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Entry number: B08048
Project Name: Las Vegas Day School Master Plan
Building Type: Educational
Completion Date: Febraury 2008
Architect: Puglsey. Simpson. Coulter. Architects
Building Location: 3275 Red Rock St., Las Vegas, NV 89146

Design Team:
Electrical Engineer: TJK Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Marriotti Landscape Architecture
General Contractor: Boyd Martin Construction
Structural Engineer: Mendenhall Smith Structural Engineers
Civil Engineer: Lochsa Engineering
Interior Designer: Puglsey. Simpson. Coulter. Architects
Photographer: Puglsey. Simpson. Coulter. Architects
Mechanical Engineer: Petty & Associates

Statement of Design Approach:
The Las Vegas Day School was founded in Las Vegas in 1961, becoming the first non-sectarian, non-denominational private school established in the State of Nevada. Based on enrollment growth projections, a masterplan was developed to completely reorganize the campus over the course of several years. The overall design concept for the school was to create schools within a school.

Each school has its own design identity but still remains a part of the overall campus design. Each level of the school (Pre-School/ Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle) is identified by a tower signaling the entry point to each level. Each building is centered around a private courtyard allowing for potential outdoor teaching space, as well as individual playground areas. The Kinderschool was the first of five (5) phases, followed by the Elementary, Middle and Gymnasium (future). The buildings are oriented east-west for optimum north and south daylighting control into the classroom areas from the courtyards, thus reducing energy costs to light the rooms during the day.

The client insisted that the construction not interrupt the day-to-day operations of the school. This resulted in a masterplan that placed the new buildings on vacant land, located to the east of the existing school. The new construction did not interrupt operations of the existing school. As the school population continues to increase, existing buildings will be removed and replaced with buildings that provide greater functionality.

The Las Vegas Day School project was the result of an invited design competition. Our team developed two concepts for the owners review. Each scheme had to resolve the problem of keeping the school completely operational while the new portion of the school was under construction. It was also important to give the school a new identity that responded contextually with the neighborhood around it that had been developed since the school was first opened.

Concept 02 developed the school around a central courtyard, while concept 01 (the winning entry) developed the school to face Red Rock Street to the east. This gave the school an identity with the neighborhood that had, for so long, faced Jones Blvd. to the west.




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