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  AIA Nevada Design & Service Awards Archive -> 1998 awards

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Palo Verde High School Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 98NVB101
Satellite D Terminal Tate & Snyder Architects TRANSPORTATION 98NVB102
High Tech Center Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 98NVB103
ATS Station Tate & Snyder Architects TRANSPORTATION 98NVB104
Lucchesi Galati Arch. Office Lucchesi Galati Architects OFFICE 98NVB105
Cathedral Gorge Visitor's Cent. Lucchesi Galati Architects RECREATIONAL 98NVB106
Helen Meyer Community Cent. Lucchesi Galati Architects COMMUNITY 98NVB107
Desert Pediatrics Lucchesi Galati Architects MEDICAL 98NVB108
UMC Rancho Quick Care Lucchesi Galati Architects MEDICAL 98NVB109
Steinberg Diagnostic Med. Cent. JMA Architecture Studios MEDICAL 98NVB110
Eagle Aviation JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 98NVB111
Juvenile Treatment Center JMA Architecture Studios COMMUNITY 98NVB112
Asahi Seiko JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 98NVB114
West Valley Imaging JMA Architecture Studios MEDICAL 98NVB115
Las Vegas Dental Institute JMA Architecture Studios MEDICAL 98NVB116
Levy Medical Building Swisher & Hall, AIA Ltd. MEDICAL 98NVB118
Emerald Gardens Swisher & Hall, AIA Ltd. RECREATIONAL 98NVB119
Mojave Electric Office Building KGA Architecture, Inc. OFFICE 98NVB121
St. Thomas Moore Cath. Church KGA Architecture, Inc. CHURCH 98NVB122
Meadow Mesa Post Office KGA Architecture, Inc. GOVERNMENTAL 98NVB123
Bankwest Henderson Branch KGA Architecture, Inc. FINANCIAL 98NVB124
Stokes Office Building Holmes Sabatini Assoc. OFFICE 98NVB125
Dr. Schneider Office Building Timothy Fichter Arch. MEDICAL 98NVB126
Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Clinic Timothy Fichter Arch. MEDICAL 98NVB127
Pool Environment Eric Strain Architect RESIDENTIAL 98NVB128
T&R Drywall Steven A. Richardson Arch. OFFICE 98NVB129
Bruce R. Thompson Federal Cou Casazza, Peetz & Assoc. GOVERNMENTAL 98NVB130
Mackay School of Mines DeLa.. Casazza, Peetz & Assoc. SCHOOL 98NVB131
UNR School of Education Class Casazza, Peetz & Assoc. SCHOOL 98NVB132
Bank West Building Remodel WA Designs, FINANCIAL 98NVB133
KNPR's D. W. R. Broad. Cent RAFI OFFICE 98NVB134
Clark County Fire Station #25 Carpenter Sellers Assoc. FIRE STATION 98NVB135
Clark County Fire Station #28 Carpenter Sellers Assoc. FIRE STATION 98NVB136
Hansen Residence Carpenter Sellers Assoc. RESIDENTIAL 98NVB137
Regional Justice Center Tate & Snyder Architects GOVERNMENTAL 98NVU201
Vanderberg Biosphere Tate & Snyder Architects SCHOOL 98NVU202
Red Rock Brewery JMA Architecture Studios RECREATION 98NVU203
Las Vegas Valley Water Dist. JMA Architecture Studios GOVERNMENTAL 98NVU204
JMA Office Building JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 98NVU205
Desert Research Institute JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 98NVU206
YMCA Summerlin JMA Architecture Studios COMMUNITY 98NVU207
International Gaming Institute JMA Architecture Studios OFFICE 98NVU208
Mesquite Oasis Golf Clubhouse KGA Architecture, Inc. RECREATION 98NVU209
Univ. Med. Cent. Master Plan Holmes Sabatini Assoc. MEDICAL 98NVU210
Light Rail Station In Las Vegas Ruomei Wang (student) TRANSPORTATION 98NVU211
Downtown Las Vegas Rehab. Ruomei Wang (student) MEDICAL 98NVU212
DMV Building In Vegas Suburb Yimong Liu (student) OFFICE 98NVU213
Maryland Villas Eric Strain Architect RESIDENTIAL 98NVU214
Mesquite Veterinary Clinic Eric Strain Architect MEDICAL 98NVU215
Federal Building & US Court. HCA - Dworsky Nevada GOVERNMENTAL 98NVU216
Clark County Detention Center HCA - Dworsky Nevada GOVERNMENTAL 98NVU217
Media Project & Hollywood Fwy Liza Hansen Architect TRANSPORTATION 98NVU218
Community College of Sou. Nev. Carpenter Sellers Assoc. SCHOOL 98NVU219
Avalon Grill Steven A. Richardson Arch. RESTAURANT 98NVU220
Ground Services Equip. Maint. Steven A. Richardson Arch. OFFICE 98NVU221
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of S... Steven A. Richardson Arch. COMMUNITY 98NVU222
Urban Design Foundation Lisa Lutton (student) 98NVU223
President's Desk Tate & Snyder FURNITURE 98NVD301
Gonzo Financial Detail #1 Cathexes DETAIL 98NVD302
Gonzo Financial Detail #2 Cathexes DETAIL 98NVD303
Gonzo Financial Detail #3 Cathexes DETAIL 98NVD304
Eagle Aviation JMA Architecture Studios DETAIL 98NVD305
Student Services Fountain Holmes Sabatini Assoc. FOUNTAIN 98NVD308
Form II Eric Strain Architect FURNITURE 98NVD309
Conference Table WA Designs FURNITURE 98NVD310
Little Church of the West Steven A. Richardson Arch. RELOCATION 98NVD311
Harwood Museum Kells + Craig Architects MUSEUM 98WMR101
Cesar Chavez Comm. Center Kells + Craig Architects COMMUNITY 98WMR102
Raton Youth Facility Siegel Design COMMUNITY 98WMR103
Rio Rancho High School John Friedman AIA Arch. PC SCHOOL 98WMR104
Hernandez Residence Lipkin Warner Design & Plan. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR105
Dial Corporation Corp. Head. DPA Architects, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR106
Motorola Covered Walkway DPA Architects, Inc. CANOPY 98WMR107
Bear's Den Shade Canopy DPA Architects, Inc. CANOPY 98WMR108
Evenson House Nancy Evenson Arch. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR109
New England Residence Andy Pressman, AIA Arch. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR110
Ellis Residence Westwork Architects, P.A. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR111
Rogers Residence Westwork Architects, P.A. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR112
Tate & Snyder Office Addition Tate & Snyder Architects OFFICE 98WMR113
Starguide Corporation Head. Oz Architecture OFFICE 98WMR116
Pearl St. Center / Retail Fac. Oz Architecture RETAIL 98WMR117
Friend's British Primary Sch. Oz Architecture SCHOOL 98WMR118
Boulder - Dushande Teahouse Vern Seieroe Architect, AIA COMMUNITY 98WMR119
Mountain Preserve House Knoell & Quidort Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR120
Navy Support Facility S H & G GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR121
Discover House H&S International OFFICE 98WMR126
Apache Cottages H&S International RESIDENTIAL 98WMR127
Desert Fairways H&S International RESIDENTIAL 98WMR128
Bullfrog Visitor's Center Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon SCHOOL 98WMR130
Coon Residence The Fridlind Group, Inc. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR131
Mar Residence The Fridlind Group, Inc. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR132
Bank One Ballpark Ellerbe Becket RECREATION 98WMR133
Maryvale Baseball Park Ellerbe Becket RECREATION 98WMR134
Residence & Studio John Briscoe, AIA, PC RESIDENTIAL 98WMR135
Arizona Call-A-Teen Douglas Architecture & Plan. OFFICE 98WMR136
Ellison Residence Douglas Architecture & Plan. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR137
Boardman Residence Douglas Architecture & Plan. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR138
Silver Mill Cottle Graybeal Yaw Arch. MIXED USE 98WMR139
Powell Residence Cottle Graybeal Yaw Arch. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR140
Wise Residence Cottle Graybeal Yaw Arch. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR141
Ramo Residence Cottle Graybeal Yaw Arch. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR142
Evans Community Center Roth & Shepherd Architects COMMUNITY 98WMR143
Tokyo Joe's Restaurant Roth & Shepherd Architects RESTAURANT 98WMR144
Tokyo Joe's Restaurant Roth & Shepherd Architects RESTAURANT 98WMR145
Vesta Dipping Grill Roth & Shepherd Architects RESTAURANT 98WMR146
Tucker Residence Gibson Reno Architects, LLC RESIDENTIAL 98WMR147
Mascia / Taylor Family Comp. CDG Architects, Ltd. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR148
Red Rock Station Post Office KGA Architecture, Inc. GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR153
Non-Ferrous Nut and Bolt Mfg. KGA Architecture, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR155
UNLV Classroom Bldg. Com. KGA Architecture, Inc. SCHOOL 98WMR156
Loloma Station - Scotts. Tran. Douglas Sydnor and Assoc. TRANSPORTATION 98WMR159
Prestige Cleaners Downtown Douglas Sydnor and Assoc. OFFICE 98WMR160
N.M. Veterans Memorial, Pt.1 Cherry / See Architects MEMORIAL 98WMR161
Paradise Valley High Cafe. Durrant Architects SCHOOL 98WMR163
Magnet Traditional School Durrant Architects SCHOOL 98WMR164
Teton County/Jackson Rec. C Plan One / Architects RECREATION 98WMR165
Wyoming Dept. of Transpor... Plan One / Architects GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR166
Third Venture Prop. Office Bl. The Crosby Group, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR167
Covey Leadership Campus MHTN Architects, Inc. SCHOOL 98WMR168
Holnam Corporate Offices MHTN Architects, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR169
Jordan High School MHTN Architects, Inc. SCHOOL 98WMR170
Gateway Tower MHTN Architects, Inc. RECREATION 98WMR171
Scott M. Matheson Courts Co. MHTN Architects, Inc. RECREATION 98WMR172
Student Affairs and Admin. Antoine Predock Architect SCHOOL 98WMR173
Rosenthal Residence Antoine Predock Architect RESIDENTIAL 98WMR174
Museum of Science and Indus. Antoine Predock Architect MUSEUM 98WMR175
Spencer Theatre for the Perf.. Antoine Predock Architect PERFORMING ARTS 98WMR176
Jefferson County Gov. Cent. Fentress Bradburn Architects GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR177
Colorado Christian Home Fentress Bradburn Architects COMMUNITY 98WMR178
Cowboy Hall of Fame Fentress Bradburn Architects MUSEUM 98WMR179
Gunther Hall Renovation Fentress Bradburn Architects MEDICAL 98WMR180
Peery's Egyptian Theatre Fentress Bradburn Architects RECREATION 98WMR181
Tritch Building Renovation Fentress Bradburn Architects RECREATION 98WMR182
Monarch High School Klipp Colossy Jenks Dubois SCHOOL 98WMR184
Mitchell Elementary Klipp Colossy Jenks Dubois SCHOOL 98WMR185
Integrated Teach & Learn Lab Klipp Colossy Jenks Dubois SCHOOL 98WMR186
Denver Central Library Klipp Colossy Jenks Dubois LIBRARY 98WMR187
Raether Library, Colo. Acad. Klipp Colossy Jenks Dubois LIBRARY 98WMR188
Sublette County Library Carney Architects LIBRARY 98WMR189
Brandywine Fund Building Carney Architects OFFICE 98WMR190
Logan Pavillion Eric Logan RESIDENTIAL 98WMR191
Questar Office Building Richardson Design Partner.. OFFICE 98WMR192
Deseret News Office Building Richardson Design Partner.. OFFICE 98WMR193
Stateline Hotel and Casino Richardson Design Partner.. RECREATION 98WMR194
Zions First National Bank Richardson Design Partner.. FINANCIAL 98WMR195
Cottonwood Corporate Cent. Gillies Stransky Brems Smith OFFICE 98WMR197
New Visitor Fac., Mt. Rush.. Anderson Mason Dale P.C. RECREATION 98WMR199
Benson Earth Sciences Bldg. Anderson Mason Dale P.C. SCHOOL 98WMR200
Campus Housing Village Anderson Mason Dale P.C. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR201
Phoenix Art Museum / Theat.. DLR Group MUSEUM 98WMR202
SNL Gates Dekker / Perich ENTRY GATE 98WMR203
Cancer Research Center Dekker / Perich MEDICAL 98WMR204
Triangle Park Dekker / Perich GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR205
Rapoport Residence WOA, Inc. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR206
Brewvies Pub Cinema KP2 Architects RECREATION 98WMR207
Lowell Gymnasuim Rohde May Keller McNamera RECREATION 98WMR208
Gonzo Financial Cathexes FINANCIAL 98WMR209
Gateway Park, South Meadows Cathexes RECREATION 98WMR210
Mile High Church of Rel. Sci Michael Brendle Archiects CHURCH 98WMR213
Horan Garage Michael Brendle Archiects RECREATION 98WMR214
NFL Youth Education Town Architectural Resource Team SCHOOL 98WMR215
Knollenberg Residence Barrett Steele Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR216
Studio & Shop Stephen Dynia Architects RETAIL 98WMR217
The Range Restaurant Stephen Dynia Architects RESTAURANT 98WMR218
Private Residence Stephen Dynia Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR219
Our Lady of Light Monastery Studio Points CHURCH 98WMR220
Palace Lofts RNL Design RESIDENTIAL 98WMR222
Univ. of Colo. Class/Office Bl. RNL Design SCHOOL 98WMR223
Kerr / Hauswald Residence Jon Anderson Architect, AIA RESIDENTIAL 98WMR224
Maroon Creek Golf Clubhouse Sink Combs Dethiefs RECREATION 98WMR225
Johnson Residence Gibson Reno Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR226
Dept. of Motor Vehicles Carpenter Sellers Assoc. GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR227
Clark County Fire Station #11 Carpenter Sellers Assoc. GOVERNMENTAL 98WMR228
Reach Out Learning Center Carpenter Sellers Assoc. COMMUNITY 98WMR229
Penn Jillette Residence Carpenter Sellers Assoc. RESIDENTIAL 98WMR230
Castle Creek Residence Bill Poss and Associates RESIDENTIAL 98WMR232
The Maroon Greens Bill Poss and Associates RECREATION 98WMR233
Birmingham Bloomfield Art ... David Owen Tryba Architects MUSEUM 98WMR234
Mercantile Square, Tattered.. David Owen Tryba Architects RETAIL 98WMR235
Euro Bath & Tile David Owen Tryba Architects RETAIL 98WMR236
P.S. 1 - An Urban Learning.. David Owen Tryba Architects SCHOOL 98WMR237
Anthony Mayer Residence David Owen Tryba Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR238
Skylofts Oz Architecture RESIDENTIAL 98WMR239
Guest Villa Oz Architecture RESIDENTIAL 98WMR240
Office Interior CCBG Architects, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR241
Cinema Prototype CCBG Architects, Inc. RECREATION 98WMR242
Hendrickson Residence Dan Stalker Architects RESIDENTIAL 98WMR243
Sheet Metal Local #88 JATC Steven A. Richardson Arch. OFFICE 98WMR244
Mikvah of East Denver Studio Completiva, Inc. OFFICE 98WMR245
Rogel Residence Michael Hazard Associates RESIDENTIAL 98WMR247
Adobe Residence Miller Associates RESIDENTIAL 98WMR248

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