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  AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 1999 awards

Return to descriptive list of 1999 AIA Nevada Design Awards
Comprehensive list for 1999
CCSN Charleston Campus Phase IV Academics Bldg. RAFI SCHOOL 99NVB102
Robert L. Bigelow Physics Building Holmes Sabatini Assoc. SCHOOL 99NVB103
North Las Vegas Maintenance/Operations Bldg. Tate & Snyder Architects OFFICE 99NVB104
UNLV Classroom Building Complex KGA Architecture, Inc. SCHOOL 99NVB105
All-American SportPark Swisher & Hall, AIA, Ltd. RECREATION 99NVB107
Steinberg Diagnostic Imaging Center JMA Architecture Studios MEDICAL 99NVB109
Hansen Residence Carpenter Sellers Assoc. RESIDENTIAL 99NVB110
CCSN Computer & Science Lab Building Domingo Cambeiro Corp.-Architects SCHOOL 99NVB111
Court House Eric Strain Architect RESIDENTIAL 99NVB112
Regional Information Center at Cathedral Gorge State Park Lucchesi Galati Architects RECREATION 99NVB113
The Venetian Resort, Hotel & Casino TSA of Nevada, LLP & WATG of Nevada, LLP RECREATION 99NVB114
JMA Architecture Studios JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 99NVB115
Palazzo Suites Anthony Marnell II, Chtd. RECREATION 99NVB116
Rosemary's Restaurant WA Designs, Ltd. RESTAURANT 99NVB118
Genoa, NV Main Post Office KGA Architecture, Inc. GOVERNMENTAL 99NVB120
RTC/RFCD Administrative Building RAFI GOVERNMENTAL 99NVB121
Northern Nevada Science Center JMA Architecture Studios LABORATORY 99NVB124
Green Valley Presbyterian Church Holmes Sabatini Assoc. CHURCH 99NVB125
First Security Bank - Summerlin Branch Domingo Cambeiro Corp.-Architects FINANCIAL 99NVB126
CCSN High Tech Center Prototype Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 99NVB128
Nevada Ballet Theatre JMA Architecture Studios COMMUNITY 99NVB130
Clark County Health District G.C. Wallace Inc. GOVERNMENTAL 99NVB131
Delmonicos Steakhouse TSA of Nevada, LLP RESTAURANT 99NVB133
Eagle Aviation JMA Architecture Studios TRANSPORTATION 99NVB134
CCSN Dental Residency Addition Carpenter Sellers Assoc. SCHOOL 99NVB136
Municipal Pool at Dula Center Swisher & Hall, AIA Ltd. RECREATION 99NVB137
Rio Secco Golf Club Anthony Marnell II, Chtd. RECREATION 99NVB139
Saint Vincent / H.E.L.P. Lucchesi Galati Architects COMMUNITY 99NVB141
Saint Thomas More Catholic Community Church KGA Architecture, Inc. CHURCH 99NVB142
Asahi Seiko JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 99NVB143
Las Vegas Convention Center Northwest Expansion Domingo Cambeiro Corp.-Architects COMMUNITY 99NVB145
Foothill High School Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 99NVB146
Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies JMA Architecture Studios SCHOOL 99NVB148
Reno Northwest Branch Library RAFI LIBRARY 99NVB149
Regional Justice Center Tate & Snyder Architects GOVERNMENTAL 99NVU102
Canyon Ridge Christian Church Holmes Sabatini Assoc. CHURCH 99NVU104
Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain KGA Architecture, Inc. SCHOOL 99NVU106
International Gaming Institute JMA Architecture Studios SCHOOL 99NVU107
Lotus Broadcasting Studios Welles Pugsley Architects OFFICE 99NVU109
CCSN Science Center Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 99NVU115
Weather Monitoring Station "ZIA" Liza Hansen, Architect, AIA WEATHER MONITORING STATION 99NVU116
Pool House Addition Eric Strain Architect RESIDENTIAL 99NVU118
Local 88 Sheet Metal Workers Union The Richardson Partnership Inc. OFFICE 99NVU120
Las Vegas Springs Preserve Lucchesi Galati Architects COMMUNITY 99NVU122
Las Vegas Academy Additions Welles Pugsley Architects SCHOOL 99NVU124
Sprint Henderson Telephone Switching Station Carpenter Sellers Assoc. COMMERCIAL 99NVU127
CEIT Operations Center Holmes Sabatini Assoc. OFFICE 99NVU129
Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal, Phase II JMA Architecture TRANSPORTATION 99NVU131
Mesquite Oasis Golf Clubhouse KGA Architecture, Inc. RECREATION 99NVU133
Artists Lofts Eric Strain Architect LIVE WORK 99NVU135
Rosemary Clarke Middle School PSWC Architects SCHOOL 99NVU137
Private Residence Tate & Snyder Architects RESIDENTIAL 99NVU139
YMCA Summerlin JMA Architecture Studios RECREATION 99NVU144
Animal Sanctuary-Restaurant & Deli Caven Raco (student) RECREATION 99NVS101
UNLV Alumni Association Architecture Pavilion UNLV School of Architecture OUTDOOR PAVILION 99NVS108
Animal Sanctuary Entrance Gregory Soltis RECREATION 99NVS111
Oxbow Visitor /Research Center Johannes Flemington (student) RESEARCH 99NVS116
Urban Event Mike Corrente (student) RECREATION 99NVS118


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