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Entry number: ie08007
Project Name: Greenspun Media Group Tenant Improvement
Building Type: Commercial
Completion Date: June 2008
Architect: TKC Design PC
Building Location: 2360 Corporate Circle, 3rd & 4th, Henderson, NV 89074

Design Team:
Electrical Engineer: BBA Engineering
General Contractor: The Korte Company
Structural Engineer: Paul Kohler Delp Structural Engineers
Interior Designer: TKC Design PC
Photographer: Opulence Studios
LEED Consultant: Ralph Bicknese

Statement of Design Approach:
Greenspun Media Group, the largest publisher of print and electronic media in Southern Nevada, relocated their corporate headquarters to the top two floors of the new Corporate Center VI building within the Corporate Center Office Complex in Henderson, Nevada. Given the creative nature of media staff, the design intention was to provide a contemporary, colorful and energetic work environment. As an innovative market leader GMG required LEED certification that included sustainable and energy conservation finishes.

Lobbies for the 3rd and 4th floors are located directly on the elevator lobby. Each lobby is entered through a clear frameless full height glass system. The 4th floor corporate lobby features a diamond pattern gray and black ceramic tile floor with granite tile accents. The custom reception desk is rich stained wood with a black granite countertop.

The curved form of the desk mirrors the curved soffit and ceiling as it moves fluidly from the reception area, through a glass wall, and into the corporate boardroom. The red curved soffit frames a wood ceiling centered over the boardroom conference table. A dramatic view of the Las Vegas Strip is seen through the windows beyond. On the neutral gray wall is a metallic color sculptured plaster panel. The boardroom carpet mimics the ceiling with red accent under the conference table and a grey border. The field carpet is a light grey overlapping wave pattern. Switchlite glass is used for the board room glass entrance wall providing privacy from the lobby by changing the clear glass to white opaque with the flick of a switch.

To the side of the corporate lobby is a grand stair linking the 3rd and 4th floor lobbies. The stair is enhanced by a contemporary stainless steel hand rail accented with colorful acrylic panels.

At the bottom of the stair is the 3rd floor lobby reflecting the ceramic tile floor pattern found on the 4th floor. The curved reception desk features rich stained wood with black granite and glass countertops. The front of the desk is enhanced with backlit acrylic panels. Two colorful light fixtures are suspended over the desk. Accenting the wall behind the desk is a metallic color sculptured plaster panel.

In an effort to keep the atmosphere fun and creative for the employees of GMG, bold colors and use of the wave pattern was continued throughout the GMG office space. Executive offices were provided with a coordinating block pattern carpet with a border. Each office has a bold color accent wall. Senior executive offices were provided with a metallic color sculptured plaster panel. Employee breakrooms include a two tone wood floor and a monorail lighting system. The curved pattern of the wood flooring and the curved monorail track mirror one another. In open office areas bold accent walls and a coordinating circle pattern carpet was installed.

Sustainable Description:
Greenspun Media Group Tenant Improvement is designed to obtain LEED Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors. To obtain LEED Certification the following objectives were met:

  • Community Connectivity point for 10 or more public services with a half mile radius of the building.
  • Water Efficiency; two credits for 30% water use reduction.
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • GMG met the prerequisites of Fundamental Commissioning, Minimum Energy Performance, and CFS Reduction in HVAC&R Equipment.
    • Obtained 2 of 3 points available for Optimizing Energy Performance, Lighting Power through the use of infrared light switches in office and conference rooms.
    • Obtained 1 of 2 points available for Optimizing Energy Performance, HVAC.
    • Obtained 2 points available for Optimizing Energy Performance, Equipment & Appliances through the purchase of energy saving equipment and appliances.
    • Obtained 1 point available for Enhanced Commissioning.
    • Obtained 2 points for Energy Use, Measurement & Payment Accountability.
    • Obtained 1 point for purchasing of Green Power.
  • Materials & Resources
    • Met the prerequisite for Storage & Collection of Recyclables through the use of trash containers for recyclables and implementation of a recycling collection plan.
    • Long Term commitment by GMG to the occupation of the tenant space.
    • Obtained 2 points for diversion of 75% of the construction waste from landfills.
    • Obtained 1 point for use of materials having a 10% recycled content for post consumer and % of pre-consumer.
    • Obtained 1 point for using certified wood products throughout the construction of the office space and within furniture systems.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Met prerequisites for Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance and Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control.
    • Obtained points for Construction Indoor Air Quality Management during construction and before occupancy.
    • Obtained points for Low-emitting Materials for adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, carpet systems, composite wood and laminate adhesives, and systems furniture and seating.
    • Obtained points for Thermal Comfort compliance and monitoring.
    • Obtained points under Daylight & Views with views for 90% of the seated spaces within the tenant improvement.
  • Innovation & Design Process
    • GMG has implemented a green cleaning program.
    • GMG has implemented an educational program on sustainability, using their facility as an example.
    • Obtained 1 point for use of low mercury lamps.
    • Obtained 1 point for using the services of a LEED Accredited Professional.




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