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   AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 2007 awards -> Interdisciplinary Design District (Downtown Las Vegas)



Entry number: A07006
Project Name: Interdisciplinary Design District (Downtown Las Vegas)
Building Type: Imaginary
Completion Date: N/A
Architect:  Student project for 4th year studio

Sustainability Description

Design Team: pHragmatic Studio (Anthony Diaz, Leon Cifala, Chris Mueller, S. Chuenchomphu)



Narrative/Project Description:
We started by stacking, weaving and braiding program.  We speculated on how this would take form and how they would land.  We looked for ways to multiply the ground plan. We produced a section, the most important drawing of the study.

The normal processes of gentrification start with artists moving into a devalued area, capitalizing on low rents and great spaces, moves into a renascence phase as the area is revived and ends as the wealthy invade and consume the culture. In Las Vegas the natural processes of arts districts have been supplanted. The "arts district", so named by the mayor, was consumed before it had a chance to grow. Crib death. With high rise development poised to push the design shops and art gal­leries out of the area we suffer another brutal blow in the fight for livable and sustainable communities. Displacement.

To combat this, the design team has issued a provocation, an unsolicited vision with the intention of opening minds to new models of growth. Instead of settling for easy land deals and greenfield sites (UNLV North), why not re-allocate resources toward a potential criti­cal mass. Using Jane Jacob's principles of positioning public buildings like knights and bishops in a giant game of urban chess, Flowscapes is a dense fabric of habitable space for residents of Las Vegas and the world. Drawing inspiration for the words displacement and flow, the buildings of the neighborhood are tied together by a common language of vertical surfaces and the spaces of the blocks woven together by a continuous carpet of public space. Density is created, edges are blurred.


Sustainability Description:
A discussion of sustainability is a discussion of nature and a discussion of economies, but current attitudes about sustainability seem to have been generated by marketing departments and eager inven­tors keen on pushing a product or material. Flowscapes takes a dif­ferent tact. Sustainability is thought of at an altogether different scale.

Flowscapes is a pattern of urban development which promotes and organizes density of both inhabitation and program. Flowscapes defragments lost space within the city and magnifies the pull of the center. Positioned near freeways and a proposed transit hub, Flows­capes seeks to alter the circulatory patterns of current and future downtown residents.

Flowscapes is about holistic sustainability. Holistic sus­tainability refers to a certain culture's ability to support a global network of energy flows and contribute a positive feedback. Flows­capes is about provoking the ways we think of development. Flowscapes asks people to think about investments in our own communities and how we as a culture can sustain ourselves.


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Material in ASL Library: Form Core Boards, Project Description Form, Exteriors Photos, Location Map, Site Plan, Floor Plan, and Interior Photos

These images are low-resolution reproductions of the images provided for the AIA Nevada Design Awards. All materials should be considered copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used without permission.

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