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Entry number: ie08015
Project Name: Aura Ultra Lounge
Building Type: Hospitality
Completion Date: October 2007
Architect: MBA Reno Architecture & Interior Design
Building Location: 407 N. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89501

Design Team:
Electrical Engineer: Martz Electric
General Contractor: SMC Constracting, Inc.
0Photographer: Owen's Imaging
Lighting Designer: Light and Space
Kitchen Designer: Maddock Design, Inc.

Statement of Design Approach:
The challenge presented by the owners: Transform existing keno and casino space at the Silver Legacy into a sophisticated bar and versatile lounge; produce energy and excitement in a stagnant corner of the casino floor; and maintain functionality and access to freight elevator and trash dock. Our approach to meeting this challenge was to orient the bar towards the SW casino entry, provide multiple openings into the lounge, and create both intimate and public spaces.

Patrons entering the casino from the SW corner are instantly drawn to the twin bottle tower displays, the focal points of a curvaceous bar that snakes its way into the interior of the lounge. The bar merges with the lounge, of which an ellipse gives the plan its shape and order. Moveable panels of silk drapery and sheers surround the perimeter of the lounge, providing versatility and intimacy for public and private functions. The low wall separating the lounge from the casino simultaneously curves and ascends to encircle a raised VIP seating area. At the center of the lounge a circular dance floor is half-enclosed by panels of etched glass, which are illuminated by a changing wash of colored LED lights. Distinctive light fixtures add the final touches of color and texture to this sexy and sophisticated ultra lounge that has quickly become a vibrant and popular nightspot.

The bar/lounge has enlivened the SW corner of the casino floor, an area that had previously been lacking in foot traffic. By day, the lounge attracts garners seeking a temporary respite. At night, the energy of dancing and music spills out into the surrounding casino, due to the openness and transparency of the facade. Access to the freight elevator and trash dock has been maintained while obscuring these functions from public view. An elevator vestibule was created to trap and redirect odors and unconditioned air back into the trash dock. Finally, a portion of the low wall facade is removable and a pair of doors is disguised as a wall so cars can be moved from the freight elevator onto the casino floor as display prizes.

Sustainability Description:
The sustainability components of this project include the reuse of existing acoustical ceiling tiles, air registers, and sprinklers. Low VOC paints and wood veneers were predominantly used as finish materials. The wood veneers were used in lieu of solid wood for both their sustainability and cost benefits. The carpet is a low VOC product and qualifies as "Green Label Plus". As much as 70 percent recycled goods was used in the manufacturing of the furniture and is formaldehyde free. The furniture was also manufactured within 500 miles of this project.




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