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   AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 2007 awards -> Aquarius Hotel & Resort

       NEVADA AIA DESIGN AWARDS 2007        


Entry number: UB07020
Project Name: Aquarius Hotel & Resort
Location: Las Vegas Blvd.
Building Type: Hospitality – Casino Resort
Completion Date: 2012
Architect:  Steelman Partners

Sustainability Description

Design Team:
Architect: Steelman Partners


Narrative/Project Description:

Inspired by the mathematical logic found in bio­logical growth and structural formations in nature, Aquarius Tower's organic design attempts to fuse together Earth and sea to bring a unique aquatic­ museum experience to Las Vegas casino designs.

The main lobby and casino areas will feature a bio­sphere that ushers light in from above and allows guests an unparalleled view of sea life from below Shadow control exo-louvres will regulate light and heat during various seasons to insure the virtual underwater environment maintains an ecological balance healthy for the aquatic life it supports. Other unique features of the hotel casino design will include a Liquid Sound Pool that forms the heart of the Thelasotherapy Spa. Unique sea therapy Hydro-treatments will highlight the Spa's offerings. Rooms and other interior spaces will be designed with an organic line to blend natural aquatic themes with land-based traditional archi­tectures.

The hotel tower will have a 3500 key capacity and the complex will occupy approximately 27 acres of land. The project will include a 4000 seat theatre, 3 ballrooms and several multi-function spaces and meeting rooms.


Sustainability Description:

Following the bio-morphic logic inspiring this project, the spatial interest is compounded through nested layers with a gradually evolving and soften­ing of materials not unlike that of exo-skeletal sea creatures.

The exo-surface of the low-rise will be continually adjusting the amount of light penetrating into the nested triaxially bent geo-dedic bio-sphere struc­ture housed at the center of the low-rise, beyond the outer shell.

This bio-sphere will allow for the maintenance of the most fragile habitats planned to populate this mega-structure.

The tower will be built around a purely regular ex­truded cylindrical center core which will house all vertical circulation and mechanical infra-structures. The exo-skeletal component of the tower, bifurcating into three infra-thin shells wrap about the concrete cylindrical center-core at different dia­metric distances, stabilizing and cross-bracing the floor plates. This outer-structure will be comprised of cross-woven heavy gauge steel tube system with parametric faceting. This steel exo-surface will be wholly skinned with transparent photo-voltaic curtain-wall system.


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Material in ASL Library: Form Core Boards, Project Description Form, Exteriors Photos, Location Map, Site Plan, Floor Plan, and Interior Photos

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