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Entry number: B08060
Project Name: Mandelbaum Schwartz Law offices
Building Type: Commercial
Completion Date: November 2004
Architect: Carpenter Sellers Associates
Building Location: 2012 Hamilton Ln., Las Vegas, NV 89106

Design Team:
Electrical Engineer: Wright Engineers
Landscape Architect: Sage Design Studio
General Contractor: Daniel Jagger Construction
Structural Engineer: JCI
Civil Engineer: CivilWorksInc
Interior Designer: Carpenter Sellers Associates

Statement of Design Approach:
The primary goals of the design were to compress 5,800 s.f. of office space on a 0.4 acre site, provide natural daylighting, a feeling of openness in the work areas and incorporate covered parking; in which all were met.

The business practice of Mandelbaum Gentile Law Firm (now Mandelbaum Schwarz) would be ideally described as being equal, equitable, ethical, even, fair, genuine, impartial, impersonal, just, nonpartisan, objective, sportsmanlike, straightforward, unbiased, unprejudiced, and upright.

One would say, very "square" like qualities. In contrast, when they were off their clock or talking with us about the possibilities of their building, they would let loose the humorous, fun, enthused, nervously excited, free mindedness, and creative side to them. One would then say they were more of a "tilted square", indeed, this was right up our alley. Our dialogues consisted of many programmatic and practical concerns along with many architectural possibilities.

Being that the site's location was in the advent of a Medical District Zoning, we had an opportunity to celebrate this event by the distinction of design character from its surrounding and waning context. The contemporary solution consisted of the main structure becoming a simple box with a north/ south oriented butterfly roof to allow high day lit clerestories. The solar/ car canopy engaged the main structure along with engaging the angle of the perforated metal tilted cube were the primary entrance was highlighted. This solution allowed clients to be protected by the elements from their car to the front door along with incorporating the carport with the architecture. The building's design has adopted the idea of harvesting and channeling water to its landscaping. Copper open-faced scuppers run water down the face of the building giving the metal a blue, green and purple patina. In addition, the solar/ car canopy has a custom gutter that directs water through a spout onto a rock outcropping and is dispersed through landscaping.

Inside, natural light is abundant throughout the building with indirect day light from the clerestory refracting off of the inverted wood ceiling and on to the central file area. All offices utilize direct/indirect light fixtures. The open office layout and abundant natural daylight provide a sense of openness for a relatively small office building. Travertine, bamboo flooring, cherry wood ceilings, and rich earth tones all blend together to create a warm space.

Sustainable design:

  • Harvest rainwater off roof for landscape.
  • Orientation worked against the team. Integrated shade for the west facing windows in the form of a car canopy incorporated into the architecture.
  • Daylight was incorporated into all areas of the building. Materials were chosen based on locality.
  • Renewable bamboo veneer flooring.
  • Heat island effect was mitigated by plantings of large shade trees along the western perimeter of the parking lot while the integrated shade canopy helps to lessen the amount of exposure as well. The plantings are not required by code and this was above and beyond zoning code for landscape.




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Material in ASL Library: Form Core Boards, Project Description Form, Exteriors Photos, Location Map, Site Plan, Floor Plan, and Interior Photos

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