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Entry number: B08045
Project Name: Center for maternal fetal medicine
Building Type: Health Care
Completion Date: January 2006
Architect: Carpenter Sellers Architects
Building Location: 2011 Pinto Ln., Ste: 200, Las Vegas, NV 89106

Design Team:
Electrical Engineer: Wright Engineers
Landscape Architect: Sage Design Studios
General Contractor: Bresslin Builders
Structural Engineer: JCI
Civil Engineer: Civil Works
Interior Designer: Rita Bearfield
Photographer: Carpenter Sellers Architects

Narrative/Project Description:
Project Category: Architecture
Type of Project: medical office with retail lease space
Completion date: January 2006
Type of Construction: V-B
Materials used: cement plaster, copper standing seam roof, slate, corrugated metal, stained wood, tongue and groove

Statement of Design Approach:
Create a facility that was accessible and comfortable for expectant mothers on a long, narrow infill lot in an older, residential turning to medical office part of town. Dr. Iriye also wanted to make sure that his building stood out among the remaining few residences and residences turned to offices; he didn't want to blend but to make a statement while not encroaching on the older homes still left in the neighborhood.

This new 2-story office and retail building is located in a matured neighborhood that was established during the 1950's and is a newly zoned Medical District in Las Vegas. The main goal of the project was to create an environment that was very accessible and comfortable for expecting mothers to visit while creating a place that spoke to the modern sensibilities of Dr. Iriye. The project had its constraints. Metaphorically and literally speaking, the program was a dense square shape fitting onto a long, narrow rectangular site. In addition, the commercial building's utility demands needed to adapt within an older residential infrastructure.

During the design, we engaged Dr. Iriye to help us understand the entire experience of the expecting mother from her initial site arrival to her last contact with the doctor. Site circulation of vehicles, drop off zones, pedestrian travel, patient and clinical staff circulation, seating, way finding, communication, accessibility and overall comfort were the main priorities for patients that gave form to the building.

Once on site by vehicle, patients have opportunity to be dropped off under the building's cover or be able to circle around an island until selection has been made, as opposed to most dead end situations typical of a narrow site. The patient is then led to the main stairs and elevator from the parking lot by a small promenade that has been defined by trees, site lighting, enhanced paving and the east facade's polite skewing for pedestrians. The contemporary architecture was inspired by the symbiotic relationships of mother, father and child along with using natural materials that have a warm and comforting quality. Stone, copper, and wood were used on the exterior for their rich patina and ease of maintenance as they weather over time. The copper wrap embraces the building providing opportunities for natural day lighting and sheltered outdoor use. Warm wood ceilings wrap the inside of the copper clad form extending from the outside deck into the lobby. The aluminum stair screen cradles the stair and stone clad elevator core creating a sense of security, warmth and a play of light.

Sustainable Description:
Orientation - The site does not allow for the best direction as it is a long narrow site on the north/south axis. We needed to maximize the development of the site so appropriate measures were taken to address western windows. We minimized the window height openings on the west side.

Alternative Transportation -A shower/changing room and bike racks are provided for employees who live close enough to bike to work.

Recycle -An oversized janitors closet right off the breakroom houses the office recycle bins.

Daylight - Daylight was an important part of the design. Clerestory windows bring daylight into the waiting room and triage area while doctor offices, conference room and exam areas are treated with windows appropriate for their function.

Outdoor neighborhood amenity -Since the doctor's office is in a residential neighborhood turning medical office district; the owner wanted to provide an amenity to the neighborhood at the ground level such as a space for a sidewalk cafe.



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