlapping functions. It is a gathering and meeting hub, a place for the average customer to dance and socialize, provides private space for high-end customers, and a Poker gaming zone and a major beverage service bar.

The Mandalay Bay Center Bar remodel is a 10,000 square foot multipurpose bar and nightclub located in the center of the Mandalay Bay casino floor. This project replaces the existing center bar space, using the entire 10,000 square foot footprint, while the existing space only utilized 6,000 square feet with the other 4,000 used for plantings and decorations. Being that this was an existing space with limited as-built information, there were many issues presented during the early construction phases. Uncovering the complicated sub-floor to the space during demolition, we discovered untouchable grade beams and tight crawl spaces below existing fountains and faux landscapes. One of the major challenges of this project was pushing the new design to the limits of the space, while making the smallest impact to the casino surrounding it.

The new bar has several components:

  • Casino bar and lounge – 24 hour lounge area with views through the casino
  • Nightclub area featuring LED dance floor, visual projections and effects, several different types of private seating areas including large party pods and small rotating private pods with interactive touch screen tables and iPod connectivity
  • Poker bar – 24 hour bar facing the House of Blues with high end finishes and in-counter gaming
Many high end finishes and custom furniture pieces were incorporated. A neutral color pallet was selected in order to interact and compliment with the many lighting and special effects included in the design. Many of the finishes play off of light and movement. The interactive bartop includes a recently introduced innovative fiberoptic channel within, which, when combined with lighting and movement, creates a shimmering effect. Metallic sheers hang over the VIP pods, acid etched mirror clads the casino bar, and splitface quartzite is applied to (2) of the (3) backbars, further capturing light and motion, and bringing the space to life. This bar is the first in Las Vegas to use the material.

Sustainable Description:
The lighting for the project incorporates a variety of cutting-edge LED fixtures, both white and RGB, using a fraction of the power of similar incandescent fixtures.

All of the architectural lighting fixtures used are either low-voltage halogen or LED. These fixtures will not only save dramatically on power consumption but will greatly reduce the maintenance costs to the owner and minimize waste due to fixture re-lamping.


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