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Telephone Assistance

Reference Desks

Lied Library has two reference desks available to answer telephone reference calls:

Research & Information 1

(Telephone Number: (702)895-2100)

Please call the Research & Information 1 desk for general research questions.

Research & Information 2

(Telephone Number: (702)895-2200)

Please call the Research & Information 2 desk for research assistance concerning journals and magazines, state and federal documents, microforms and newspapers.

The following policies apply to both the Research and Information 1 & 2 desks

Telephone Service Policy

The user who has come into the library will always have priority over the telephone patron. If the Research and Information staff is busy, calls will automatically be forwarded to a voicemail box. These calls will be returned as soon as possible.

As a general rule, the Research and Information staff can spend no longer than 10 minutes answering a question. We are unable to perform research for patrons over the phone, and those with extensive needs are encouraged to come into the library for in-person help.

We cannot answer questions on the following subjects over the phone:

  • Medical or legal questions, including reading sections of the NRS and standard definitions. Users must come in to obtain this information.
  • Trivia question, unless easily answered from a standard source located at the research and information desk.